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Techniques and Skills to Add to Your Sales Process
to Close More Sales

Tips, techniques, and examples already proven to work in real sales situations

Sales made easy - Add these sales techniques to your sales process to maximise earnings, gain sales job security, and grow your business. Use the sales training in this section of the website and improve your sales skills, boost your confidence, and enjoy selling. 

As this page is built, many sales techniques will be presented that you can add to your sales process  to make it even more effective. These techniques have been developed and proven by working sales teams, telesales callers, and sales appointment setters, so you know they will work for you. 

The key to adding these sales techniques to your conversations and sales appointments is to have a great sales process that is easy to use and follows memorable steps leading to the close of the sale. 

Do you have a sales process that works?

If you already have an effective sales process then skip the next section and go straight to the additional Sales Made Easy Techniques.

If you don't have a sales process that takes you from a stunning introduction, through sales questions, presenting, and how to close sales with a simple, no-pressure question; read the section below...

How to Create and Use a Simple Sales Made Easy Process

A proven sales training course

Learn a sales process that lets you have an open, free flowing conversation with prospects.

At the end of this sales training course you will:

Have a sales process that takes you through a set of steps from your introduction to questioning and presenting, closing the sale, and dealing with objections.

Always know where you are and what to say next, without thinking, which gives you great confidence while selling.

Be able to hold a purposeful and planned sales conversation and add more techniques that will close more sales.

See the course that I use to train my field sales and telesales teams by visiting: Selling Success

Once you have an effective sales process using the course above, move on to the techniques below and add the ones that are right for your sales conversations...

Sales Made Easy 
Techniques to Add to Your Sales Process

Self Employed - Freelancers - SMEs - Learn How to Sell

Learn how to sell to boost your small business. If you're self emplyed, a freelancer, provide services to B2C customers or B2B clients, you can quickly learn sales skills that will increase turnover and profit. You'll also enjoy the sales conversations and the selling process.

Many small businesses owners and freelancers are great at their job in their chosen field. But, often have no sales training or skills.

This can make gaining new clients difficult and sales conversations uncomfortable. Now you have a solution, sales made easy training focused on your needs, Take a look and start your sales training at: Learn how to sell

Create an Elevator Pitch

Create an Elevator Pitch - The perfect introduction to explain who you are and what you do in any situation.

Whether it's a social gathering, business networking event, conference, or meeting, you will be able to quickly communicate your introductory message and gain agreement to the next step with a call to action

Create your Elevator Pitch in just a few minutes by visiting Elevator Pitch

How to Increase Sales

How to increase sales presents the only 3 actions you can take to boost sales, earn greater rewards, or grow your business.

On this page you will select the action to give you the greatest return on your time to put the action into action.

  • You will decide if you need more leads to turn into sales appointments or telesales calls.
  • Improve your sales closing ratios with more effective closing skills.
  • Or, increase the average value of each sales you make.

Find the quickest way to increase your sales on this page that gets straight to the point of How to Increase Sales

Create a Powerful Sales Persona

Selling made easy by creating a persona to deliver powerful sales messages that will influence prospects.

See how to align your sales pitch with your product and company marketing messages to deliver persuasive sales presentations.

Consider what prospects want in a new way and discover what they really want from you. 

Have you thought how what you wear can influence buyers?

These 3 professional selling techbniques will boost your sales conversion rates and accelerate your income. See examples of how professionals have used these sales techniques and add the to your role by visiting: Professional Selling Skills

Professional Sales Training Advice

Professional sales training advice to make sales easy by getting rapid results from training courses, eBooks, and websites.

  • Learn how to assess your training needs to get the best results.
  • Understand the sales process and the stages of a sale that lead to more closed sales.
  • Connect your sales stages, avoid objections, and get to the close in more meetings and calls.
  • Find out why sales training often doesn't work and what you can do to make it effective.

Professional sales training advice helps you make the most of your investment of time and resources in your personal sales training or the training of your sales teams.

Make sales training work for you by visiting: Professional Sales Training Advice

Advanced Questions for Sales 

Go deeper than the usual questions you ask prospects and discover their real needs - wants - desires.

Find out what drives their buying decisions with advanced Questions for Sales and the hidden desires that they don't always tell you about.

Sometimes the prospects are not aware of the hidden, real needs and drivers that they want fulfilled. By closely watching and reading facial expressions, body language, voice tone and their words, and letting these signals guide your sales questions to lead you to features and benefits that will trigger them to buy. 

Add these sales made easy techniques to the sales questioning stage of your sales process and use the information you uncover to make your sales presentations hit the buttons that will lead to closing more sales. 

See the ideas and sales training on Questions for Sales

Selling Tip on Creating Sales Introduction Messages

Turn conversations into leads, referrals, and potential sales

Create introductory sales messages for casual and non planned conversations, online introductions, and anywhere you can utilise a prepared message that explains, what you do, what you sell, or what you can do for customers.

Learn why to keep these introductions brief and how to quickly create a natural sounding message.

Select the best key points to include and see how to edit the words to combine information, features, and benefits for potential customers.

Have sales made easy by turning a conversation into a discovery tool that quickly gives the listener an overview of you, your role, your business, or your products and services.

See this selling tip on an essential technique in today's world of networking and communication at Introductory Sales Messages Selling Tip

The Sales Buzz - Newsletter Ezine

The Sales Buzz free sales training newsletter

The weekly Sales Buzz eZine newsletter covers all aspects of sales with a different tip, technique, or discussion point each week. 

See the latest pages to be added or updates on the Proven Sales Training website, real examples of sales made easy and interesting innovations that sales people and businesses are using. 

When you ask for the Sales Buzz to be delivered you get 2 free sales training mini-courses that are unique to this website, and we have a strict privacy policy so you know your details are kept safe. 

See the 2 free mini-courses and get the Sales Buzz delivered by visiting: The Sales Buzz

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