sales training technique - need to close chains

The sales training technique that makes connecting a buyer's needs with the benefits and features of your products easy.

The sales training technique Need-to-Close-Chains is unique to my training courses and you will not find it anywhere else.

When you open this free sales training eBook you will learn how to build new neural pathways that focus your mind on how to sell. This done by focusing on linking the needs, wants and desires of the prospects you sell to with the benefits your sales offers provide and the features that deliver them. The final link of each chain is an appropriate agreement gaining line to move the prospect to the next step in the sales process. 

The chain technique can be used to quickly learn how to address prospect's needs with a confident presentation of the right benefits and features. Your sales conversations become easy because you can think on your feet and access the mentally stored chain links at lightning speed. 

In preparation for a sales meeting or telesales call you can use the chain sales training technique to move yourself into a powerful, motivated selling state ready to be at your best from the first word - Great before that first call of the day or before walking into an important meeting where you want to close the sale. 

The many uses of the Need to Close Chains sales training technique

This one sales training technique started out as a quick exercise to bring delegates on a sales training course back to life after the lunch break on a corporate course I was running. Once I saw it's potential for training courses and for helping individuals prepare to achieve maximum capability when selling, I adapted and developed it into the training you can now have for free.

The Need to Close Chains gives you:

  • A way to put yourself in a great selling state instantly when required.
  • A sales raining technique to learn how to use Needs , Features, and Benefits in your sales conversations.
  • How to quickly learn product knowledge through a sales frame in a way that you can store and recall the information at speed. 
  • A great exercise in meetings and training sessions to add chains of Need - Benefit - Feature - Agreement gaining to your everyday sales conversations.
  • And I've recently noticed it moves sales people away from selling on price to value based sales propositions because they focus on benefits.

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Need to Close Chains as a Sales Training Technique

Great for self training for all sales and telesales people and for presenting to teams.

As a sales training technique the Needs to Close Chains make you an expert on the products and services you sell and what they can do for your prospects. The training stops robotic sales pitches of long lists of product features and shows you how you can instantly respond to a prospect's needs, wants, and desires . You will present to them the benefits they want. With the final link in the chain being the closing, trial closing, or agreement gaining, line that will move you and the prospect closer to closing the sale.

The Need to Close Chains as a state changer and motivator

Put yourself into a powerful selling state whenever you need it or instantly motivate your team. First thing in a morning, on your way to sales meeting with a prospect, before a sales call, these are all times when you need to get into a state of motivation, a selling state of mind that will give you the best access to all your sales skills, experience, and knowledge.

Have you ever gone into a meeting with a client and really only started using your sales skills and getting into your best state part way through. Sometimes you realise this too late,  You can’t recover from the bad start caused by not being in the right frame of mind to give it your best.

Using the Need to Close Chains as a mental training exercise to get into the right mindset for selling will mean you are at your best from the start of your meetings or calls with prospects. The mental exercise prepares you so you're on on your top game, in the zone, and buzzing from the start.

Learn product knowledge from a sales perspective

How do you, or your sales teams, learn the product knowledge of you products or services? 

In many organisations someone from the dept. that developed the new product will give a detailed, technical presentation. Is that the best way for sales people to approach a new product? Once you’ve got the technical details and the features you can use the Need to Close Chains to learn the new product from a sales perspective. 

Learning a product through a sales frame will greatly increase the number of benefits that you find and quickly link to the features that will deliver them to meet the prospect's needs, wants, and desires. You can match customer needs to benefits to meet those needs, to features that deliver the benefits, and to appropriate closing or agreement gaining lines.  Give it a try with a current product and see how much new sales information you come up with. 

Sales Manages and Trainers 

At every stage of the selling process your team can benefit from connecting customer needs, wants, and desires, to the benefits and features of your products and services, and to an agreement gaining line.

You can use the structure of the Need to Close Chains as the basis for a full training session that is interactive, thought provoking and different to anything your team has seen before, and I know that because I developed the technique and used it to train my teams.

How to get the Need to Close Chains  

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