Free Sales Training on Setting Appointments

Free sales training on making appointments that shows you how to make your calls successful and enjoyable. 

Developed with working sales teams and appointment setters.

Proven to work for sales people making their own appointments and self employed small business owners.

You'll gain confidence because you'll know what to do and say at every stage of your calls.

You'll talk to your prospects rather than hard sell an appointment pitch.

You'll enjoy making cold calls even if you hate it now.

And, more prospects will listen to you because your calls will be in your own words and specific to your prospects, and the products and services that you sell. Click the image to open or got to Sales Appointment Training...

The links and images on this page will open the free eBook so that you can use it and save it. 

We don’t ask for any details, no registration, no email address, just click the links or images and the eBook opens. 

Free Sales Training on Creating Appointment call Scripts

If I asked you to create a new Introduction Stage for you sales appointment calls right now, how would you begin?

I ask people to do this in live training sessions and almost always they start with the words they will use. 

In the ebook course, Making Sales Appointments, I recommend a different starting point and a completely new process for creating appointment cold call scripts. 

The Process for Creating
Appointment Calls

The process starts by defining the complete call in stages. In the free sales training eBook we break the call into 4 stages.

We then take the first stage, the Introduction, and we look at the parts that should be included in it to make an effective Introduction Stage.

All the parts must have a purpose, an objective, which benefits our aim of gaining agreement to a meeting with a qualified prospect.

The result is an effective structure, with no redundant parts, and clear objectives at all times on the call. Then you’re ready to start adding the words.

The final step is to add your words to create a sales appointment call script that is unique to you, aimed at your prospects, and uses the features and benefits of the products and services that you sell.

Making Sales Appointments will show you how to use the above process. Click the image or open the Free Sales Training eBook...

This techniques in this eBook have proven successful for employed sellers, self employed people that sell their own services, and small business owners. 

They also works really well when used to train sales teams. Click the image to open the course and get started.

Free Sales Training eBook on
Making Appointments

Using the appointment training eBook, available on this page, you go through the steps of the process by following training and exercises to understand how to use each part of the call.

The exercises help you to select the features and benefits you will use in each part of the Introduction Stage and this makes it easy to choose the words you will say to create your cold call script.

I’ve used this process to train sales people and appointment setters for many organisations, in a wide range of industries, to achieve consistent successful repeatable results.

I’ve had great feedback from self employed people, small business owners, and employed sellers, that have all used the techniques and process.

If you currently meander through your appointment calls, don't like making cold calls, or you're unhappy with your results, you'll now want to read this free sales training eBook Making Sales Appointments...


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