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Free sales appointment setter training - Grab this quick course and in just a few minutes create a new introduction for you sales appointment calls that will get prospects talking to you.

See how easy it is to build the opening stage of your appointment calls by following the training presented in this free sales training eBook. 

Open this free eBook and get an Introduction to sales appointment training can get in front of more potential customers, gain more sales, and grow your business using proven sales appointment techniques. 

Open the free appointment setter training and try out the training for yourself...

Create a Sales Appointment
Call Introduction

This mini appointment setter course will show how to create your own customised introduction that quickly presents you, your business, products & services, and tells the prospect why you are calling.

You will know what to say at each step, which information to include, and what to leave out. It grabs the prospect's attention and communicates the potential benefits they could gain from talking to you. 

Your calls will project confidence and both you and the prospects will enjoy a pleasant conversation, rather than a high pressure sales pitch, on why the should agree to a sales meeting.

No hard sell, no tricks or bullying, so fewer cancelled appointments. Plus, an easy way to qualify prospects so you only make sales appointments with potential customers you can actually sell to. 

If you are an appointment setter, open the free course by clicking the image or tap: Free Sales Appointment Training

Free Appointment Setter Training - No catch

The links and images on this page will open the free eBook so that you can start using the mini course and save it. 

We don’t ask for any details, no registration, no email address, just click the links or images and the eBook opens. 

Excerpt From the
Appointment Setter Training eBook

By breaking down the Introduction Stage into smaller markers we can look in detail at these smaller parts and build up a script, either a full script or reminders to give you prompts on what to say at each marker point. Here are the 4 markers for the steps within the Introduction Stage:

Appointment Setter Training

Introducing You
You want to introduce yourself and give any supporting information about you that will help the prospect to understand who you are. This could include your job title, a specialisation, or a qualification. For many sales people making appointment calls, the key to a successful introduction is keeping this part brief. 

Introducing the Company or the Product
The aim is to get the prospect to understand what you do, what your business does, or what your business sells, supplies, or offers as a service. When we look at this marker in detail, you’ll see how to select the information to use. There are some fresh ideas on how you can present your business, company, and products & services.

About the Company or the Product
At this marker point you want to use some additional information about your company or your products to give the prospect points of reference as they begin to form a picture of who you are and what your business can offer. You should also include something about your company or product that could be beneficial to the prospect.

The Reason for the Call
This is the most important line of the call, and it’s worth spending time to make it as effective as it can be. It tells the prospect why you’re calling, and how they could potentially benefit by talking to you. Get this line right and you are on your way to gaining agreement to a sales appointment. Get it wrong, don't gain the prospect's attention, and you will get objections and smoke screens that stop you moving forward. 

Anyone making sales appointments can benefit

The techniques in this mini training course eBook have proven successful for employed sellers, self employed people that sell their own services, and small business owners. 

It also works really well when used to train sales teams. Open the course and get started and transform your calls in minutes.

How the Appointment Setter Free Training Works 

We take the 4 steps of the Introduction Stage, shown above, and discuss the objective at each step, what should be included, and the words and phrases you will use to customise them.

Includes real examples...

I've included real examples from  my work with appointment setters and sales professionals making their own calls, and suggestions for your script. These have already been proven to work and you can use them to form your lines. 

There are task at each step for you to create your own script, appropriate for your prospects and products & services. All the information you need is there for you to complete the task.

The script you create can be a full, word for word script of what you will say, or brief reminders of your aim and content at key points. I advise reminders, prompts that keep you on track and allow your conversations with the prospects you call to be natural, interactive, and personal, which will differentiate you from tired, robotic call centre generated calls.

It takes just minutes to create a successful introduction stage for your appointment setting calls, open the eBook and start using the training today: Free Sales appointment Training


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