The Sales Training Course - Selling Success 

The sales training course uses a sales process proven by professionals selling products and services in all sectors, channels, and marketplaces. This online course is already successful for field sales people selling face to face and for telesales calls and is equally effective for B2B business sales and B2C sales direct to the public.   

The training course breaks the sales process down into stages and takes you step by step from the introduction stage of a sales meeting or call to closing the sale and overcoming sales objections. Every step is fully explained and if you have any questions while using the course you can message me via the contact page on this website. 

What the Selling Success Sales Training Course will show you

You will know what to say and do, and your objective, at every step of the sales process.  

Learn to create an engaging Introduction Stage that grabs the buyer's attention. 

How to close sales by weaving agreement gaining throughout your sales conversations. 

The technique of using Questioning Funnels to get prospects to write the Sales Presentation for you. 

A format for presenting proposals in a way that lets you close sales with just a simple question. 

How to prevent and overcome sales objections using simple techniques within your sales conversations.

The course works for sales people in any role, selling any type of product or service to any market, because you will use your own words to create a flexible script around a proven sales process.

You can create a full script of the words you will use or prompts and reminders at key points of the sales process. 

Your conversations with prospects, face to face or on the phone, will be relaxed and enjoyable for you both.

You'll even learn how to agree an agenda for your conversation so you can have an open discussion on what you can do for the prospect. 

There are unique techniques included in the sales training course that I developed with my  teams to make weak points in their conversations more effective. You will be able to add these to your sales skills. 

If you want a training course that will show you how to sell in face to face meetings or over the phone, this course will give you exactly what you want.

You can also use the course to train others. The slides and exercise program are in plain format and can be edited to customise for your requirements.

A Professional Sales Training Course at a Reasonable Price

This effective sales training course can quickly be put into action, it's easy to learn, and you can have it on your computer or laptop today at a very realistic price. 

To attend a live session of this course costs over £1,000. You are getting the course text as I present it, 160 pages that focus on techniques and scrutinise every word and phrase you will use in your sales conversations.

Trainer notes are included to help if you are presenting the course and can give an extra dimension to the training if you are using it to increase your own sales results. Over 60 slides on a power point presentation add to your understanding and can be used for live course presentations.

There are 25 exercises to build your sales script in a separate workbook that you complete as we progress. You can use the training and the exercises again and again as you get new products to sell or want to make improvements to your sales conversations.

Get the Selling Success Sales Training Course for just £97 

Download the course and you can start using the techniques to boost your sales today.

Learn how to have a relaxed conversation that both you and your prospect enjoy.

Close more sales as you follow a process that's already proven to work.

A one-time fee for a course you will use many times over.

Selling Success Sales Training Course

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What the Course has Given Others 

Sales people taking this sales training course have given us great feedback on the short and long term results they have achieved. The most common benefits include:

A slide from the sales training course Selling SuccessSlide from the sales training course Selling Success

Increased rewards
Huge increases in closed sales and higher conversion rates and more effective use of selling time, all leading to big rises in commission payments or revenue into their own business. 

Confidence when selling
The skill of having a sales conversation with a purpose and know what to do and say at all stages of a sale, giving sales people confidence that allows them to enjoy their sales or telesales role. 

Job or business security
A sales process that gives a reliable flow of closed sales means people enjoy their sales job or own business security, plus many step up in their career or grow their business.

Although the training is presented in a simple format that follows a basic sales structure, the course looks at every word and phrase you use and analysis what you are trying to achieve at each stage of the call. It incorporates many advanced selling techniques into the exercise program and looks at common mistakes when selling that stop many sales people being successful.

This step by step sales training course builds you an effective sales process from the Introduction stage through Questioning and Presentation stages to Closing the Sale and Overcoming Objections. All you have to do is follow the training, complete the exercises, put the training into action, and reap the rewards of your investment.

Proven Successful for all Sales Roles 

In my 25 year career as a salesman, sales trainer, manager, director and business owner, I've trained corporate teams selling a wide range of both services and products and Individuals in field sales and telesales for both B2B and B2C markets.

This course has been the basis of that training and constantly produced great results for Retail sales – Field Sales – Direct Sales – B2B – B2C - Telesales for both Services and Product sales.

It works for all roles, all products, and all markets, because you’re using a sales process with a unique exercise program that shows you how to use your own words for each stage of the sale and customise the conversation. Selling Success is successful in any country because you add the words and phrases appropriate for your customers and the etiquette expected in your geographical location.

New to sales - The Selling Success Sales Training Course is Ideal

Example of one of the course exercisesExercise from the course workbook

New to selling, no problem, the step by step guide and exercise program is easy to follow and the sales training course is quick to put into action. It was designed and developed for working sales people to get results, not by a sales training company wanting to market and sell their courses. 

Everything is you need is included 

Everything included in the sales training course has a practical purpose. I have used this course to train people new to sales and achieved great results. It quickly builds skills and confidence because you don’t have to remember rehearsed sales pitches, you know where you are in the sales process and your next objective, plus you know what to say next. 

There is no jargon, no mnemonics to remember, and everything is explained using simple language. At every stage of the sale I have used real examples to support the training and expand on the ideas presented.

You don't need any sales experience

For people new to sales this is a great place to start learning how to sell. Selling isn't difficult if you have a successful, proven sales process to follow, and this sales training course gives you exactly that. 

At each stage of the sales process you choose the level of sales pressure that you apply in your sales conversation on a scale from a no pressure, consultative approach to a hard sell. And the sales training is  supported by examples of how changing a few words can alter that sales pressure.

New to sales, own your own business and need to close sales, or looking for a new role and want the huge rewards working in sales can provide, this sales course is ideal for you.

Time to Decide 

Now it's time to decide, do you want the benefits that Selling Success can give you. The first exercise of the course defines what you want from your investment in training. The course will increase your sales, what will that do for you?

Are you wanting to become debt free, want a regular, reliable, decent income that you control, or do you have a dream that you want to achieve?

Maybe you find sales difficult, stressful because you don't know what to say, don't have an effective opening line or fear asking for the order. And what about objections, do you currently see them as sales-stoppers and want a successful process for getting past them? Selling Success offers the perfect solution and allows you to enjoy selling and look forward to your next sales appointment or call. 

Unfortunately, I have seen many sales people on the verge of losing their job or their business because they can't close sales often enough to hit targets or produce required revenue. I've seen people become stressed and suffer both mentally and physically, and hate going to work each day. Selling Success is the cure. You can download the sales course now and start putting the actions into place today. 

If you want all the benefits of Selling Success...

Hit the button and download the course using the secure payment processors Stripe or Pay Pal. 

You'll get a zip file containing the sales training course, the exercise workbook, and the power point presentation. The slides and exercise book are in a plain, editable format so you can customise them if you are presenting the course to others. If you have any problems downloading or using the course, message me via the contact page on this website and I will respond.

Everything you need to start using the course and have Selling Success today is just a click away...

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Get 2 courses and a big discount 

Get the 2 most popular sales training courses on the website -  Selling Success & Making Sales Appointments by Telephone and and you'll have a training course that takes you from the cold call to set the appointment, through the sales process, to closing the sale. Everything you need to be successful in sales.

You can get both sales training programs, with a 25% discount. You pay just £145 instead of £194 - A serious investment in your future.

Make sales appointments by telephone and close the sales using the script you build with the Selling Success sales training course.

You will become an expert on the full process, from first contact with a prospect , making the appointment, and closing the sale. 

When I present either of these courses for corporate sales professionals or sales appointment setters, the cost is over £1,000 each. 

You can have both courses, to use as often as you like to improve results, for new products, or changes to your marketplace, for just £145.

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