how to close sales 

Proven Sales Closing Techniques To Ask For The Sale

How to close sales and maximise your results and income by choosing the sales closing techniques that are right for:

  • Your sales role and marketplace.
  • The products and services you sell,
  • The types of buyers you sell to.
  • Whether you sell by telephone or in face to face meetings.

There is no one, perfect way to close a sale. A £million service contract presented over several formal meetings to a panel of professional buyers requires a different style of sales close to when selling cars, retail products, or B2C home improvements. 

So what's the best answer to the question: How to close sales?

Select a proven sales closing technique that lets you close sales with confidence and will maximise your sales results.

Explore the techniques below, each one is already proven by the sales teams I have managed and trained throughout my career. Decide which ones are best for you, adapt the ideas, develop them for your role, and enjoy the benefits of knowing how to ask for the sale. 

The sales training on how to close sales is for people new to sales, experienced sellers that want to add to their existing closing skills, and managers looking for ways to increase their team's results,

Browse the sales closing techniques below, try them out, see what works, there is no right, wrong, or perfect close, it's all about what works for you in your sales role...

How to Close Sales Using a Sales Process

Close the sale with a sales process that starts to gain agreement from the prospect during the introduction. The agreement gained means closing can be just a simple, logical question.

A great sales closing technique that is transparent, prevents objections when closing, and has proven very successful in a wide range of sectors. 

This is a very effective closing technique when the products or services are sold using defined stages. For example: an introduction, questions to discover needs, a presentation of a product or proposal, and then a closing question. 

Learn more about closing as part of a sales process at: Close the Sale

The Alternative Closing Technique 

The old sales closing trick, the Alternative Closing Technique, is not a method I recommend. In its original form it was a trap set by less than honest sales people for buyers to walk into.

The seller would ask an alternative question that gave the buyer a choice of two possible answers. As soon as they answered the seller took this as a buying signal and stem rolled ahead assuming the sales was closed, knowing full well that it wasn't. This was a high pressure sales technique that bullied customers and gave many companies and marketplaces a bad reputation.

So why am I including the technique here in a section on how to close sales? 

With some changes this technique can be developed and used in some sales types as an honest and transparent way to close sales. See how my sales teams adapted the Alternative Closing Technique and now have another valuable way to Close a Sale 

Emotional Sales Closing Techniques 

Emotional sales closing techniques are often overlooked, but it's predominantly emotions that close the sale.

Learn how to connect with the prospect's emotions and understand the impulses that trigger and motivate them to buy.

Buyer's decisions are usually made using a combination of emotions and logic. Knowing what emotional triggers will lead to a sale is a great skill to have. Learn more at: Emotional Sales Closing Techniques

How to Close Sales After Overcoming an Objection

Sales objections can arise anywhere in the sales process.

The Objection Handling Process shows you how to close sales by dealing with the objection and then returning to where you were in the sales process when the objection arose. 

We all get objections, this is a great section of the website to visit and learn the full process for dealing with them effectively. Learn more at: Closing the Sale

Sales Closing Technique - Manager Call

Car salesman encouraging you to enter

How to close sales with a sales closing technique based on a direct B2C sales trick used by sales people selling: home improvement sales, household products, holiday homes and time share sales, and as a way to close more car sales.

The outdated trick has been developed into a modern sales technique and can now be used as an ethical way to gain real feedback, find out why a prospect didn't buy, and get a second chance to close a sale. 

See why the technique was so successful and the psychology behind it, and how you can use it to increase closed sales. I'll show you how my teams have developed the closing technique and how you can adapt it to suit your sales role. Learn more at: Sales Closing Technique

Conditional Sales Closing Technique

Turn sales objections into reasons why prospects should buy from you. 

This sales negotiation training on conditional closing techniques will close more sales for you by turning objections into positive reasons prospects should buy now.

Learn a way to turn sales objections into opportunities by using a negotiation technique. It makes a great addition to your sales skills,  and when used in the right sales situations can be very effective and rewarding. 

This sales closing technique is great for only certain types of sales to a specific set of prospects, in the right circumstances the technique is very effective. 

See how and when to use the technique at Sales Negotiation Training

Sales Training Course - Selling Using a Process

If you like the idea of using sales process that has closing techniques built into it, this is the ideal course for you.

The course will show you how to close sales by gaining agreement from the Introduction Stage and through the Questioning and Presentation Stages. The Closing Stage then  becomes a simple, question.

By the time you reach the close the prospect has already agreed that what you have presented as a solution or proposal matches their requirements.

And all objections have already ben addressed, so the close becomes a logical next step. See more information on the course and its content by visiting: Selling Success

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The weekly Sales Buzz eZine newsletter covers the full spectrum of sales training and selling, including how to close sales. 

See the latest pages to be added and updates to the Proven Sales Training website, real examples from the world of sales, and interesting innovations that sales people and businesses are using to closse more sales.. 

When you ask for the Sales Buzz to be delivered you get 2 free sales training mini-courses that are unique to this website, and we have a strict privacy policy so you know your details are kept safe. 

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