The Sales Process leading to closed sales

The sales process I've used as a salesman, presented in training sessions to corporate sales teams, and recommend to you now, will show you how to sell anything to any target market. It breaks down the sale into stages and each stage into steps. Each step has an objective and plays a key part in your sales script.

On this page we look at the sales stages and the steps, the reason for each one, and what you should be doing and saying as you move through them along the path to closing the sale. 

A Simple Sales Process 

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The simple sales process for your meetings and telesales calls with prospects takes you through the stages of the sale: 

Introduction Stage: Where you briefly introduce you, your company, products or services, and give an engaging reason for the meeting or call.

Questioning Stage: You ask questions to discover the prospect's needs, wants and desires. 

Sales Presentation Stage: Present a solution, proposal, or sales offer that matches the prospect's requirements.

Closing stage: Ask for the order and deal with any objections.

This is the framework for the words you will use to customise the sales process for your role and the marketplace you sell into. Each of the stages contains several steps. Some of the steps are short and brief, especially if your products are simple, but each one is essential to the success of the call or meeting. 

Unique Sales Techniques Within the Steps 

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The sales process on it's own works well, you can add to it your own words to customise it for your sales. To do this I advise creating a script, reminders, or prompts of what you should be doing and saying at each step and stage. 

I've developed and added to the stages unique sales techniques that influence the prospect to move forward, make each step as effective as possible, and connect the steps and stages to make calls and meetings flow smoothly: 

Motivators give prospects a reason to listen and to answer your questions. Gaining agreement to an agenda lets the prospect know exactly what's happening. A Questioning Funnel gets prospects to write your Sales Presentation for you, and closing and agreement gaining is woven into every stage. 

The sales process and the techniques are already proven successful by working sales professionals and will work for you in your role. 

The Benefits of Using a Sales Process

The stages of the sales processFrom the sales course Selling Success

In my experience, when you use a sales process of stages and steps you will:

  • Close more sales
  • Achieve consistent sales results
  • Be confident in meetings and on calls
  • Know where you are and what to say at all times
  • Have a clear objective for each sales step leading to the Closing Stage

Selling by using sales stages as a foundation for your words works for all types of sales. A quick low value impulse sale, such as retail sales or food & drink, technical products and services that require logical decision making, B2B or B2C sales, and complex contracts of high value.

The 4 Stages of the Sales Process

The Introduction Stage

The most important stage and contains the step that is crucial to the success of the meeting or call - The reason for the conversation.

See how to set up the conversation with a brief and concise introduction of what you do and why your talking to the prospect. 

How do you currently motivate prospect's to move forward with you? 

A good Introduction Stage can prevent objections and grab the buyer's attention. Visit the Sales Introduction page

The Questioning Stage 

If you ask the questions correctly and organise the information you are given, prospects will write your Sales Presentation for you.

One of the most difficult stages for sales people to learn: What to ask, how to structure the questions, how to organise and use the answers, and keep the prospect's attention. 

In this section we cover the structure of your questions to discover the prospect's needs, wants, and desires, and how to use a superb sales technique: The Sales Questioning Funnel

To see the answer to how to ask sales questions, visit the page on Sales Questions

Sales Presentation Stage

Learn how to organise and use the information you collected in the Questioning Stage on the prospect's needs, wants, and desires, to create a powerful Sales Presentation.

Discover a unique technique to connect the Questioning Stage to the Presentation Stage so your conversation flows smoothly towards agreement gaining and closing.

Present your solutions, offers, and proposals in a way that grabs the prospect and engages with their requirements. 

Get all this sales process training by visiting: Sales Presentations 

The Closing Stage 

When you have used the earlier training for each sales stage, closing the sale becomes very easy. 

The agreement gaining you have completed throughout the call or meeting means you can create a simple question to gain agreement to your presentation.

We discuss how you have gained agreement that stacks up and makes closing easy, and how to create your closing question.

See new ideas on closing sales in the Closing Stage

Stages of the Sales Process

You can see the pages for each of the 4 stages of the sales process at:

The Introduction Stage

The Questioning Stage 

The Sales Presentation Stage

The Closing Stage 

Learn The Proven Sales Process

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