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Free sales training that will boost your sales, give you the security of repeatable results, and make selling more enjoyable. 

Whether you're looking to increase your current sales and earn greater rewards, save your sales job, grow your business, or you're new to sales and want to learn how to sell, this is a great place to start. 

All the training you will find here has been tested, developed, and proven by working sales people I've managed and trained, so you can be sure it works. There is traditional training with an emphasis on putting it into action and sales and training techniques that are unique to this website that you will not have seen before. And it's all Free to download!

There is no obligation to buy anything and we don’t even ask for you to register with us or enter your email address unless you want the Sales Buzz, our free Newsletter Ezine, it would be difficult to deliver without your email address..

All the free sales training can be viewed, downloaded, used, and passed on to friends and colleagues. Have a browse around, open the ones that interest you and start using the tips, techniques and ideas today. 

Expensive sales training may not be the most effective

The most expensive training is not always going to get you the best results. Simple techniques and proven training could give you or your team far better results than a course being marketed at £1,000 or more. 

Training that is easy to put into action could generate revenue a lot faster than a complete new sales strategy presented in an expensive course or designed by a consultant.

Practical sales training, proven by working sales teams, will often get you great results for minimum cost. Take a look at the free sales training below, browse safely around the links to pages on this website, and take a different look at how to boost your sales results, grow your small business sales, or gain sales job security. 

Free Sales Training eBooks and Mini-Courses

The Need to Close Chains 

A unique sales training technique and motivation tool

  • A sales training technique and motivation tool for you or your sales team.
  • Boost your motivation before sales appointments or telesales calls, and get into the best possible selling state.
  • Learn to connect a prospect's needs with the benefits and features of your products and services and add an agreement gaining line.
  • Quickly pick up new product knowledge from a sales perspective so you can talk fluently about your sales offers and how they benefit buyers.

A free sales training technique that you can use for your own development or to train others. I've used this mini-course as a training tool, a quick exercise to fire up training sessions, and as a way to test my team and myself on our sales knowledge. Use the training to create benefit packed sales pitches or for learning how to respond to buyer's questions and concerns. This mini sales course is unique to my training content and this website.

Get your free copy by following the link or tap the image: Need to Close Chains 

Motivators & Connectors

Motivators & Connectors - Move smoothly through the sales process

The Motivators and Connectors sales training eBook focuses on the parts of your sales conversations that connect the stages of the sales process. These are the parts of the sale that traditional sales training leaves weak, which causes objections and obstacles.

Think about it, where do you lose a sales prospect, where do objections come up, and when do prospects hesitate or withdraw from your conversations?

Mostly it's as you try to move to the next stage of the sales process. For example, when you move from the sales introduction stage to the sales questions stage, or when you have asked questions to discover benefits and want to progress to the sales presentation stage. And very often as you move from the presentation to the close. As you pause and move towards the next stage, the buyer tells you why they are not moving forward with you. Objections are really just reasons why prospects won't move forward with you. 

The problem is, the step from one sales stage to the next is too big, it can be a huge leap that the buyer doesn't want to take. This course shows you how to close more sales by shortening that gap and how to motivate them to step forward with you. Close more sales with Motivators & Connectors

Sales Appointment Training  - Create a professional call script

Sales appointment setter training - a  quick course that takes just a few minutes to create a professional introduction for you sales appointment calls that will immediately increase your results and convert more calls to sales meetings.

See how easy it is to build the opening stage of your appointment calls by following the step by step proven process in this free sales training eBook course. You can get in front of more potential customers, gain more sales, and grow your business by using this mini training course today.

A task at each step shows you how to choose the words and customise the script for your sales appointments calls to your prospects. 

The script you create can be a full, word for word script of what you will say, or brief reminders of your aim and content at key points. It takes just minutes to create a successful introduction stage for your appointment setting calls, open the eBook and start using the training today

See more information on the eBook mini course by visiting: Sales Appointment Training