Appointment Setting – Create successfull scripts 

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Create appointment setting scripts to fill your sales diary using a 4 stage process already proven successful by professional telemarketers.

Use the sales training here to make appointment cold calls, respond to enquiries, and follow up leads. 

Customise calls by adding your words to the call structure and build a word by word script or a prompt of reminders for each stage to keep you on track.

The sales appointment training and techniques here have already been proven successful by the sales people and appointment setters I have managed and trained. You will know where you are, what to do, and what to say at all times on your calls.

The 4 Stages of an Effective Appointment Setting Call

To create an appointment setting call script I train my teams to use 4 stages. The stages take them from the Introduction Stage through the Questioning Stage, where they qualify the prospect as someone they want to arrange an appointment with. Then to the Agreement Gaining Stage, the closing stage of the call. 

I also add a technique I've developed to motivate the prospect to move forward from the Introduction to the Questioning Stage because this is where you will get most objections, obstacles, and hesitation to move forward. The Motivator helps prevent these call stoppers and gives the prospect a reason to move forward with you. 

Each Stage of the sales appointment call is made up of smaller steps, here you can see the steps of each stage and the techniques that make them  work...

Stage 1. The Sales Appointment Introduction Stage

Start your sales appointment call with an introduction of you and your products and business that grabs the buyer's interests.

Include benefits that could be beneficial to the prospect, make the benefits wide and general as you may not have specific information yet. 

Then add the most important line of any appointment setting call: The reason why you are calling. This includes the potential benefits they could gain. Get this line right and the  prospect will listen to you. 

To see how to create the steps of this stage of the call visit: Sales Appointment Introduction Stage 

Stage 2. Motivate Your Prospect to Answer Questions  

Stage 2 of the appointment setting call. This is where you use the Motivator to move the prospect forward to the next step: The Questioning Stage.

To move from the Introduction Stage to the Questioning Stage is big step and prospects often need motivating to take it. If you leap straight from your introduction to asking questions the prospect realises they will have to respond, and probably then make a decision. That's when you get resistance, objections, and excuses to avoid moving forward. 

By adding this unique motivating technique to the stages of your call you give the prospect a reason to move to stage 3. You're saying to them: So that I can see if you could gain the benefit of ...stated in the Introduction Stage...  I need to ask a few questions. 

Create your own motivator line, in your own words, and specific to your prospects, visit Motivator Cold Calling Script...

The sales appointment training course making Sales Appointments by Telephone

Are you serious about making sales appointments?

You can use the sales appointment training on this page to create a good call script that will have structure, be written in your own words, and will give you good results.

If you're serious about wanting to achieve high numbers of appointments with qualified prospects, converting more of your calls and maximising your time, you want the professional course: Making Sales Appointments by Telephone.

Every technique and word you use will be purposely chosen to support your goal, nothing left to chance. Full comprehensive training on creating every step in every stage of your call. Learn more at: Making Sales Appointments

Stage 3. Questions to Qualify the Sales Prospect 

By qualifying the prospects you're calling you only meet with potential customers. To do this you need a criteria to define prospects you want to make appointments with. 

Add what you need to know to qualify prospects to your appointment setting script and you will not waste time meeting people that cannot buy from you. 

Ask the questions you need to ask. If the call is going well you can ask questions  to gain information you want to know to help with the sale when you meet. 

You can create this stage of your script by visiting the: Questioning Stage 

Stage 4. Gain Agreement to an Appointment

To gain agreement to a sales appointment I train my teams to use a closing line with 2 elements;

  1. Give the prospect a reason to meet - A potential benefit.
  2. Tag on a question to agree a date and time for the sales appointment.

The feature says what your products or services do, the benefit they provide is the reason the prospect should agree to meet with you. The date and time confirm the appointment.

Remember, you are not trying to sell at this stage, you are appointment setting and it's at the appointment where the prospect is given the information to make a buying decision. 

Learn how to create the line by visiting Sales appointment Agreement Gaining

Appointment Setting Training

eBook making sales appointments in a nutshell
Training course making sales appointments by telephone

The pages on this website only allow for limited information, so if you want more in-depth training on appointment setting you have 2 options. 

The professional training course: Making Sales Appointments by Telephone is the full course as I present it in live sessions to train sales people that make their own appointments and full time appointment setters that I have managed for large corporate organisations. It has over 90 pages of step by step instruction, a separate exercise program to create your script, and a slide presentation to support your learning or to use when training others. See full details at: Sales Appointment Training Course

If you're not ready for the full training course yet, you can learn more about appointment setting by using the eBook Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell. It's a step up from the training on the webpages, and obviously not as effective or as comprehensive as a the full training course. 

The choice is yours - Follow the links or tap the images for more information. 

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