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proven to work 

Sales training that will give you job security, create a consistent high income, or grow your business. Techniques that will increase your sales and are already proven successful by the sales teams I've trained. 

Increase sales – Enjoy selling with confidence  -  Achieve consistent, repeatable sales results

I'm Stephen Craine,

I've been training and managing corporate field sales and telesales teams for over 25 years.

Now I'm sharing that experience with you and other sales people, managers, and business owners that want to see sales training that's already proven to work in real sales situations, not just classroom role plays.

I've helped sales people remove the stress from their sales role, set their own seriously high income levels, and shown SME businesses how to close sales and quickly gain more customers. 

Now you can use the same proven sales techniques...

Browse the sections and pages of the website, open the free eBooks, and download mini-courses, and, if you're serious about sales, buy the professional online courses.

The techniques were all developed and refined in real sales situations with working sales people, The training has already proven successful for people selling all kinds of products and services to a wide range of markets, so you know it will work for you. 

Find The Sales Training You Want

This is a good place to start your search for sales training that will benefit you. Find the sales training you want by selecting from the topics below or use the navigation bar above.

The website is undergoing an upgrade of all the content, courses, and eBooks to include the latest sales techniques and most up to date ways to increase sales. If you find a link that isn't working, don't worry it soon will be.

Sales Training to Help You Close More Sales  

Sales training on a proven process to close more sales on telesales calls and in face to face meetings.

Use this process to close cold prospects, respond to leads, or follow up with a contact, Proven results for new sales and repeat business. See more at: Sales Training

Overcome Sales Objections 

No longer fear sales objections!
You can enjoy overcoming sales objections just as you do closing sales when you know the right techniques to use. 

See sales training that shows you how to handle objections at any stage of the sales process. Learn the process sales people are using to Handle Sales Objections

The sales appointment call process stages for making cold calls

Fill Your Diary with Sales Appointments

Sales training on making successful sales appointment calls. Easily create your own customised calls and scripts.

Use a call process already proven to work by corporate tele-appointment callers and sales people making their own sales appointments at: Appointment Setting

Free sales training resources- eBooks and mini-courses

Free Sales Training

Browse eBooks & mini-courses that you can start using today. Pick up sales techniques unique to this website.

The training gives you an introduction into many new topics and a chance to see add to your sales skills. Visit Free Sales Training

Sales training programs - Everything you need to be successful in sales.

Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses already proven by working sales professionals, so you know they will work for you. 

Everything you need to be successful in your sales role available in The Shop

Sales closing techniques for your sales role

Close More Sales 

The best way to boost your earnings or grow your business is to choose the right sales closing technique for your sales role.

See one line closes, closing as part of a sales process, closing after an objection and many more options that will help you Close More Sales

Free newsletter on sales, sales training, appointment setting and everything sales related.

Newsletter Ezine 

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Plus you get 2 free sales training eBooks when you take The Sales Buzz

Updating the Proven Sales Training Website

Recent Updates

  1. Sales Training Already Proven to Work

    Jan 22, 22 09:06 AM

    Sales training that will show you how to sell anything using a proven sales process that will give you confidence and repeatable, successful results.

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  2. Handling Price Objections and the Real Reasons We Get Them

    Jan 19, 22 02:32 PM

    Handling price objections with confidence and overcoming this common sales obstacle means you can close sales you would otherwise lose

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  3. Get More Customers

    Jan 18, 22 05:30 PM

    Get more customers with sales training that builds you a high income leaving you free to make lifestyle choices and remove stress from your sales role

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Updating the Sales Training 

Parts of the website, the free sales training, and the professional courses have already been updated and new sales training added. The techniques, training, and tips on what to say now include the latest sales etiquette, strategies, and processes, all proven to work.

The latest pages to be rewritten will be shown here, in the Recent Updates area. Follow the links straight to the pages. 

New and updated pages and sections will also be included in the Sales Buzz weekly eZine Newsletter. 

Sales styles and conversations change

Sales training, how you contact potential customers, and the style and content of conversations you have with prospects all change with time. The structure of a good sales process stays the same, the objective at each step seldom changes. It's the words you choose to wrap around the process that change. That's why the training here focuses on helping you create scripts and reminders so you can use the words that are most effective, and natural sounding, for you. 

Think back 5 years, email marketing, sales messages, and the way we contact prospects was totally different. The style of your sales conversations had a different feel and tone. Go back 10 years, would the the sales methods and conversations work today. 

Remember the days of BOGOFF (buy one get one free) being effective. If you use that sales technique now the results will be very different and you could damage the reputation of your products and your business. 

GDPR, data protection, and restrictions on emailing and cold calling have also changed and the content on the website and in the courses offered is being updated to reflect the changing fashions, trends, and successful styles of selling in today's sales world. 

As with all the sales straining you will find here on the web pages, in the free training eBooks and the professional courses, the updated training has already been tested and proven successful. 

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