Sales Negotiation Training

How to use Conditional Sales Closing Techniques 

'Turn sales objections into reasons
why prospects should buy from you'

Sales negotiation training on conditional closing techniques that will close more sales for you by turning objections into positive reasons prospects should buy now.

Learn a way to turn sales objections into opportunities by using a negotiation technique. It makes a great addition to your sales skills,  and when used in the right sales situations can be very effective and rewarding. 

On this page you'll learn the 4 step conational closing... 

The 4 Step Conditional Closing Technique

The 4 step conditional close will turn objections into reasons why prospects should buy now.

It allows you to negotiate to gain agreement to a sale from what many would see as a negative position after an objection arises.

And best of all, you will close more sales as you overcome these objections.

This is serious sales negotiation training that can become a valued addition to your sales skills. 

Here's how the conditional closing technique works...

Sales Negotiation Training
on Conditional Closing 

The conditional closing technique overcomes the types of objections that you get as you use a trial close after a sales presentation or as you try to close the sale;

Example objections:

  • A request for a discount or price reduction.
  • Added extra value or an upgrade to a more expensive model.
  • Earlier or free delivery or additional features that you have not yet mentioned.

The prospect may not come right out and say they will buy the product if you give them the concession they want. It might come up as a concern about what your product or service doesn’t do or have. It can also be presented as a benefit they want that you haven’t covered in your sales presentation.

To close a sale using a conditional close, you give the customer a benefit, a deal, that they really want. But, you want something in return. That's where the sales negotiation comes in. 

As part of this offer of a benefit you add a condition that gives you something in return. 

Sales Negotiation Training

The art of sales negotiation...

Whenever you give something to the buyer make sure you add a condition that benefits you.

That's what makes it a negotiation... 

For example: In response to an objection, you offer a price discount, extended warranty, or free delivery.

In return for the benefit you are offering, you want agreement from the prospect that they will place an order today.

This technique is used a lot in the car sales market. In automobile sales there is a lot of scope for price discounting and building value with add-ons to overcome objections. Additional benefits are offered but only if the car is purchased today.

Take a look at this 4 step conditional closing process...

A 4 step process for conditional closing

Here's a 4 step process for handling objections to a close that is used by forecourt sales, retail outlets, and many other sales people selling to direct tot he public.

Step 1 

The seller questions the prospect to get to a main sales objection.

With good questioning they find out what the obstacle is in the buyer’s mind so later they can turn it into an action in the real world. So when questioned on price a buyer may really a want a reduction in cost or more for their money.

Step 2 

The seller gains agreement that this is the prospect’s only concern or objection.

Before answering the objection to the close the seller first gains agreement that this is the only objection. They don’t want to give away a discount and then get hit with more obstacles to the sale.

Step 3 

They offer a concession or additional benefit to the buyer, but only if they buy today.

This is where the sales negotiation training really comes in. The seller presents their answer to the customer’s concerns. They add a condition that they can only give this concession if the deal is signed today. In a moment you will see ways to make this work.

Step 4 

Close the deal.

The deal is closed by gaining agreement to the negotiated offer with a simple question. The question is no longer: Does the prospect want the product.

The question used to close the sale is: Does the buyer agree to the negotiated deal.

Make this sales negotiation training work for you...

How to Use the Sales Negotiating Training

The Conditional Closing Technique

Here is the 4 steps of the Conditional Closing Technique and how to use it to overcome sales objections and close more sales.

Step 1 of the 4 step process

Make sure you question the comments, objections, and issues the buyer raises and identify the one key objection that you can use as the focus of the negotiation closing technique.

The objections to your sales close may be wrong, illogical, or plain stupid, but in the buyer’s mind they are real and important to them.

Step 2

Gain agreement that this is the one key objection.

Always make sure you have all their concerns and objections before giving away anything in your negotiations to close the deal. You don’t want to play your best cards and then find out there are more objections and you have nothing left to give. If you can wrap them all into one key objection then you can use it as the focus of the technique to close the sale.

Step 3

Offer your concession.

Make a big deal out of the concessions you are giving. Show what great lengths you have gone to give them this deal. Phone your manager to get agreement to this special deal, stress how difficult giving the concession was.

Step 4

Gain agreement by negotiating and close the sale.

It's no longer about the product or the service that you are selling. In step 2 you gained the buyer’s agreement that they had no other concerns, they want the product but there was one obstacle. Nothing else was stopping the sale. 

Use your sales negotiation training and your sales closing skills to gain agreement to your offer and close the deal.

Where to Use the Sales Negotiation Training

This closing and objection handling technique is only suitable for certain types of sales. 

It's used by sales people selling direct to the public in retail outlets, showrooms, and B2C to customer in their own home. 

You wouldn't use the sales negotiation training selling B2B for a high value product. Although you can negotiate in those types of sales you wouldn't put the focus on giving concessions based on the buyer agreeing the sale today. 

Add the technique to your sales skills...

You can add this technique to your existing skills or use the other sales training on the website to create a set of skills and techniques for all types of sales.

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