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How to use conditional closing techniques

Sales negotiation training on conditional closing techniques will help you close more sales by turning objections into positive reasons to buy now.

A conditional close will help you to:

Turn objections into reasons to buy now.

Negotiate to gain agreement to a sale.

And best of all, you will close more sales.

The conditional closing technique overcomes those objections that you get as you try to close the sale:

The request for a discount or price reduction.

An added extra or upgrade.

A cheaper finance option.

Earlier or free delivery.

The customer may not come right out and say they will buy the product if you give them the concession they want.

It might come up as a concern about what your product or service doesn’t do or have. It can also be presented as a benefit they want that you haven’t covered in your sales presentation.

Sales negotiation training on how close more sales

The conditional close is where you give the customer a benefit or a special deal that they really want.

As part of this offer you add a condition that gives you something in return.

Whenever you give something to the buyer make sure you add a condition that benefits you.

For example: a price discount, extended warranty, free delivery.

In return for the benefit you give the prospect you want an agreement that they will buy from you.

This technique is used a lot in the car sales market.

In automobile sales there is a lot of scope for price discounting and building value with add ons to overcome objections.

Take a look at this 4 step conditional closing process...

A 4 step process for conditional closing

Here's a 4 step process for handling objections to a close that is used by forecourt sales and many other sales people:

Step 1 They question the prospect to get to the real objection.

With good questioning they find out what the obstacle is in the buyer’s mind so later they can turn it into an action in the real world. So when questioned on price a buyer may really a want a reduction in cost or more for their money.

For more on sales questioning to find the real objection open Overcoming sales objections in a new window.

Step 2 The seller gains agreement that this is the prospect’s only concern or objection.

Before answering the objection to the close the seller first gains agreement that this is the only objection. They don’t want to give away a discount and then get hit with more obstacles to the sale.

Step 3 They offer a concession or additional benefit to the buyer, but only if the buy today.

This is where the sales negotiation training really comes in. The seller presents their answer to the customer’s concerns. They add a condition that they can only give this concession if the deal is signed today. In a moment you will see ways to make this work.

Step 4 Close the deal.

The deal is closed by gaining agreement with a simple question. The question is no longer: Does the prospect want the car. The question used to close the sale is: Does the buyer agree to the negotiated deal.

Make this sales negotiation training work

Here are some tips on how to use this sales negotiation training to close more sales.

Step 1 of the 4 step process above.

Make sure you question the comments, objections, and issues the buyer raises. Never take them at face value. The objections to your sales close may be wrong, illogical, or plain stupid, but in the buyer’s mind they are real.

Step 2.

Always make sure you have all their concerns and objections before giving away anything in your negotiations to close the deal. You don’t want to play your best cards and then find out there are more objections and you have nothing left to give.

Step 3.

Make a big deal out of the concessions you are giving. Show what great lengths you have gone to give them this deal.

Phone your manager to get agreement to this special deal.

Have you noticed how car sales people always have to go and talk to their manager before giving you a negotiated deal. Then they say it is the manager that requires you to sign today.

How can you argue with the sales person when the manager gave you the condition, right? Especially as the sales person has been so nice and even approached the big bad boss on your behalf.

You can see more on this sales negotiation training technique and how you can use it, by opening Sales closing technique in a new window.

Step 4.

It is no longer about the product or the service that you are selling. In step 2 you gained the buyer’s agreement that they had no other concerns. Nothing else was stopping the sale.

Now you are saying: I have solved the concerns and issues that you agreed were stopping you buying, so I take it we can go ahead.

Then shut up!

Wait for your answer. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, do not speak first.

Letting the sales prospect answer your offer is key to making this sales negotiation training work for you.

Close more sales by overcoming objections

The above is a brief outline of the sales negotiation training I use with my working sales teams.

If you like the idea and techniques you can learn how to use it in more detail. I’ve put a complete sales training workbook together that will help you overcome more objections at all stages of your sales process.

The Sales Objection Workbook Training Course

A compact workbook course, with 35 pages that guide you step by step through a proven process for how to handle objections.

12 exercises that show you how to use this course for your products and services, and how to overcome the sales objections you face.

My support by email, if required, for any assistance you need while using the workbook or downloading it.

Plus a full money back guarantee if you complete the training and don't increase your sales results within 90 days.

If this course helps you to overcome just one objection is it worth £14.99 to you?

How to buy now and start using

You can download this workbook course and start using it to overcome sales objections today.

The instant download comes as a pdf eBook and is simple to open and save on any computer.

If you have any problems with the download process you can contact me via the contact page on the website for assistance.

All the pages can be printed separately or you can use the course on your PC.

The exercises are within the course and also come as a separate word document to make them easier to use.

You can use the exercises as many times as you like to keep improving your skills and for overcoming new objections.

An effective sales objection process for just £14.99

Buy Now

Your money back guarantee

I’m so confident that you, like many other sales people, will be successful using this objection handling course, that I offer a money back guarantee. If in 3 months time you haven't increased your sales results all you have to do is return the completed course and I will refund the price. So you have nothing to lose and a lot you could gain with just one click.

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