sales objection handling techniques

Sell With Confidence by
Overcoming and Preventing Objections 

Deal with all types of sales objections and
boost your income as you close more sales 

Effective sales objection handling techniques maximise sales and income and let you enjoy selling as you can confidently deal with any concerns, questions, or obstacles that prospects raise. 

Many sales people are great at presenting and selling, but they hate objections and the negative impact they have on resilience and motivation. With the right training, overcoming sales objections becomes just another part of the sales process and you can get past them and close more sales with confidence.

Here you will learn to deal with common objections and questions, concerns, and obstacles on specific topics. The sales training covers objections that arise at all stages of the sales process:

  • False, smoke screen objections from the Introduction Stage.
  • Hesitation to move forward to the Questioning Stage and the sales process proper.
  • Objections that arise at the Presentation Stage and as you use a trial close.
  • And the final objections as you try to close the sale.

These objection handling techniques will help you to convert more prospects to paying customers and boost your income as you close more sales.

Let's start with a sales objection handling process that gives you a way to deal with many obstacles to sales confidently...

Sales Objection Handling Process

Add your own words to customise the
objection handling techniques for your marketplace

Proven sales objection handling process that you can put into action now. 

The process was developed and tested in real sales situation and on live telesales calls, not just in classroom role plays as much online sales training is. So you know it will work for you.

You will know what to do and say at every stage of handling the objections.

Add your own words to this process and customise it for your marketplace and prospects. 

Follow the 5 step Objection Handling Process and become an expert that welcomes sales objections because you know you can deal with them and close the sale. 

The Objection Handling Process

The objection handling techniques in this process let you discover the real objection, and make sure it's the only obstacle to the sale before you deal with it.

You present your response, solution, or proposal to answer the objection and gain agreement from the prospect. A proven process to add to your sales skills that will benefit you many times over. 

Confidence when faced with an objection is key to sales success. This process will give you that confidence because you know how to overcome sales objections in a prospect friendly, conversational style. get sales training on the Sales Objection Handling Process 

Handling Price Objections

Overcome this Common Objection and Close More sales

We all get them, objections to price. It's too expensive,.. I can get a cheaper version... I'll consider it if there is a discount...

This full page on handling sales objections to price shows you how to target the prospect's evidence and previous experiences that have created the beliefs that are supporting the price objection. 

What are they comparing your sales offer with, why do they think it's too expensive, where is the evidence. When you find  where the objection is based on their map of reality you can easily destabilise the evidence that is supporting it and the objection falls flat. 

Learn how to overcome these objections and close sales afterwards by visiting Handling Price Objections

The Feel Felt Found 
Sales Objection Handling Techniques 

A great way to overcome objections when prospects
use feelings to assess your offer

The Feel Felt Found objection handling techniques are a great way to overcome objections when the prospect is using feelings and emotions to assess your sales presentation and make a decision on whether to buy.

If a sales objection starts with: I feel... use the Feel Felt Found technique

It works on an emotional level, it acknowledges and reframes the buyer's feelings, and it can even be used as a way to close sales for some products. You will be talking to prospects on the same feelings based level as they are using to process the information, and that build instant rapport. They will readily accept what you say because you are talking about emotions, and that's how they are thinking.

The Fell Felt Found 3 step objection process is not used as often as it should be by sales people. Add it to your sales skills and make handling feeling based objections easy. See how the technique works and how you can use it at Feel Felt Found

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Selling Success
Sales Training Course 

A proven sales training course

Follow the easy to use sales training in this course and close more sales – Get more customers – And build a consistent high level income that will give you the lifestyle choices you desire. 

Gain real security from sales results you control and eliminate pressure and stress from your sales role. 

A full section on overcoming objections will help you to close even more sales. 

The Selling Success course is the easiest way for you to create sales scripts for all types of sales calls or meetings whenever you need them.

You’ll learn what to say and do at every point of your sales meetings or calls, so you can talk with confidence to prospects. 

160 pages of sales training - 20 exercises in a separate workbook - 60 slides to support the training.

This is the course I developed to train the many sales teams I have managed throughout my sales career, so you know it will work for you.

You can download and start using the course today. Learn more about this proven course by visiting: Selling Success

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