cold calling techniques 
to overcome objections  

Make More Sales Appointments 
and Close More Sales 

Learn cold calling techniques to overcome objections on telephone sales calls and appointment setting calls. Make more appointments with buyers and close more revenue generating sales as you build your skills to convert more calls to sales opportunities by getting past all types of objections.

Browse down the sales training on handling objections that could stop the call or lose the sale.

See techniques on the cause of many common sales objections when cold calling and learn how to prevent them.

View techniques to overcome objections with ideas already proven by working sales professionals.

Follow the links to full pages on each type of cold call objection and make your sales and appointment setting calls easier, less stressful, and more successful.

'Many sales people hate making cold calls because of the objections they get from prospects.
The sales training here will help you to like making cold calls and gain the opportunities they offer.'

Cold Calling Techniques to Overcome
Common Sales Objections 

There are sales objections that come up regular on sales appointment calls, and now you can see the solution to dealing with them.

Check out this page on common sales objections and see cold calling techniques that have already proven success for professional telemarketers.

Do you get Smoke Screen objections, do you know what they are and how to get past them. You'll learn how to do that here. 

Are prospects often too busy to meet with you, see the answers and how to get past this objection.

What do you say if the buyer says: We already have a supplier. Do you have a way to overcome this obstacle to the appointment? 

Learn how to get past these obstacles that stop many other people from gaining sales appointments at Common Sales Objections

Stop the Objection:
Send me Information

One word you're using on telesales and appointment setting calls can cause your prospects to respond with the sales objection: Send me information.

If you make cold calls for sales or sales appointments you probably get prospects asking you to send them information when you go for a trial close or attempt to gain full agreement to a sale or a sales appointment.

This common sales objection stops the call, you can’t progress to a close because they just give you the same response: Can you send me information.

There are simple cold calling techniques to prevent this response, which means you will make more sales appointments and close more sales. See how to prevent this difficult to overcome objection at: Prevent the Information Objection

Handling Appointment Objections 
in the Introduction Stage 

Gain more appointments from your calls and increase your sales with no additional costs or resources required. These cold calling techniques are the best way to boost your income or grow your business by making more sales appointments.

Some types of objections occur in the early part of your sales appointment calls, in the Introduction Stage. These are often smoke screen objections, false excuses for the prospect to get off the call and stop you moving into the call process proper. The sales training on this page will show you how to prevent and handle objections that arise in the Introduction Stage  of your calls. 

If you get sales appointment call objections such as:

  • Not interested.
  • I’m on my way out, can you call back.
  • We have no budget until next year.
  • I’m moving house soon. 
  • I’m in the middle of something.

Then you need to see this page Handling Introduction Stage Objections

Making Sales Appointments
by Telephone 

Making  Sales Appointments by Telephone is the course I have created, developed, and used to train the appointment setting teams I have managed and trained. It will show you how to fill your sales diary with qualified, revenue generating sales meetings.

The course gives you step by step training on creating your own sales appointment scripts and cold calling techniques you won't find anywhere else. With this training you will know what to say and do at every point of your sales appointment calls, which allows you to make cold calls with confidence. 

Creating appointment calls becomes easy as you just follow the training to create successful, customised  scripts for your calls. 

Complete the course and quickly get more sales appointments that will turn into sales, allowing you to have a consistent high income and the freedom to make new lifestyle choices. Get Making Sales Appointments

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