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The easiest way to gain new clients
and orders from your sales conversations

‘A sales training course already proven successful
so you know it will work for you’

You want to get more customers, this sales training course will show you how to convert conversations with potential customers into a regular flow of new sales.

The Selling Success sales training course has already been proven successful by the sales and telesales teams I've trained, so you know it will work for you in your sales role.

It’s an easy to use step by step guide…

The course will train you on what to say and do and what comes next at every point of your sales meetings or calls, which allows you to focus on the conversation and talk with confidence to your prospects.  

You just follow the sales training to create successful sales scripts for your calls or meetings to:

  • Generate new business from cold conversations or arranged appointments.
  • Gain repeat business from existing customers.
  • Respond to incoming enquiries and leads.
  • Follow up on information sent.

Take the course and quickly get more customers as you build a consistent high income giving you the freedom to make new lifestyle choices, while eliminating any stress from your sales role by achieving consistent, repeatable sales results.

A course already proven to get more customers

I’m Stephen Craine, I’ve been training and managing corporate sales and telesales teams for over 25 years, and the course you are about to start using has been used extensively by those teams. 

Developed and refined in live sales meetings and on telesales calls, not just in classroom role plays, the course is already proven to get more customers in a wide range of markets.

I've trained corporate teams selling both services and products, now SMEs and self employed sales people and business owners can get the benefit of corporate sales training without the huge course fees.

Everything you need to be successful in sales is right here...

I'm also here to support you while you complete the course. You can message me with questions or for assistance by using the contact page on this website and I will respond.


The training is easy to follow, learn, and put into practice

Everyone that uses the sales training course says it’s easy to follow, can be learned quickly, and put into practice in just a few hours, because it presents the sales process in stages with each stage containing several smaller steps.

This creates a clear path to follow from the introduction stage, through the questioning and presentation stages, to closing the sale and you will always know what step you are at and what comes next.

The simple format means anyone can use the course to close sales and get more customers…

No previous sales knowledge or training on sales techniques required!

Knowing the steps of the sales process means you can confidently engage fully in your conversations with potential customers while keeping the sale on track.

Next, how do you know what to say in those sales conversations?

What to say to your potential customers

You can choose whether you create a full word for word script or produce a set of reminders and prompts as a guide.

Selling Success course is the easiest way to create your own sales scripts or reminders. It includes a powerful exercise program that writes your script for you for each stage and step of your call or meeting.

And, because you add the words to the stages and steps, you’ll know exactly where you are in the sales process and have the freedom to focus on talking with prospects without losing direction...

'You’ll always know where you are and what to do and say,
which will give you great confidence in your sales conversations.'

The course will get more customers for any product or service in any marketplace, because you choose the words to use and customise the scripts for your sales role.


How much success can you expect?

Repeatable sales results and the ability to make constant improvements are the keys to the success you'll experience from your investment in the Selling Success sales training course.

When you complete the course you will have a sales process to close sales and get more customers, and know the words to use at each step.

The process of stages and steps and the associated scripts allow you to earn as much reward as you are willing to work for, still have to have the conversations with prospects... and build a regular high income that will improve your lifestyle and eliminate any pressure or stress from your sales role. 

Get more customers by overcoming any sales objections

To help you get more customers, I’ve included in the course a full section on overcoming sales objections.

Sales techniques are built into the course and show you how to prevent and deal with objections and obstacles at any stage of the sales process.

Plus, you get a really effective sales objection handling technique called the Objection Loop. 

Close more sale – Get more customers 

I can’t close...

I hate closing...

I don’t know how to ask for orders...

I hear it all the time from people who can talk about their products and services, present good proposals and solutions to problems, but don’t know how to close the sale and ask for the order.

And why should they know if they have never received sales training on how to do it?

For many people it’s the key problem holding back their sales career or their business. 

They don’t want to lose the customer by their close being rejected, or offend them with a pushy sales close


Anyone can close sales professionally

As an experienced sales trainer and manager let me assure you that you can:

Close sales in a professional manner that’s appropriate for your prospects, 
business, and marketplace, and will not upset or offend your prospects. 

This sales training course will show you how...

Closing the sale starts in the introduction stage with some small agreement gaining and continues through each stage until you get to the closing stage. 

The whole sales process of the Selling Success course is aimed at making the close easy, and that’s exactly what it does. You will learn how to close the sale with a simple question – The exercise program even helps you to choose the words to use.  

What’s Included in the Sales Training Course 

You get 160 pages of training, exactly as I present it in live training sessions. 

A separate workbook program – 25 exercises to build your sales scripts.

Over 60 Power Point slides to support the training. 

Trainer notes offering different viewpoints on the topics.

Plus unique sales techniques developed from real experience. 

Everything you need for your own training or to present the course to others

Plus, my support to answer any questions should you need it to ensure you get the best possible results from using the course.

You are getting over 25 years of my experience as a sales manager and trainer., condensed into this sales training course that has already been proven successful.

For a one-off payment of just £97 you get a way to create new sales scripts for all types of sales calls whenever you need them.

You can download the course today, follow the training to get more customers, and start building that regular high income that will leave you free to make lifestyle choices and eliminate the stress form your sales role. 

Click the button and let's get started...


What happens next...

If you want all the benefits of Selling Success - Hit the button and download the course using one of the secure card payment processors Stripe or Pay Pal. 

You'll get a zip file containing the sales training course, the exercise workbook, and the power point presentation.

Should you have any problems downloading or using the course, message me via the contact page on this website and I will respond.

Everything you need to start using the course to get more customers is just a click away...


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