Cold Call Tips to Stop the Objection Send me Information

Cold call tips that will show you how one word you're using on telesales and appointment setting calls can cause your prospects to use the sales objection – Send me information.

If you make cold calls you probably get prospects asking you to send them information when you try to close.

This objection stops the call, you can’t progress to a close because they just give you the same response; can you send me information.

My telesales and appointment making teams used to have the same problem so I looked for a solution and what I came up with is all on this page.


The Word that Can Cause Telesales and Appointment Objections?

The word that I discovered you shouldn’t use on appointment setting and telesales calls, because it can lead to prospects using the send me information objection, is: Interested.

When interested is used as a closing or trial close line on a telesales or sales appointment call this objection can happen. 

For example: 'Does that sound like something you would be interested in?'

I listened to live calls as part of my research to develop cold call tips to stop or overcome this objection.

I noticed there was an increase in people asking for information when my teams used a closing, or trial closing, question that included the word interested.

Once this objection comes up it’s really very difficult to overcome or get past it.

I’ve heard some crude attempts with lines such as:

‘I’m you’re information pack, I can tell you anything you need to know.’

‘What is it you need to see I’ve told you everything about the product?’

‘We don’t send out information, it’s my job to answer any questions.’

No surprise that these responses were not very successful and some prospects became more entrenched which made it even more difficult to close the sale or gain the appointment. 

Verifying These Cold Call Tips

I took a group of telesales and sales appointment callers and recorded data from their calls on how many,’ send me information’, objections they got when the word interested was used.

To check the results I then followed this with a quick telesales training session to stop them using the word interested anywhere on their calls.

Getting them to change wasn’t easy, some had been doing the same cold call script for years without realising they could improve it. 

The same data on the calls made without the word interested was collected.

The figures supported my initial thoughts about the connection between using interested and geting the objection.

There was an average decrease of more than 60% in the number of send me information objections after the telesales training when interesting was removed.

The total number of all objections only fell by 20% as there was an increase across the whole range of other objections.

There was also an increase in call backs and follow up calls, and the important result was a 12% increase in confirmed sales and appointments combined. 

My Interpretation of the Results

My interpretation of these results is, after the telesales training, and removing the word interesting, some of the prospects that would have responded by asking for information to be sent responded with a different, more specific, objection or required a follow up call.

The objections that did arise were based on real concerns, rather than a request for non-specific information, and a bigger percentage of these could be overcome using Handling Appointment Objections... 

All round positive results for both telesales and tele-appointment callers, so here’s some cold call tips on removing the word ‘interested’  from your cold calls...

Cold Call Tips on Removing ‘Interested’ From Your Calls

My cold call tips on taking ‘interested’ out of your sales appointment and telesales scripts so you can enjoy the same increase in results as my teams did.

If you manage a team start with sales training to explain what you’re doing and to create cold calling scripts without using the ‘I’ word. 

If you are developing your own personal sales skills create a new script for your own cold calls and change the stages that use interesting.

The main area you want to look at is re-scripting your lines for a trial close or your full agreement gaining closing line.

Another cold call tip is not to use interested in your Introduction Stage as I believe this could trigger a send me information response right from the start of your calls.

You might want to use this opportunity to rebuild all your calling script and we have some useful links to help you to do just that.

The Appointment Section main page will show you how to create an effective script in 5 easy stages, see more at Appointment Setting...

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