making cold calls
for sales appointments 

Fill Your Sales Diary With Potential Sales

'A proven course to quickly learn how to make confident calls'

Making cold calls for sales appointments will show you how to fill your sales diary with qualified, revenue generating sales meetings.

The sales appointment course has already been proven successful by the sales and telemarketing teams I've trained, so you know the course will work for you.

Step by step training to ensure your success...

With this training you will know what to say and do at every point of your sales appointment calls, which allows you to make cold calls with confidence. 

Creating appointment calls becomes easy as you just follow the training to create successful, customised  scripts for your calls. 

Complete the course and quickly get more sales appointments that will turn into sales, allowing you to have a consistent high income and the freedom to make new lifestyle choices.

A course proven to give you success

Sales appointment training course.

I'm Stephen Craine

I’ve been training and managing sales and telemarketing teams for over 25 years. The course you are about to start using was developed and improved making cold calls in live situations.

The course is already proven to get more sales appointments in a wide range of markets.

And if you have any questions or need assistance while completing the course you can contact me via the contact pages of this website. 

Making cold calls for appointments becomes easy

The stages of a sales appointment cold call

The course is easy to follow and put into practice in just a few hours because the training is in stages with each stage containing several smaller steps. 

This creates a clear path to gaining agreement to an appointment, so you will always know what step you are at and what comes next.

Knowing the steps when making cold calls for sales appointments means you can confidently engage with the potential customers and make many more sales appointments.

It also means anyone can learn to make sales appointment calls and no telemarketing knowledge or experience is required. 

Now see what this course will give you...

Making Sales Appointments 
by Telephone

What this course on making cold calls
for appointments will give you

This course will give you:

The skills  to create your own script, in your own words, customised for your prospects, products, and marketplace.

Proven techniques that will completely change your approach and how you make cold calls for appointments.

Proven methods to get past and prevent objections and obstacles, and motivate hesitant prospects to agree to meetings.

The actions that professional appointment setters take to manage calling sessions and the physiology of making successful calls,

Confidence to have conversations without sales pressure and build relationship with the prospects that will become customers.

Whether making cold calls, follow up calls, or responding to enquiries, use this course to make sales appointments for yourself or train your telephone teams.

This course will improve your results, your income, or grow your business giving you the freedom to choose the lifestyle changes you want.

'You can have telephone techniques developed by professionals and
already proven on real calls ready to start using today.'

Overcome objections when making cold calls

There is a very effective way to overcome objections to sales appointments when making cold calls and you will learn it here,

The sales technique will let you gain agreement to many more appointments with buyers, and that will increase your opportunities to close sales and generate sales revenue. 

This one simple technique means you gain more meetings with buyers from the same number of calls. 

How to ask for a sales appointment

For many people, asking for the appointment is the hardest part of making cold calls. 

Gaining agreement to the appointment is like closing sales, until you know an effective technique it can seem like a difficult thing to do that you will never be comfortable doing.

You can learn a way to make asking for appointments just a simple question that is the logical next step for the prospect because of the techniques built in to the early part of the course. 

'Anyone can learn to gain agreement to sales appointments'

Making Sales Appointments
by Telephone Includes

You get the course as I present it in live training sessions with over 90 pages of text. 

An exercise program takes you through the script/prompt creation process and customises it for your calls.

Power point slides and trainer notes assist you if presenting the course, or are an additional guide if using the training for your own development.

Plus, you get my assistance if you have any questions while downloading or using the course, just send a message via the contact page. 

Everything you need to successful Sales Appointment calls 

In this course you are getting over 25 years of my experience as a sales manager and trainer contained in this sales training course which has already been proven successful.

A one-off payment of just £97 

For a one-off payment of just £97 you get a way to create new sales appointment scripts for all types of appointment calls whenever you need them.

You can download the course today, follow the training and start building that regular high income that will leave you free to make lifestyle choices and eliminate the stress form your role. 

Click the button and let's get started...


Safe and secure payment processing

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What happens next...

If you want all the benefits of this course on making cold calls for sales appointments - Hit the button and download the course using one of the secure card payment processors Stripe or Pay Pal. 

You'll get a zip file containing the training course, the exercise workbook, and the power point presentation.

Should you have any problems downloading or using the course, message me via the contact page on this website and I will respond.

Everything you need to start using the course is just a click away..


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