Telemarketing Script for sales
Appointment Calls

Create a telemarketing script for sales appointment calls with this short and quick to use training eBook: Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell.

Making sales appointments in a nutshell

Create your script today - The training is concentrated and focused only on the sales appointment setting call.

Add your own words and phrases to customise the script for your products and marketplace. 

Enjoy making sales appointments with an interactive conversational style.

Fill your appointment diary, grow your business, and quickly learn how to contact more potential clients and customers.

Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell gives you a quick training course that's  easy to follow, so you get it in a nutshell.

You can get the eBook now and put the training into action today.


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Self employed service providers get more clients

Self-employed people that want more clients have often not had access to sales training on creating telemarketing scripts. You're may be an expert on the services that you provide to your customers, but you've ned more customers, how do you make that first contact to arrange an appointment, survey. presentation, or whatever the step is in your sales process.?

You haven't had the opportunity to learn how to make cold calls to ask potential new customers to give you their time to show them what you offer. How do you know what to say? How do you get from an introduction of who you are to asking for a sales appointment? What you need is the ability to quickly write your own telemarketing scripts. And I've written this book to show you exactly how to do that, in a nutshell.

By following the instructions in this book you can create your own professional sales appointment call scripts. By script I mean, a full word by word text, or a list of reminders, prompts  that mark out the key points on the call, whichever is best for you to use because it's your customised script that you will create.

When you use this book to write your own cold call script, you'll feel as confident making your sales appointment calls as you do talking about the services you provide.

Telemarketing scripts for sales people

Sales people may have great selling skills when presenting live to prospects, but often they can't make cold calls to get that sales opportunity.

I've worked with many field sales individuals who hated making sales appointment calls. This eBook uses the same training I gave them so it has already proven successful for people like you, sales people that want telemarketing scripts to enjoy making confident cold calls.

Create a telemarketing script for surveys, quotes, demonstrations, presentations

This fast eBook training shows you how to put your words into a telemarketing script process. So whatever the next step is for the prospects you will be calling, whatever it is you want  prospects to agree to, you will be able to apply it to the script/prompt that you build. The reason you are calling and the agreement gaining to the action, will all be focused on that next step. 

Proven Sales Appointment Training in a Nutshell

The sale straining in this eBook comes from the techniques I've used successfully while managing and training sales people in a wide range of roles for the last 25 years. It is already proven to work for them and will work for you. 

I found some people wanted a shorter course than my main training: Making Sales Appointments by Telephone. So I created the telemarketing script training you will find in this eBook. By condensing the training down, and focusing only on what you need to know to quickly create your own appointment scripts, this easy to implement mini-course will give you all you need to know in a nutshell.

The sales appointment call process starts with an Introduction, followed by the Motivator, a technique unique to this website. Then comes the qualifying where you find out if the prospect is someone you want to meet, and you gai agreement to the appointment and whatever action it is that you want take. 

Put this focused training into action in a couple of hours.


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