Sales Training Course in a workbook

Follow a sales process and make
selling easy

The sales training course that shows you an effective way to sell using a sales process.

Increase your sales

Build an effective sales pitch for any product or service

Know what to say at each stage of a sale without memorizing presentations

An effective sales training course that’s quick to put into action, easy to learn, and you can have it on your computer today at a very realistic cost.

Designed specifically for sales people, self employed and small business owners, that sell products or services.

An honest customer friendly sales process that builds relationships and promotes repeat sales and referrals.

Practical sales training, in a compact workbook, that’s proven and used every day by the sales teams I manage and train

This step by step guide, supported with a full exercise program, builds you an effective sale from the Introduction stage to Closing the Sale and Handling Objections.

All you have to do is follow the training, complete the exercises, put the training into action, and reap the rewards of your investment.

...Although the training is presented in a simple format that follows a basic sales structure, the course looks at every word and phrase you use, and analysis what you are trying to achieve at each stage of the call.

It incorporates many advanced selling techniques into the exercise program, and looks at common mistakes that stop many sales people being successful...

The sales training course you can start using today

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What you get

  • The 72 page sales training course with the text as I present it to the sales people I manage and train.

  • The exercise program to build your sales process
  • Trainer notes to give additional information
  • The slides I use to support the text

Everything you need to be successful when selling to your customers.

The exercises are included within the training course and in a separate word document with the download so you can print them off, or use them on screen as many times as you like.

The power point slides are shown at the relevant place in the workbook course and in a separate file with the download so you can use them to present the course to your sales team.

If you have any problems downloading the course, or if you want any assistance while you are using it, you have my full support by email via the contact page on the website.

The Selling Success sales training course is available as an instant download that you can start using today. If you prefer a printed version, that’s available further down this page.

Safe and secure payment

When you buy the course, and you click the Buy Now button, payments are processed on the secure Pay Pal site. On the page the Buy Now button takes you to, you will have the option of paying by credit or debit card, or using an existing Pay Pal account.

You will then be directed to a download page on a secure site where you can download the complete sales training course, in a zip file for fast delivery, and start using it to boost your sales today.

A full money back guarantee

To show the confidence I have in a sales training course that has worked for so many other people like you, I offer you this guarantee.

If you use the course, and complete all the exercises, and you don’t get an increase to your sales results, you can return the completed course within 90 days of purchase and I will refund the cost.

So there’s no risk and a lot you could gain

Proven successful for all sales roles

Retail – Field Sales – Direct Sales – B2B – Services or Products

Works for all roles and all products, because you’re using a sales process with a unique exercise program that shows you how to use your own words for each stage of the sale.

Successful in any country because it shows you the aim of each stage of the sale and you add the words and phrases appropriate for your customers.

New to selling

No problem, the step by step guide is easy to follow and the sales training course is quick to put into action. It was designed and developed for working sales people to get results, not by a sales training company wanting to market and sell their courses.

Everything included in the sales training course has a practical purpose.

I have used this course with people new to sales and achieved great results. It quickly builds confidence because they don’t have to remember rehearsed sales pitches, just where they are in the sales process and their next objective as they work towards closing the sale.

The benefits of effective sales training

With effective sales training you get:

  • Job security
  • Increased rewards
  • Confidence when selling

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About the Author

Stephen Craine is a working sales manager and corporate trainer.

His workbooks and courses on these pages are the result of over two decades of hands on sales and management experience.

That means the training you'll buy here has been developed and refined working with real sales professionals in a wide range of markets and industries.

The selling techniques have been tested and proven while selling to real prospects, not just in classroom role plays.

Because real sales people depend upon this training being effective, you know that you can also depend upon the results you will achieve when you invest in the workbook courses.

With a full money back guarantee, and direct contact with the author via the contact pages of this website, you can see that we have every confidence in the service we offer.

What you get is a unique and successful approach to training, on all aspects of selling, that can be relied upon to give you results.

You can read more about Stephen, his goals for this website, by opening the about us page in a new window...

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