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Sales training programs already proven to increase results and maximise your earnings. 

The sales training courses were created while I trained and managed corporate sales teams and professional sales appointment setters.

The techniques are all tested and developed to ensure they produce repeatable, successful results, so you can be sure they will work for you.

If you want to boost your sales results, have a proven process to make more sales appointments, or learn how to sell anything, the sales courses and eBooks here are already proven successful. 

These sales training programs have given job security, confidence, and top incomes to sales people, appointment setters, and business owners and will now do the same for you. You can get the courses in minutes and start using them today. 

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Browse the shop, open the individual full pages for each of the sales training programs to learn more, and buy securely through our secure payment processor Stripe, or choose to pay by Pay Pal. Use the training for your own development and benefits or to train others, which is a valuable skill to have. 

Selling Success – How to get more customers 

The sales training course on what to do and say in a sales meeting or on a telesales call.

Follow the easy to use sales training in this course and close more sales – Get more customers – And build a consistent high level income that will give you the lifestyle choices you desire. 

Gain real security from sales results you control and eliminate pressure and stress from your sales role. 

The Selling Success course is the easiest way for you to create sales scripts for all types of sales calls or meetings whenever you need them.

You’ll learn what to say and do at every point of your sales meetings or calls, so you can talk with confidence to prospects. 

160 pages of sales training - 20 exercises in a separate workbook - 60 slides to support the training.

See full details at: Selling Success

How to Sell in a Nutshell - Sales Training Mini-Course

Learn how to sell anything with this mini sales training course: How to Sell in a Nutshell

Learn how to sell anything with this mini sales training course on using a sales process to move prospects from the introduction of a  telesales call or sales meeting to closing the sale. 

With agreement gaining woven into the sales process, closing the sale becomes just a simple, no pressure question because you have done all the work in the early stages. 

Learn the 4 stages of a sale and the smaller steps of each stage to form a smooth pathway to guide your prospects to the close. Customise the process for your sales role by adding your own words. Whether you sell to retail customers, B2B or B2C buyers, or large organisations, the process will work for you. 

How to sell is a nutshell version of the Selling Success complete sales training course. It introduces using a sales process and many people buy it before investing in the Selling Success course. If you later order the Selling Success course you can get the price of How to Sell refunded, so it hasn't cost you anything.

See course details at: How to Sell or start using the course today for just £9.97


Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell - eBook Mini Course

Create your own sales appointment script today - The mini-course is a nutshell version of the full and complete training course below: Making Sales Appointment Calls.

Learn the call process that has proved successful for professional appointment callers and add your own words and phrases to customise the script for your products and marketplace. 

From a cold call introduction through explaining why you are calling to gaining agreement to an appointment, survey, demonstration, test drive, or whatever the next step is of your sales process.

Fill your appointment diary, grow your business, and quickly learn how to contact more potential clients and customers. Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell gives you a quick training course that's  easy to follow, so you get it in a nutshell.

See more information at: Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell  

Or get the eBook for just £9.97 by using the button below.


Making Sales Appointments by Telephone - The Full Training Course

The sales training course on making sales appointments

At the end of this professional course you will have a customised sales appointment call script, in your own words, that will fill you sales diary for you. 

You will know what to do and say at every step of the call process, how to prevent and overcome objections and obstacles, and make calls with confidence.

This is the perfect course for making cold calls, follow up calls, and responding to enquiries. You can use the training many times over to create scripts for every type of call to make sales appointments.

Learn how to get past gatekeepers, motivate hesitant prospects to move forward, and see effective techniques to gain agreement to sales appointments.

In the course you get over 90 pages of sales appointment call training,

11 exercises in a separate workbook to create the words for your script.

27 slides to support the training for you, or for when presenting to your team. 

Fill your sales appointment diary using a course already proven to work 

See course details at: Making Sales Appointments 

Get Both Sales Training Programs - Making Sales Appointments and Selling Success

The training Course on Making Sales Appointments
The sales training course on what to do and say on a sales meeting or telesales call

You can get both sales training programs, with a 25% discount. 

Use the training in Make Sales Appointments by Telephone and the Selling Success sales training course to increase sales and get a 25% discount on each course.

Become an expert on the full process, from first contact with a prospect to arrange a sales appointment to closing the sale,  with a one-time investment of a small fee for 2 sales training programs you can use many times over. 

Get the 2 sales training programs and invest in your future at: 2 Professional Sales Courses

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