Cold Calling Techniques for Sales Appointments  

Cold calling techniques for making sales appointments in a training course that’s already proven successful for people just like you.

This professional Appointment Setting course is written specifically for all sales people, service or product sellers, and self-employed and small businesses owners.

If you want a realistically priced training program:

That makes cold calling enjoyable.

Shows you how to create sales appointment calls in your own words.

Creates a call specific to your prospects.

Gives you tips on how to make the calls.

Has already been proven by sales people and appointment setters.

And will fill your diary with sales opportunities.

You can download this proven course and start putting it into action today.

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A proven appointment training course for just £24.50  That's around $36

What's in it for You?

The benefits you will gain from this Sales Appointment Training Course:

Less time making sales appointments and more time selling to potential customers.

Cold calling techniques that will fill your diary with opportunities.

The ability to create new call scripts whenever you need them:  New product launches, a change in the market, to increase results.

And, the valuable skill of being able to train others.

Learn how professional appointment setters physically prepare for and make their calls.

Confidence that allows your personality to shine through as you enjoy making cold calls, even if you hate them now.

If your success relies upon you meeting with new potential customers then this course wil help you to be successful.

Cold Calling Techniques 

The workbook is based on cold calling techniques because cold calls are the most difficult appointment setting calls to make.

It includes a section on getting past Gatekeepers, receptionist instructed to prevent sales people getting through to decision makers.

You'l learn how many calls to make, how to prepare, how to stay focused, and how to be as motivated on the last call as you were on the first.

There are important techniques on the details of your call, such as how you should announce your name, to give you the best chance of making contact with your prospect.

All the sales techniques in the course work just as well for warm leads, call backs, follow up calls, and calls to existing customers.

The Training Course Includes

The Sales appointment course includes:

  • Step by step instructions on how to create a really effective sales appointment call.
  • An exercise program that makes your call specific to your products and services, and targets your prospects using your words and phrases.
  • Helpful trainer notes to give a second voice that ensures you complete the course and get the results that you want.
  • Cold calling techniques on how to make the calls, proven to work by professional appointment setters.
  • Everything you need to use the course as an individual sales development tool, or to present it as a full training course to your team supported by Power Point slides.

And you can download Making Sales Appointments by Telephone now and create an effective call that’s right for you in just a few hours. 

Cold Calling Techniques for Making Sales Appointments 

The complete Sales Appointment Training Course for Just £24.50

That's around $36

Buy Now

The course will show you how to create a full sales appointment call for any product or service with:

  • A stunning introduction using cold calling techniques.
  • An attention grabbing reason for calling.
  • An effective sales questioning structure that quickly qualifies the prospect as a potential customer.
  • Presentation of the benefits the prospect could gain from meeting with you.
  • How to gain agreement to a meeting and overcome any concerns or objections. 

The training is unique because it shows you how to use your own words and phrases, not a script written by someone else. 

This makes the communication two-way, natural sounding, and lets your personality come through and connect with the prospect.

Using these cold calling techniques you will sound like an individual, not a call centre automaton.  

The exercise program takes you through the call building process from start to finish.

You will discover many things you hadn’t thought about before as you question your objectives at each stage of the call. Simply complete the exercises and you have your new sales appointment call script right there in front of you.

Make the changes now that could get you in front of sales prospects tomorrow by downloading Making Sales Appointments by Telephone.

Safe and Secure Payment Processing

When you buy the course, and you click the Buy Now button, payments are processed by Pay Pal, so it’s secure and safe.

You have the option of paying by credit or debit card, or using an existing Pay Pal account.

Any problems downloading the course, or any questions, you can contact me through the contact pages of this site.

Your new start to making sales appointments is just a click away.


A Money Back Guarentee 

To show the confidence I have in a sales appointment course that has worked for my sales teams, and so many other people like you, I offer you this guarantee.

If you use the course, and complete all the exercises, and you don’t get an increase to your sales appointment results, you can return the completed course within 90 days of purchase and I will refund the cost.

So you have nothing to lose and a lot you could gain.

What Makes This Course Different

I’ve managed and trained sales people for over 20 years and during that time I’ve developed an appointment call strategy that works. 

The cold caling techniques and the rest of the course are proven to work daily by the sales teams I've managed and trained.

This appointment setting course has been developed while working with sales people in real sales situations, not just classroom role plays. 

There are no acronyms, no complicated sales training techniques, no new buzzwords, and nothing added just to market the course. 

The course works, it already has for many others just like you. All you have to do is complete the training and put it into action. 

You can have this course ready to use on your computer today. If you're ready to start go back to the Making Sales Appointments by Telephone Course

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