Motivational Sales Training and Goal Setting

Motivation starts with Goal Setting

Motivational sales training must have an objective, a goal, a targeted outcome, if it is to be successfull.

Your goals and objectives are what will drive you into action.

Without goal setting there is no self motivation.

Having a goal gives you direction.

You have a benchmark to measure your successes against.

Without the objective how do you know when the motivation techniques have worked?

Specific goals

The more specific the greater the motivation

The more specific your goal the better.

Vague goals, such as, I want to be successful, or, I want more money, aren't specific enough.

When you have a specific sales objective you can break it down into minor objectives, like stepping stones along the path to your set goal.

How much is more money?

A dollar more, ten dollars more, how much, and by when?

And is it really money that you want, or is there something specific that you want the money to do for you?

Imagine a dark rainy day, with no more appointments, and five rejections already.

Will the general goal of wanting more money get you fired up to knock on a door and give your best sales presentation ever?

A great self motivation tip to give your sales team - Make your goal specific.

Make it personal to you

Would the goal, I want to earn $100,000 this year, make you jump out of bed every morning eager to get to that first appointment?

Will it give you an attitude that says, Nothing can stop me, I can overcome all challenges, and I'm ready to use all my sales skills to make some serious money?

When I present motivational sales training I often hear delegates state non-personal goals. The self motivation tip I give them is:

The goal you set has to be personal if you want it to motivate you to do motivation. It has to create emotional feelings that lead to actions.

A specific personal goal might state, I am going to move into a new house by the end of the year, and to achieve that I must earn $100,000 this year.

Now that's specific.

It states a definite amount in a set timeframe. It's personal, and states the benefit that you desire, which builds pictures in your mind, that create feelings. Emotion and feelings are a great motivation technique.

Make your goal within your circle of influence

Set a goal not a wish

Some motivational sales training delegates set goals that are not within their control.

Imagine having the goal to gain a promotion. When a position will become vacant is not within your control.

You could change the goal to, being fully ready, and having all the necessary evidence, experience, and examples, prepared for a set date.

For these types of goals, be very specific about the details of your preparation. A good motivational sales training tip is to write them down and tick them off as you complete them.

Stuck in a rut or a negative situation

If your stuck in a rut, a negative situation, or can't get your motivation actions started, read on.

Sometimes we need a kick start, motivational sales training that uses the negative situation we are in to give us the leverage to take actions.

This can be because to get us started on takung actions we need a greater motivator than the desire to achieve a goal. To learn how to get that first push, and use the motivation of moving away from pain and discomfort, open Motivation techniques that work by moving away from negatives.

Smaller goals along the way

In motivational sales training we set smaller goals on the path to the main objective.

Using our example above we might set the following:

To achieve $100,000 this year, I need to make 10 sales per week.

You can then break this down into 2 sales per day. You now have a smaller objective that you can aim to achieve every working day.

...Now that's a daily self motivation tip..

Write it in stone

Written goals have far more power

When you have set your goal, write it down.

A written goal states your intention. It sends you a message that says you're serious.

A motivational sales training technique I use on courses is to ask the delegates to write themselves a motivational letter.

They state their goal and what they will achieve towards it within the next three months. I keep the sealed letters and post them to the deleagtes as we near three months from the date of the course.

Writing down your goal works. I can tell you from my experience as a sales trainer and manager, that you will achieve more if you write your goals down. Try this motivational sales training tip for yourself and feel the difference.

Recognise your successes

Show yourself how well you're doing

Make a physical representation of your path leading to the goal you have set.

Show how far you've travelled and the success you've achieved.

A telesales team that I trained in sales motivation all brought in a physical representation and measure of their goal. One of the salesman set himself a goal to save his commission towards a deposit for a new house.

He put the base from his son's Lego building set on his desk.

He worked out how much he money needed, and had a bag of building bricks where each one represented an amount of money.

Each time he made a sale he took a brick from the bag and added it to the base to build a model brick house on his desk.

He could see the house developing with every sale.

The motivation was so good he started picking out the next brick as he was about to close the sale.

He built the model house and had the deposit for his real house in the timecale he had set in his goal.

This was a great representation of a path to a goal that measured his achievements along the way.

Find a way that you can keep a record of what you achieve towards your motivational goal.

Something you can add to as you make a sale, or take another forward step.

If you're a manager setting team goals have a visual representation that your team can update with each success. This sales motivation technique not only motivates, it builds great team spirit and makes everyone take responsibility for their contribution to the team's results.

Reward yourself

As you reach key points on your journey towards your goal, reward yourself.

A small present with a connection to your goal will send your subconscious a message. We recognise reward as a signal that we are doing things right. Send yourself the signal.

Use this as a self motivaton tip and as a way to move your sales team towards success. Reward the small positives and send the right message.

How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

Make sure your goal is so well defined that you know when you've achieved it.

As part of making it specific, make sure you will know when it is completed.

Good motivational sales training relies upon you setting a great goal that will give you a fantastic benefit when it is achieved. It has to be a goal worth achieving to act as a motivator.

Knowing what it will be like when you have completed it means as you get nearer to your success you will start to see and feel the changes your goal will make for you.

This motivaton technique will move you to take more action because now you can sense the benfits.

The other reason to know what it wil be like when you have achieved your goal is so you know when to stop and set your next set of objectives.

Future pacing

A really good motivational sales training skill is to go into the future and picture what it will be like when you've achieved your objective.

It's called future pacing, and it is a great self motivation tip, and a way to check that you actually want this goal.

Future pacing comes from the discipline of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). You can learn more about NLP and how to use it as a motivation technique by opening How to use N.L.P.

Some people set motivational goals that they don't really want.

I saw a very good salesman set himself a goal to become a sales manager. He achieved his goal only to find he didn't like managing people.

As he didn't want to appear a failure he couldn't step back down again, so he left the company and went back to direct selling. He left a company he liked, and the company lost a good employee.

Future pace your motivational goals.

Sit down in a quiet place and see yourself when the goal has been achieved.

How does life look?

Are you happy?

What are the sounds and conversations you hear?

Most important, how do you feel? Is it what you really desire.

Take some time to practice this motivational skill.

Picturing yourself living your desired goal should leave you feeling unstoppable in your quest. You should open your eyes to a buzzed up motivational feeling that kicks you out of bed in the morning, and keeps you fired up all day.

If it doesn't, re-think your goal. It may not be what you really want.

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This can be in our personal life or at work. This is when we need a diferent kind of motivation techniques to kick start us into taking action.

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