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Free newsletter sales training with weekly sales tips, selling techniques, and motivation ideas, that all come from real sales experience. Presented by a successful salesman, sales trainer, manager and business owner. 

Created for salespeople, managers, trainers, self employed sales agents, and SMEs that sell products or services. Anyone that works in a sales role. We cover face to face sales and telesales and discuss everything sales related.

The Sales Buzz gives you weekly articles on sales training, selling, sales management, marketing, and sales for businesses, all with the aim of giving  you ideas that will generate successful results. Like all the training on this website the Sales Buzz content has been developed, tried, and is already tested and proven to work by the professionals I’ve managed and trained.

When you ask us to send you the Sales Buzz Ezine you get 2 eBook sales training courses that you will not have seen before. They are unique to this website and my sales training and they're free to you. You can get the eBook mini-courses now and start using them today by using the box below to arrange delivery. 

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The eBooks you get with the free newsletter sales training are mini-courses on sales and motivation technique and there is no cost to open and download them. 

I developed these mini-courses to quickly fill the gaps left by traditional sales training for the corporate sales teams I managed. They are unique to my sales training content, copyright protected, and now offered to you here, free, as a visitor to the Proven Sales Training website.  

The sales and motivation techniques in the 2 training mini-courses were developed while managing and training professional sales teams in a wide range of industries and they are already proven to increase sales results, boost motivation, and give managers some excellent ideas that will make them stand out. Now you can use them today for your own development or for the teams you manage or train. 

Need to Close Chains
Sales training that builds new neural pathways

A simple exercise with full step by step instructions that can be used to train and motivate yourself or your sales team, A unique sales training and motivation exercise that will surprise you with its many uses.

The Need-to-Close Chains focus your mind on the chain connecting discovering the buyer's needs to closing the sale and the links in between. You will learn to quickly connect a buyer's needs, wants, and desires with the benefits your sales offers can provide and the features that can deliver those benefits. Then you add a closing line to gain agreement.

The Need to Close Chains can be used in 3 different ways

Sales training course on features and benefits
  1. A sales skills training tools to improve presentations, meetings, and informal conversations.

  2. A motivational mood changer that puts you into a charged sales state on demand and prepares you for meetings or calls.

  3. Product knowledge training to quickly discover and link the features and the benefits of new products.

The mini-course has been developed while training sales teams and tested and proven on live sales calls and in sales meetings. The training is short, concise, and presented so you can start using it in minutes. You can put the Need to Close Chains into action and start gaining the benefits today.

This eBook course is sent to you when you get the Sales Buzz Free Newsletter Sales Training.

It will show you how to connect the customer's needs with the features and benefits that will fulfil those needs and gain agreement to move forward. A great way to mental build a bank of connecting links so you can quickly respond to any need a buyer has with the right features and benefits, plus a nice closing line to gain agreement to the next step in the sales process. You will literally be installing new neural pathways of connecting links to form chains of Need - Feature - Benefit - Close.

Get into a powerful selling state and quickly learn new product knowledge

The course will show you how, by practicing the above technique, you can put yourself into a powerful selling state that gives you access to all your sales resources. Do this before a call or meeting and your conversations with prospects will be sharper, and you will have the ability to think on your feet whenever it's required.

Want to learn product knowledge through a sales frame? The Need to Close Chains give you a way to learn what's important about the products and services that you sell from a sales perspective. It's fast and very effective, I've been using it for decades and still use it today. 

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Motivators & Connectors
Give prospects a reason to keep talking to you

The Motivators and Connectors mini-training course in an eBook focuses on the parts of your sales that connect the stages of the sales process. These are the parts of the sale that traditional sales training doesn't show you. 

Think about it, where do you lose a sales prospect, where do objections come up, and when do prospects hesitate or withdraw from your conversations?

Mostly it's as you try to move to the next stage of the sales process. For example, when you try to move from the sales introduction stage to the sales questions stage, or when you have asked questions to discover benefits and want to progress to the sales presentation stage. And very often as you move from the presentation to the close. As you pause and move towards the next stage, the buyer tells you why they are not moving forward with you. Objections are really just reasons why prospects won't move forward with you. 

The problem is, the step from one sales stage to the next is too big, it can be a huge leap that the buyer doesn't want to take. This course shows you how to fill that gap with shorter steps, called connectors, and how to motivate them to take the steps with you. Motivators & Connectors makes your sales conversations flow smoothly from the introduction through to the close and prevents many objections and obstacles. 

What makes this sales training work so effectively?

The answers is simple. Traditional sales training focuses on what you do within each stage of the sale. Traditional sales training looks at introductions, asking questions, sales presentations, closing lines, and so on. Those sales skills are important and I always recommend you have a good sales process that you build yourself in your own words that follows those stages.

What makes this sales training work so effectively when you add it to your traditional sales skills is: you are learning how to motivate prospects to move from each of those stages to the next by showing them what's in it for them, the benefits or potential benefits of continuing the conversation with you. This connects all the sales stages and creates a smooth path for your conversations on calls and in meetings to follow. 

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