Sales Training Tips on Creating a Free Resource

Take the Credit for Creating 
a Valuable Team Resource

Sales training tips on how to create a free resource that will give you or your team techniques on selling and self-motivation.

Easily set up this free training resource.

Do it as a team activity.

Use it for learning sales skills and self-motivation.

When the results start to show you take all the credit for creating this valuable team training resource.

It only takes one person in an organisation to start this technique rolling and others soon join in, will it be you that takes the credit for it..?

Create a Sales Team Training Resource

Create a resource that will be used to increase sales skills.

This sales team training resource works great for both small businesses and large organisations.

And you could start it today with one easy action that you’ll see later.

I've worked in sales for over 25 years, as a salesman, a trainer and coach, and as a manager. The sales training tips I'm about to share with you will quickly build you a free training tool that can be used by the entire sales department.

Everyone can get involved and when the success is seen by others you will get the credit for starting this action.

Free Sales Training Tips Easily
Accessed When Needed

What if you had a free resource, built up over time, that was accessible by all and topics were easy to find?

Have you clicked around the Internet and found websites, like the one you're reading now, with free sales training, and motivation techniques.

There is lots of free information available online but people don't use it because it takes time to search for it, or their saved favourites are not very well organised.

But what if you collected and organised all the good, free, resources that you come across online and saved them in an accessible and ordered place for you and everyone else to use.

It's easier than you may think, and it gets results...

The sales and motivation training could be used for:

  • Quick training on specific parts of the selling process.
  • Bursts of self-motivation techniques when needed.
  • Team meeting discussions and training.
  • Preparation for activity such as cold calling sessions.
  • Changing sales pitches to make them more effective.

You can quickly build a free team training resource by collecting links to great websites on sales training tips, and motivation techniques, in a shared folder for use by you or your team.

Let me show you how I did this with one of my sales teams...

How to Create Your Library of Proven Sales Training

I started my first sales training tips library by placing links to my favourite websites in a shared folder accessible by my team.

The links had titles to say what the topic was and similar topics were grouped together on separate pages of a word workbook.

There are now many better ways of setting up shared folders that are searchable without too much technical knowledge, but this was back in the last century and the Internet was only just starting to be used for more than word processing and sending emails.

In a team meeting I shared the idea and we started accessing and using the links.

Proven Success - Great Satisfaction

If you're like me, when you start an action like this you get a great feeling of satisfaction when it's successful.

For me what showed that this library of sales training tips was successful was when the team added their own links to great content that they had found.

Soon this one small action, that had started with a few links to useful team training resources on a simple word workbook, had grown into a shared library that was regularly being contributed to by the team.

It had now become a team activity, which was motivational and team building, and it saved me time preparing team meetings and quick training sessions.

  • Another great benefit was that it cost nothing.
  • A few moments of people's time but no financial costs.
  • No budget approval, no waiting for it to be signed off.
  • And great feedback from my superiors.

You can now take that first action today by putting the links I've given you below into a shared folder where all team members, even those working remotely, can gain access.

Here are some links to get you started...

Links to Sales Training Tips and Resources

Take your first action today and start your sales training tips free resource library with the links below.

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Making Sales Appointments

Free pages on the complete sales appointment setting process, including dealing with objections: Making Sales Appointments 

The Sales Process Training

The most visited part of the website, the sales process pages. The stages of a sale from the Introduction through to closing: The Sales Process

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