Increase Sales with 2 professional training courses  

Increase sales by using these 2 sales training courses that will show you how to sell, from the first cold call to make an appointment, through the sales stages, to closing the sale and overcoming any sales objections. 

This is a serious investment in increasing your sales results to gain job security, boost your income, or grow your business. 

Both courses were created from my work managing and training sales team and are already proven successful in real sales situations.

How to Make Sales Appointments by Telephone shows you how to arrange sales meetings with prospects by making cold calls, contacting warm leads, or following up on information and marketing messages.

When you've made the appointment the Selling Success training course will give you everything you need to go through the sales stages and close the sale. 

The complete professional guide on how to sell, already proven successful, and ready for you to put into action, increase sales, and gain the benefits.

Whether you want to increase your sales or train your teams to boost theirs, these 2 professional courses combined will work for you. 

How the 2 Courses Work to Increase Sales 

Both sales training courses use the same model to show you how to create the words you will use on appointment calls and in sales meeting and on telesales calls. 

You will build a sales script by following the step by step training and completing the exercise workbooks that come separately with each course. By script, I mean a guide to what you will say and do at every stage and step of the sale appointment and sales process. The script can be a full written script created in your own words, or prompts and reminders at key stages, whatever you need for your calls and meetings. 

The courses provide the framework, the process, around which you will wrap the right words to achieve your objective at each step. 

Choosing the words for you sales scripts 

The training includes examples and discussions on selecting the best words to communicate your messages and influence your prospects. 

We start each step and stage with what you want to achieve, then select the right words to do that. Using sales techniques with a base in Jungian Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) you will learn how to move prospects along the path towards agreement to a sales appointment and then to the closing stage of the sale. 

The result - A script of reminders that keep your appointment setting calls and sales meetings and calls on track to increase sales, make calls and meetings enjoyable, and give you the personal results that you desire. All by following the step by step instructions on how to sell and how to make sales appointments. 

Sales techniques unique to this website 

Throughout the training on creating your customised scripts there are sales techniques that you will not see anywhere else. 

The unique techniques were all developed when my sales and appointment teams needed something adding to the traditional sales training they had received. So we created what we needed and now I share the techniques with you in these 2 sales training courses. These additions built into the training make a massive difference and work to increase sales by closing more deals and maximise selling time by converting more calls to appointments. 

More than just sales script training 

In both courses I've included some sales training that will give you some quick wins. 

In Making Sales Appointments by Telephone there are sections on how to manage your calling sessions, and how to make the calls. The physiology to use and the impact of your inner, mental state. Hot get past gatekeepers, and dealing with both real and smoke screen objections. All sales tips from professional appointment setters used to getting the best results, their jobs and income depend upon their numbers. 

In the Selling Success sales training course as we go through each sales stage there are examples and trainer notes to accompany the script building. Training on the buyer's motivation, the thought process of decision makers, why the reason for the meeting or call is the most important line of all and how to create an effective one. I will also show you how to use a Questioning Funnel, one of the best sales techniques for discovering prospect's needs, wants, and desires. 

You will become a well-trained sales professional and increase sales using these 2 courses...

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Start using the 2 courses today to increase your sales 

You can start using the 2 sales training courses today and get a 25% discount off the usual price 

When I present these training courses in live sessions the prices are in excess of £1,000 per course. You can get both courses today for just £145. 

Both courses include the text exactly as I present the training in live sessions. A separate exercise workbook to build your scripts, which you ca use many times over for this one-time fee. And a power point slide presentation to support the training and for use if presenting the course to others. You can see more on what's included in each course by clicking the images.

Everything you need to increase your sales become a competent sales professional for just £145.