A Stunning Sales Introduction for Cold Calls

A stunning sales introduction using features and benefits will quickly tell prospects what your business can do for them.

Your cold call introduction with your prospect should be:

Attention grabbing.

Straight to the point.

Interesting for the prospect.

Informative about what your company does and what it can offer.

Using the examples below we show you how to introduce your company to prospects using features and benefits to quickly explain what your company does and how that may benefit them.

Stunning Sales Introduction Examples

There are positives features about your company, which you can use in your introduction, which could deliver benefits to your prospect.

The important points are, the features must be positive from a buyer’s viewpoint, and you must state the benefits of the features to the buyer, not just the features.

Consider these 3 ways a confidential waste paper shredding company could be introduced:

1. Security Shredders Ltd

2. Security Shredders Ltd, we supply on site secure paper shredding services.

3. Security Shredders Ltd, we supply secure paper shredding services that give you certified proof that no confidential information can ever be seen by anyone outside of your offices.

Stunning Sales Introduction Example No1

This is just the name of the company.

How interesting is this to the prospect?

Does it grab their attention?

No, it gives your prospect very little information and it won’t be very memorable. It tells them very little about the company other than they are called ‘Security Shredders.’ There are no features or benefits for the prospect.

If your company has a name that doesn’t include a reference to what you do then it tells them even less. This is a wasted line, and every line must add something positive to the introduction. So unless you work for a well-known brand that prospects instantly recognize, don’t use just this line of introduction.

Example No2

In this example there is the company name, plus a feature of the company’s services.
It tells the buyer about something the company does, a feature of the business, but nothing about what that feature could do for them, the benefit.

You may start to get their attention if they can relate the feature to how it could be of benefit to them. But as it is, this sales introduction only gives the prospect a feature of the service. it does not state what that feature will do for  them.  It doesn’t give the listener a potential benefit, and it's definitely not a stunning sales introduction.

Example No3

Example No3 gives the company name, followed by a feature of the service, and then the potential benefit to the prospect of that feature.

If secure paper shredding, with proven confidentiality, is of interest to the buyer the introduction has given them a reason to give you there attention.

This is only the second line and already a possible benefit the buyer could gain has been used to encourage them to carry on listening to the rest of your call or presentation.

To create your stunning sales introduction select a feature and a related benefit that you think will connect with your prospects, just like in example No3 above.

Use Features and Benefits to Create a Stunning Sales Introduction

Follow these 3 steps to add a feature and benefit and create a stunning sales introduction.

1. Select a feature of your company that you want to include in your Introduction.

2. Add the potential benefit of that feature.

3. Put the two together in a complete line to introduce your company to the prospect.

When you've written a feature benefit line go back and look at example No3 to check if the format of the line you have created is the same.

You can use the same format for any part of an introduction, on the phone or face to face, to show potential benefits the prospect could gain.

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