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Hi, I'm Stephen Craine, owner of Provensalestraining.com, welcome to the site for all sales people. 

All the content on the website was developed while I worked with sales teams in a wide range of roles. I've had a 25 year career in sales as a salesman selling both B2B and B2C, a sales manager, corporate sales trainer, director, and business owner.

Throughout that time I have seen a lot of corporate sales training that only worked in the classroom, so I created sales training programs for my teams that worked. All the content on this website has been tried, tested, and proven while selling face to face and by telesales, and appointment setting with real prospects. 

The training has already been proven successful, so you know it will work for you...

Provensalestraining.com - It will work for you

The website is all about proven sales training. It's where employed sales people, independent sellers, and business owners, can learn sales techniques, create sales scripts that they are comfortable using, and maximise their earnings and the rewards success in sales can bring.

New to sales - all the pages with sales related content, the Free Sales Training, and paid courses can be used by people new to sales wanting to learn how to sell. The training is presented in simple step by step format, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact page

Experienced sellers - there are sales techniques available that are unique to this website, they have been developed to give all sellers sales skills that work. Have a browse around and give them a try. Here's a Free eBook to start with that includes techniques you find anywhere else.

Want to improve specific selling skills - you will find training and sales tips on specific stages of the sales process: how to close sales, the introduction stage, presenting proposals, and making sales appointments. The Sales Buzz, a newsletter Ezine, is sent out every week and focuses on all aspects of selling, appointment setting, and sales training. 

Sales managers - all the content, the free sales training courses and eBooks, and the paid sales training programs, can be used for your own development or to train others. The main courses available in The Shop come with exercise workbooks and power point slides to help you when training and presenting to your teams.

More about proven sales training - Theory - Roots - Development

When I thought about Proven Sales Training, the content and the courses, I wanted to offer sales training that people in very different roles and industries could all use.  

To achieve this I present the ideas and theories behind the sales training and give plenty of real examples. You will learn and understand how and why the techniques work. You then add the words and customise the training for your role, prospects, and marketplace. The development of this process has led to sales people achieving repeatable, consistent  results. 

The development of the sales training 

Throughout my career I've trained in many different disciplines related to sales, motivation, and managing people. and the content of the website and the courses is rooted in theory and techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Peak Performance coaching - Jungian psychology.  

Added to this are the sales practices that my teams have found work in their sales processes and presentations, and what they avoid. Working with large teams it was easy to test theories and constantly improve sales skills. The result is the sales training available to you on this website, and it's ready for you to use. 

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