Best sales roles with top rewards 

The best sales roles that give you top rewards, high commission, and meet your lifestyle desires, are independent sales agent opportunities. 

When you work as a sales agent, independent introducer, or lead generator you are fully in control of what you sell, the target markets you approach, and the hours you work. Get this right and you can create your perfect sales role, build your own business with a real value, and enjoy the work-life balance you want. Below we look at what are the best sales roles for you, show you how to find them, and discuss how to apply.

Best Sales Roles for You 

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Find the best sales roles for you by listing what it is that you want from your work:

  • The types of products and services you want to sell or that you have experience of selling.
  • Services or products, or a combination of both, what would be your ideal product package?
  • The target markets, are there specific sector marketplaces you want to work in?
  • How much freedom do you want to control your working hours, is a lifestyle choice important to you?
  • Sales channels, a telephone sales based role or face to face meetings in a field sales role? 

Consider what's important to you: is it high earnings, flexible hours, working locally or international travel.
Are you more comfortable helping a small business to increase sales, or working as a sales partner with a large organisation? 

Create a picture of your ideal sales role and then look at the next section on how to find it...

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Finding the Best Sales Roles

Sales Agents UK where you find the best sales roles

Sales Agent opportunities can be found on specialist online portals such as where you will find hundreds of businesses looking for sales people, lead generators, and experienced professionals that can sell or introduce new clients. 

Traditional recruitment agencies are not equipped to find the best sales roles for independent sellers, they don't know the market or how agents work, and the model doesn't fit their fee structures. 

A good online independent sales recruiter will have many benefits for sales agents. There should be plenty of information and resources that prove they know and understand the  the needs of independent agents and agencies. A good tip is to look for articles, free resources, how many opportunities they have published on the website and can you view them without  paying a fee.

To find businesses looking for sales agents find an online specialist in the independent sales sector and register with them...

Types of Roles for Sales Agents

Last century sales agents carried samples and demo items in their cars and cold called and door knocked to arrange appointments to present a sales pitch to decision makers. Now things are very different. The best sales roles can be:

  • Face to face sales meetings to your contacts or with leads provided by the businesses you are partnering.
  • Telephone sales to your existing data base of prospects or to leads and enquiries supplied to you.
  • Introducers where you get paid a fee for connecting a business with potential customers.
  • Lead generation providing leads to companies that pay you if they convert to a paying client.
  • National or regional sales agency with exclusivity for all sales in an agreed area.

The agreement on terms, rewards, and how you and the business principals work together are fully flexible.
Some roles I have seen, the agent gets paid for signing up a business to use a free service such as registering on an app. 

Find the best sales roles for you at: 

Businesses Looking for Sales Agents 

If you are a sales manager, business owner, considering adding independent sales agents to your business strategy, we have information on how to find the best sales agents for your business.

You can customise sales agent roles to fit your specific requirements. Modify typical agent roles to work in harmony with your sales strategy, and create a role that benefits the agents and supports your business plans.

Use the flexibility of sales agents and consider where they will be best placed in your sales process. have you got more leads and enquiries than you can deal with? 

Maybe you want a lead generator or introducer to provide more sales opportunities for closing, or perhaps you run your own business and want to free up your time by outsourcing the sales function. Learn more about selling through sales agents by visiting: Sales Agents for Businesses