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  • Use it as a self motivation training tool
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  • Gain an advantage over the competition as you maintain a confident selling state

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Motivation - What is it?

  • Sales motivation is not an object
  • It can not be passed from me to you
  • No one can give it to you, or take it away from you

Motivation is not something you have.

It's something you do. Think of motivation as a verb, not a noun.

As a sales manger I often heard the cry, I need motivating.

Usually from a salesperson that was reacting negatively to events or situations.

They look to their manager or trainer to motivate them.

My answer is always the same, I can't.

But I can show you how you can motivate yourself

No one else can give you motivation.

Only you can motivate yourself. And the great news is, only you can take that motivation away. Look through these pages and never again will you let others bring you down.

Good sales trainers, and experienced sales managers, can act as a catalyst and show you how to motivate yourself, and how to stay motivated. But sales motivation is created by the actions you take, no one else is responsible for your motivation.

What will sales motivation
do for you?

Picture yourself playing from a 10. On a high, feeling great.

You're in the groove, you're buzzing, Motivated, and ready to make full use of your sales skills.

...I feel better already..

The fantastic benefit that you get from motivation is being able to make full use of all your sales resources, your skills and experience.

Working constantly in this motivated state will have a tremendous impact on your results.

Imagine never being brought down by issues at work, problems at home, negative colleagues, incompetent bosses or useless colleagues.

Picture yourself feeling positive and chraged by increased sales targets, cheap competition, and all the other trials and challenges that knock down less motivated sales people.

Motivation is really essential when you're faced with sales objections. To be able to use your sales skills to the full when overcoming objections you need self motivation techniques. To see how to stay motivated when facing objections open Objections to Sales Self Motivation Tips

Now read on and find ways to make yourself stand out as a motivated salesperson,control your level of motivation and learn simple and easy to use motiavtion techniques to turn up your motivation to a 10 when you need it.

My introduction to sales motivation

As a young sales manager working for a cable television and communications provider, I thought I knew everything there was to know about managing sales people.

I thought I had nothing to gain from a 3 day sales motivation training course.

How wrong I was. The course opened my eyes to a world of techniques and skills that I didn't know existed. I had never heard of meta programs, reframimg, and how people's actions are influenced. I was hooked.

At the end of the three days I had acquired many new viewpoints, and reframed old ones. My motivation states were mine to control.

I attended many more courses with some of the best presenters on sales motivation, peak performance, NLP sales techniques, and hypnosis in sales communication.

This site is the result of using those techniques over many years as a successfull sales manager and trainer.

On the links here you will find techniques and ideas, for you to use, that work to motivate salespeople, sales managers, small business owners, and sales trainers.

NLP(Neuro Linguistic Progamming) was my starting point for these new and unique sales motivation techniques. To see more on NLP and how you can use it for self motivation, open How to use NLP.

The only two things that motivate people to be motivated.

There are only two things that motivate sales people to be motivated.

There's a simple way to present this sales training. It's a very useful tool for both sales people and sales managers. An easy sales motivation idea to learn, and use, a necessity for all sales managers and small business employers.

To learn this motivational skill and become an effective self motivator, and motivate others open Motivation Techniques

What's the secret to motivating yourself and others?

To be motivated there is one thing above all others that you need. Without it the other techniques and skills don't work. It is the key to motivating sales people.

To learn the one thing that must pe present to make sales motivation work open Motivational Sales Training

Sales team motivation techniques

See a simple way to build a free sales motivation resource and use it for your sales team training. It's quick to do, involves all the sales team, and has a great effect on team motivation. Open sales team training and start making a difference today.

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