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The sales training shared with you here online has already been proven by professional sellers, so you know it will work for you.

You can use the free pages of selling tips, techniques, and skills training, the free eBooks, to increase your results, whether you're new to sales or an experienced seller.

The professional courses on the website will boost your sales results faster with concise, proven training that works. The courses can also be used to present to your sales team. 

This online training can help you to achieve repeatable results that will give you job security, create a consistent high income, or grow your business.

I'm Stephen Craine, for over 25 years I've successfully managed and trained sales teams and here I offer you the benefit of that experience.

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The Sales Appointment script creation section. Here you can learn how to create an effective call script that will get you in front of potential customers.

Sales Appointment Tips a fulll section on cold calling tips to give you confidence and competence while making appointment calls.

Telemarketing Tips  will show you how techniques for making telesales and telemarketing cold calls mre successful, more fluent, and a lot more enjoyable even if you hate cold calling now.

The Sales Skills section is all about the sales process, creating scripts, and the stages of the sale.

Free eBooks and Professional Courses will improve your results and give you the valuable skill of being able to train others.

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Click around these links to the recently updated sections, use the Navigation Bar on the left, and see links to more sales training pages below... 

Are You New to Sales?

At times I’ve needed to train non-sales people how to sell as they moved into different roles.

Many think there is a big mystery to being successful in sales or that it takes years of training. It doesn’t, you can achieve good consistent results quickly with the right training.

If you’re new to sales, or want to learn how to sell by starting at the beginning, a really good page on sales that specifically covers the basics of selling and how to sell can be found at Basic Sales 101

Want to Increase Your Sales Results

You’re already good at selling and you want to carry on improving to develop your career.

You know how to sell and the stages of the sale, so what’s next, where do you find advanced selling techniques?

The Sales Tips section will give you ideas and techniques to add to what you’re doing now and will increase your results.

Updated regularly it covers topics such as:

Influencing customers to buy, Direct Sales tips, motivation, and a great page on targeting your actions to get the best return on effort.

For all the sales tips that are learned from experience, and to increase your results, click the Sales Tips image above or open Sales Tips...

Do You Urgently Need a Sales Boost 

Many visitors to this site are looking for a really quick way to boost sales to gain job security, or to get their manager off their back. 

We've all been there at some time...

If you need a quick fix to boost your sales we have a technique that's just right for you.

The 3 Step Process will quickly align your actions with achieving your target, which makes effective use of your time and gives you a fast increase in results.

I’ve used this technique many times with people I’ve managed who weren’t achieving target and it’s very effective. Take a look at The 3 Step Process  

Improve Specific Stages of Your Sales Process

I’ve worked with people who want to improve specific stages of the sales process, such as overcoming objections, presentation skills, questioning techniques, or prospecting, and I’ve included plenty of training on here for you to choose from. 

To work on skills for any part of your selling process start with the Sales Skills section where you’ll find links to training on all the stages of a sale. You can reach it from the Sales Skills image above or the Nav Bar.

There are also complete sections on Sales ObjectionsProspecting, and the Introduction stage and many other parts of the Selling Process. 

Free Sales Training eBooks

To step up your learning you can open or download the free sales training eBooks.

They really can help you to pick up the training. Use them, keep them, or pass them on.

If you like the free eBooks you might try one of our professional courses. You can see all the free sales training eBooks at Free Stuff.

Professional Online Sales Training Courses

If you are serious about being successful, developing your sales career, and learning sales skills that will benefit you in many ways throughout your working life, then the Professional Training Courses are right for you.

I’ve used this training when coaching and managing individuals and teams. The courses give you proven sales training that works in real situations not just training classrooms. 

You also get my full support should you have any questions while completing or presenting the workbook courses, and you can download them now and start using them today.

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