How to Sell Anything in a nutshell

The sales training mini-course on using a sales process

Learn how to sell anything with this mini sales training course that shows you how to use a proven sales process to move your prospects from the introduction of a telesales call or sales meeting to closing the sale. 

How to Sell in a Nutshell introduces you to a successful sales process that I have developed and used for myself and to train corporate sales teams in my 25 year sales career. 

The process is already proven by corporate telesales and face to face sales teams, independent sales people, service provides and SMEs. 

With agreement gaining woven into the sales process, closing the sale becomes just a simple, no pressure question because you have done all the work in the early stages. 

The mini-course takes you through the 4 stages of a sale and shows you the steps of each stage and how they fit together to form a smooth pathway to closing the sale. 

You will be adding your own words to the sales process, so the sales conversations you have will be customised for your prospects, marketplace, and products or services. This is why the mini-course can show you how to sell anything, it's a format that you make your own. 

A Mini-Course on How to Sell using a Sales Process

How to Sell in a Nutshell costs just £9.97 


How to Sell Anything Using 4 Sales Stages 

Whether your sales are closed with a brief conversation to a retail customer, on a call or in a meeting with a business prospect or homeowner, or to a panel of corporate buyers, the 4 stage format can be adapted to make selling easy for you in your role.

The 4 stages is how to sell anything and this mini-course shows you the steps to take at each stage.

Selling a low cost retail item, or winning a high-value technical service contract for a huge corporation, your meeting or call with the prospect will have an Introduction Stage. The steps of that stage will be the same for all sales, but the words you use will be appropriate for the product or service, level of formality, and the type of prospect: new prospect, incoming enquiry, cold call, previous or repeat customer. 

The Introduction stage in the How to Sell in a Nutshell mini-course also includes a technique unique to my sales training that motivates the buyer to move forward to the Questioning Stage with you. 

The Questioning Stage 

Selling even the simplest of products you will require some information from the prospect. For more complex, customised, and multi-option sales offers, there may be so much information that it is gathered over more than one meeting or includes site visits or research. 

There will always be questions to gain required information, but many sales people don't have an effective process to gather the information they want from the prospect and organise it in a way they can use it to give a successful sales presentation in the next stage of the sales process. 

This course will show you how to sell anything by using a Questioning Funnel that gathers information on the prospect's need, wants, and desires while having a friendly, relaxed conversation. not a question and answer session that wears down the buyer.

You will gather information one topic at a time and be able to organise it and use it to present back your best sales proposal at the Sales Presentation Stage.

The Sales Presentation Stage 

Any successful sales training course on how to sell anything must include a format for presenting your sales proposal, solution to the buyer's problem, or a way for them to achieve their desired outcome. And How to Sell in a Nutshell does exactly that. 

You take the information given in the Questioning Stage and use a proven format to show the benefits you can offer that will meet their requirements and the features that will deliver them.

There is also a surprise last step that will clear the path to the Closing Stage, get any sales objections out of the way, and make closing the sale a simple and logical step forward for the prospect. 

Closing the Sale - Stage 4

Many sales people view closing the sale as something you do after your sales pitch. They only start selling after presenting an offer and that makes closing sales very difficult. The prospect may have sat listening and giving some information with no commitment or agreement gained up to that point. Now you are asking for a full commitment to buying form you. Is it any wonder that objections stop the sale as the sales person suddenly asks for an order. 

The closing techniques you will see in this mini-course will show you how to sell anything by weaving agreement gaining into each stage of the sales process right from the Introduction. Asking for commitment to an order when closing the sale becomes a logical next step for the prospect and your sale results will show the difference.   

How to Sell Anything in a Nutshell

How to Sell in a Nutshell is a mini-course based on the full sales training course Selling Success.

The mini-course is a great introduction to using a sales process for sales calls or meetings. 

The course shows you the steps within each of the 4 sales stages above, how to move forward along the steps, and how to close the sale by gaining agreement as you progress towards the close of the sale.

If you have any questions while using the course you can use the contact page on this website to get them answered.

How to Sell in a Nutshell costs just £9.97

If you decide after using the course that you want to invest in the full Selling Success sales training course below there is a discount code that will give you back the money you paid for the mini-course. 


The Selling Success Sales Training Course 

A proven sales training course

The Selling Success sales training course shows you how to use the sales process plus, how to add the words to make the process effective and customised for your sales. You will know what to say at every step of the sale, your objective, what to do next and how to keep prospects on track. 

The 160+ pages take you deeper into sales techniques with roots in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Peak Performance Training, and Jungian Psychology. 

  • 25 exercises in a separate workbook build your scripts in your own words.
  • A full section on how to overcome sales objections using the same sales process. 
  • The training is supported by power point slides and trainer notes which you can use to train others.
  • Tools and techniques already proven to generate consistent and repeatable sales results.
  • You can download and start using the course today. 

This complete and comprehensive sales training course costs £97. An investment in your sales career or business. 

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