Sales Techniques
for a Stunning Introduction

Stage 1 of the Proven Sales Process 

Sales techniques to give you a stunning Introduction Stage that tells the prospect who you are, the reason they should talk with you, and what happens next. 

This is stage 1 of the 4 stage Sales Process...

Using a sales process of 4 stages containing smaller steps, you present your introduction with great confidence because you know what to do at each step.

You know your objective, what comes next, and the path to the next stage and onwards to the Closing Stage.

The sales techniques here will show you the steps of the first sales stage, The Introduction.

Knowing the steps of the stage leaves you free to talk confidently with prospects. 

The Sales Techniques to Build
Your Sales Introduction

The sales techniques of the sales introductionSlide from the sales training course Selling Success

Create a confident introduction for your telesales calls or sales meetings in 5 easy steps.

Quickly communicate who you are, your company, why you are talking to the prospect and what's in it for them if they talk to you.

Let them know what happens next and use a unique technique to motivate them to move forward to the next stage of the sales process. 

Woven into the Introduction stage are the first agreement gaining lines that will make closing the sale a simple task later in the sales process.

A quick and simple introduction using sales techniques that work for all types of sales: Cold calls, warm leads, incoming enquiries, repeat sales and follow ups. Selling using the stages and steps process works for retail sales, B2B sales of all values, and B2C sales of both products and services. 

Step 1. Introducing you

When you present your name, what else can you add that will offer a potential benefit to the client should they become a customer?

Maybe your position in the company or your experience in the market can be a benefit you want to include.

For example: You may be the prospect's account manager when they become a customer. This will give them confidence in your presentation as you are unlikely to oversell the product.

Remember, you want to present potential benefits for the prospect, so include a line that explains how the additional information will be a positive to them. Just saying you are qualified in a certain field (a feature of you) means nothing until you add that you will be able to give expert advice on which products or service they should buy (a benefit for the buyer). 

Step 2. Introducing the company and the products

How to introduce your company from the sales training course Selling SuccessSlide from the sales training course Selling Success

As you introduce your company you should communicate to the prospect what your company does, and what it will do for them. It's the same for your products and services. 

Start with the company name. Follow that with a feature of the company, something the company or it's products and services do (a feature). Then add how this is a potential benefit for the prospect.

Example: We are a national supplier of ...insert product... with a local depot. (features), so you get the security of supply from a large company and the customer focused service of a local depot. (benefits).

Choose wide, general features and benefits that are likely to be of interest to all prospects. Now do the same for your products or services. A brief description of what you sell or do (features), followed by how this may benefit the prospect. 

Step 3. The reason for the conversation

The most important line in any sales meeting or telesales call - The reason you are talking to the prospect. 

Use the sales technique I'll show you here and it will make an instant impact on your sales results. You are telling the prospect how they may be able to gain benefits by having a conversation with you or by listening to your sales presentation. 


B2C Utilities sales: 2 of your neighbours have found that switching to our energy supply service has reduced their bills by 15%, our conversation today is to find out if you can also get those savings.

B2B service sales: The reason for the call is to get your opinion on whether our new card payment processing terminals, which have no monthly or up front fees, would be a better option for your business.

Other reasons for the conversation could be:

  • You have something new to show them.
  • Solutions to problems you are aware they are currently experiencing.
  • Changes they may need help with related to the marketplace or sector.
  • You don't want the prospect to miss out on something others are benefiting from.
  • A unique selling point of your products or service, that one big benefit that you can provide and the reason people buy from you.

The sales technique uses a general description of your product or service, or a specific feature of it, followed by a reason for talking that includes a potential benefit for the prospect. It's the most important line of the meeting or call, spend some time discovering the best reasons for your conversations with prospects. 

There's a free eBook on the steps of the Introduction Stage 

There is a free eBook on the steps of the Introduction Stage to get you started on this fresh approach to selling.

It gives you a mini-training session on those 5 first steps that open your sales conversation and get it moving in the right direction, towards the close.  

Read the eBook and you'll know what each step is and how it works. Leaving you free to talk confidently with prospects because you actually know what are doing and where you're heading. 

Open the book, no details or email address needed, just click the link to open: Stunning Sales Introduction 

Step 4. The Agenda for your meetings and calls

The Agenda Step of the Sales Introduction StageSlide from the sales training course Selling Success

After introducing you and the company and your products, and giving your reason for meeting or calling the prospect, you introduce the format you would like the conversation to follow. 

This sales technique gets the prospect to relax and not be afraid to show interest in case you start closing the sale.

You and the prospect can enjoy an honest and open conversation when you agree an Agenda for your meetings and calls.

Agreeing the Agenda is brief and simple. It's an effective sales technique that changes the feel and tone of the sales conversation. 

You are gaining agreement to asking some questions to establish the buyer's needs, wants, and desires.

Based on that information you will present a solution or proposal, a quote, or a suggested next step of your sales process.

Then you will ask if they want to go ahead. No sales pressure now, they can talk freely, hear what you have to say, then make a decision. 

Step 5. The Motivator - Moving forward made easy

The Motivator to move sales prospects forwardSlide from the sales training course Selling Success

This sales technique is unique to the Proven Sales Training website.

I developed it because the sales teams I managed found that moving prospects forward, from the Introduction Stage to the Questioning stage, could often be too big a step and objections came up.

This easy to learn selling technique gives the prospect a reason to take that step, it motivates them to act. 

You start with the action you want them to take - Moving to the Questioning stage. Followed by a potential benefit the prospect could gain by taking that action. 

Examples of Motivators

So I can see if you can save 15% on your bills, like your neighbours have, I just need to ask you a few simple questions...

To find out how much you can reduce your bills by, I just need some information about your current energy usage...

And then move straight to your first question, no pausing waiting for an answer, once you have the forward momentum you want to keep moving.

The Motivator is one of the best sales techniques and can be used anywhere in sales conversations to give the prospect a reason to move forward with you to the next step.

Now you have an Introduction Stage
What's next...

Now you have the 5 steps that make up the Introduction Stage and your sales conversation is off to a confident start.

You've used a Motivator to give the prospect a reason to move forward to  the Questioning Stage and now I'll show you the most effective way to discover the needs, wants, and desires the prospect has...

You can open the page on the Questioning Stage, or see all the steps of all 4 stages of the sales process in the mini-training course below on How to Sell Anything...

The Mini Course on the
Stages and Steps of the Sales Process

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How to Sell in a Nutshell will show you all the steps for all 4 stages of the sales process. from the first step of the Introduction Stage, the Questioning Funnel, the Sales Presentation Stage, to Closing the Sale.

Agreement gaining is woven into the sales process, so closing the sale becomes just a simple, question because of all the work done in the early stages and steps.. 

Customise the process for your sales role by adding our own words. Whether you sell to retail customers, B2B or B2C buyers, or large organisations, the process will work for you. 

See more information by visiting: How to Sell and you can start using the sales techniques today for just £9.97

The Sales Process Section

the stages of the sales processSlide from the sales training course Selling Success

The Sales Process is made up of Four Sales Stages

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The Closing Stage 

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