Appointment Setting – Create Cold Calling Scripts 

Create Appointment Setting cold calling scripts to fill your sales diary using a 5 stage process that has already proven successful for people just like you. 

Create scripts specific to your products and services and just right for your marketplace because you use your own words. 

Keep prospects talking and smoothly move them through the 5 stages of the sales appointment call to gain agreement to a meeting.

Start by clicking on Stage 1 below to create an attention grabbing Introduction. Or, if there’s a specific stage of your call that you want to improve go straight to it.

Each of the 5 stages below leads to a full page of free sales training to help you create your script for that stage...

5 Stages of an Effective
Appointment Setting Call

1. The Sales Appointment Introduction Stage

Start your sales appointment call with an introduction of you, and your products and business, that grabs the buyer's attention.

Include something about your business or product that could be beneficial to the listener. 

In the Introduction Stage is the most important line of any cold call: The reason why you're calling. This has to be a big potential benefit for your prospect, not just for you. 

Get this stage of an appointment setting call wrong and you get objections and smoke screen excuses to end the call. Then cold caling becomes very hard as you face constant rejection. 

Get it right and you get the opportunity to move on to the next stage and you're a step nearer to your goal of gaining agreement to a meeting. 

Give your appointment calls a great start by visiting our page of sales training on creating a Cold Call Introduction Stage...

2. Motivate Your Prospect to Answer Questions  

Use the unique motivator technique to get prospects to move with you to the next stage.

Now you want to qualify your prospect as someone that you want to meet with by asking questions.

But if you don't give them a reason to move with you and answer your questions they will resist. This is a mistake many people make and why they get early objections. 

By adding this unique motivating technique to the stages of your call you give the prospect a reason to move to stage 3. 

You're saying to them: So that I can see if you could gain the benefit, stated in the Introduction Stage, I need to ask a few questions. 

To create your own motivator line, in your own words and specific to your prospects, go to Motivator Cold Calling Script...

3. Questions to Qualify Your Sales Prospect 

By qualifying the prospects you cold call you only spend your time meeting potential customers.

For Stage 3 you need a definition of a potential customer.

What they need to have or do, and anything they can't have. 

You then add to your appointment setting script a brief list of questions that will establish if the prospect could become a customer and is worth meeting.

Sales training on this stage of the cold call can also prevent you wasting time pitching to people that can't buy from you. 

See sales training on how to build your customer criteria and how to add the questions to your cold caling script by opening Effective Cold Calling Qualifying...

4. Gain Agreement to an Appointment

To gain agreement to a sales appointment I train my teams to use a closing line that does 2 things.

1. Gives the prospect a reason why they should meet with you.

2. Tags a question on the end of the line to confirm a date and time.

At this stage of your appointment setting call you are saying to the prospect: They qualify to gain the potential benefits that you stated earlier in the call and for that reason you should meet.

This has to be in your own words and appropriate for the level of your prospects.

You then tag a question onto this line to agree a date and time for a sales appointment. 

The technique I use with my teams to ask this question has the benefit that even if the prospect answers No you don't lose the opportunity of a sales appointment. 

The result is a short and simple agreement gaining line. To learn the techniques and how to apply them to your cold calling script click the mage above or go to Sales Appointment Agreement Gaining...

5. Overcoming and Preventing Objections

Objections can occur at any stage in an appointment setting cold call, here's how to prevent and overcome them.

Early Objections

In the early stages of the call you get smoke screen objections and excuses to get you off the phone. 

These are often caused by not grabbing the prospect's attention and interest, or not giving them a reason to listen to you. To see how to overcome and prevent these objections go to Handling Appointment Objections...

Common Appointment Objections

There are other appointment objections that occur later in the call. Often these are are based on a small number of similar issues that come up in different industries but are common across all sales appointment calls. To see sales training on overcoming them go to Common Sales Objections...

Send me Information

There's one objection that arises in many marketplaces in both telesales and sales appointment calls. It's the dreaded, 'Send me information,' objection.

But did you know that you could be causing this objection to happen?

See what I discovered while working in a large call centre, and how you could quickly take an action that could stop this objection being an obstacle on your appointment setting calls, at Information Objection...

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