Sales Closing Techniques based on emotions

Meet the prospects emotional needs and close the sale

Girl buying car based on emotions and impulse

Sales closing techniques based on the prospect's emotions are often overlooked, but it's predominantly emotions that close the sale.

Learn how to connect with the prospect's emotions and understand the impulses that motivate them to buy and you will close more sales.

The buyer's decision is usually made using a combination of emotions and logic. Often the emotional benefits trigger the buying decision which is then justified by logical examination of the features.

Discover the Emotion v Logic balance your prospects use when buying your products. Then boost your sales by focusing your sales closing techniques on the same mix of emotion and logic. 

Why do prospects buy your products or services

Have you thought about the benefits prospects get from what you sell?

The mix of emotional benefits and logical benefits may seem obvious at first. Products such as holidays, vacations, jewellery, gifts, most types of clothing, are obvious contenders for maximum emotional sales closing techniques. 

Others are seen as having emotional triggers which are then supported, or buying decisions justified, with logical reasons to buy. These could include car sales, musical instruments, equipment and tools for hobbies.

Some types of sales are viewed by sales people as decisions based on almost pure logic, but are they?

Consider sales of products or services to businesses, to B2B prospects. You might expect a new piece of machinery or a communication system to be bought on the features and specifications, logical information, with almost no emotional needs to address. 

But, when you are considering which sales closing techniques to use look at the emotional benefits the buyer could want and gain if they make the right decision. 

Emotional needs and benefits 

A buyer could have emotional needs and want emotional benefits such as:

  • Job security from good decisions.
  • Kudos and recognition from others. 
  • Positive self esteem and self image.
  • An impulse purchase triggered by emotions. 
  • A boost to their confidence or fear of failure.

Prospects can have many hidden emotional needs. Their emotional triggers are important and can also depend on the psychological make up of the prospect. Are they a positive person that is looking for benefits, or are their needs based around avoiding failure from poor decisions.

Add this information to the balance of emotional or impulse buying and logical decision making and there is a lot to add to your sales closing techniques. 

Let's look at how to include these emotional needs and benefits in your sales closing techniques...

Using Emotion Based Sales Closing Techniques 

First decide on the balance of emotion and logic a typical buyer uses when making a decision on buying what you sell. Then consider if there is an order to the logic and emotions when making that decision.

For example, a typical car sale is made by using emotional benefits first and then helping the buyer justify the purchase with logical information on the features of the car.

A service to a B2B buyer may be sold on its logical features and then emotional benefits used to close the sale. 

Next, discover the emotional needs of the buyer...

Discover the buyer's emotional needs

Sales closing techniques are not just used at the end of the sales process where you ask for the order. They should be built into the sales process from the early stages.

To discover a buyer's emotional needs you can add questions at the Sales Questioning Stage of the sale. This is where you discover the needs, wants, and desires of the prospect and emotional needs are as important as the other information you gather. 

Take the emotional wants, desires, and needs from the answers to your sales questions, and use them in your sales presentation.

If you discover that the buyer wants envy from others, give it to them. Tell them how others will feel when they see them in that new car, new outfit, or when the home improvements are complete.

If they want their boss to see what a great buying decision they have made, add how they can do that to your sales presentation.

The emotional sales closing techniques are very effective. Find the emotional keys, the buyer's needs, with great sales questions and then present how you can match those needs in your sales presentation.

Emotional sales closing techniques in the Presentation Stage 

The closing techniques continue in the presentation stage of the sale. The more competent you become at matching the buyer’s emotional needs, wants, and desires, to your product features and benefits the more sales you will close.

During the presentation you gain agreement that the emotional benefits you can provide match the prospect's requirements. This is a trial close and you will either gain acceptance or an objection or obstacle will arise. Gaining agreement to what you have presented or dealing with the objection that arises will make closing the sale just a simple question. 

You can learn more about the Sales Presentation Stage

Combine emotion and logic

Earlier we discussed the levels of emotion v logic used when prospects buy your products and services. After the questioning stage you will have a clearer understanding of these levels and their importance for the buyer. 

Now, in your presentation and closing stages of the sales process you can present and gain agreement based on those levels.

Will you hook their emotions with benefits aimed at their feelings, then help them justify the decision with facts and figures? 

Or, will you present and gain agreement to specifications, numbers, performance indicators, and then present the emotional benefits of making a good decision to buy from you. 

Once you start using emotional closing techniques you can add them to all your existing sales training. 

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