Get Motivated to Hit Sales Targets
Using NLP Techniques

Powerful Motivation Self Talk and Visualisation
to Make Selling Success Easy

Get motivated and achieve your sales targets using powerful sales motivation techniques of self talk and internal visualisation.

Techniques already proven to give sales people, sales manangers, and small business owners control over their selling success.

Change how you frame situations, what you say to yourself, and the impact of rejections, objections, or set backs.

To be successful in any sales role you must have the belief that you can hit your targets. You must also have the drive to take the actions that will lead to target achievement. This introduction to NLP sales motivation techniques will show you how to do that.

Framing your Sales Target to Get Motivated

How you frame, perceive, your sales target is a key factor in getting motivated. This is important because at the start of each day this internal picture of your target will either boost your sales motivation or weigh you down. You will get motivated or lose motivation.

A simple test

Think about your target now.

Do you see internal pictures, video or still shots, or do you predominantly think in words?

What do you see or hear?

Were your thoughts positive, cheered you up, fired your motivation and made you want to take action?

Or did how the target was framed make your shoulders drop and your mood get heavy making it hard for you to get motivated?

You might find your internal videos have strange and abstract content. There are no rules, no set formats, our minds process the question and give their answers in many different forms. A common image is a graph of results going up or down, sometimes like a cartoon wiith exageration. If your target is depicted as an animal, a colourfull pallet, unrelated objects, or something else you didn't expect, don't worry, it's just an image. Just consider if what you see is motivatonal or deflating.

How you create what you see and hear internally

The internal pictures and sounds that sales people have can be of a target large and overwhelming, dark and sinsister, or a small achievable, lighter, image of a challenge but not a threat.

Sometimes sales people create pictures that show what they have achieved month to date and what is still left to accomplish. How this is framed will boost or negatively impact motivation.

Without good sales training that includes NLP Sales Training Techniques, sales people, managers, and SME owners, will visualise and run internal videos sub-consciously without any control. Their frame of the sales target will be influenced by sales month to date, customer reactions, comments from colleagues, their sales mananger and even how they are feeling on that day.

There can also be a whole range of things, with little direct connection to the sales activity they will do that day, that will work to create the internal videos: A row with a partner, car problems, Monday morning blues, utility bill increase, no sleep, not a good bais to crete internal pictures to get motivated.

Good things not related to sales work can help you to get motivated: Nice weather, pleasant last evening, good news, running on time, future plans. 

Unless you have had some good motivation training or NLP sales training, these outside influences are probably controlling your motivation levels. How you view your sales role, the day's activities to come, and the way you frame your sales target, are all being formed for you rather than by you.

Let's change that...

The Circle of Motivation

When I asked you to think about your sales target an image, video, or soundtrack was formed by your mind. What you viewed was how you are framing your sales target internally. Its form was influenced by your feelings, beliefs, and experiences at the time.

If you feel your target is too high and experience has led you to belive it is unacheivable, you are likely to form a very negative internal video or image of your target. Added to this are any external, non-sales related factors causing your mood and general levels of motivation today.

If you have already exceeded your target, secured your income, or have more than enough propsects in your pipeline, you will see a different version of your sales target.

What you witness internally directly controls your motivation levels and that directly controls the sales actions you take, your attitude and resilience. This will have a direct affect on the results you achieve. The results you achieve add to your feelings, beliefs, and experiences and we are back at the begining of the motivation circle as these all work to create the internal image of your target. The internal frame of your target is continually reformed and around we go around again.

It's easy to see how a negative or positive spiral can soon be formed...

The circle of motivation goes on: Experience, emotions, and beliefs framing the internal video - The video controlling your motivation - Your motivation impacting on you performance and activity - Performance and activity leading to your results - Your results adding to your experience, emotions, and beliefs, and on and on it goes...

If all this is happening without your conscious input, it's time to take control of the circle and get motivated...

Control the Internal Images - Get Motivated

Think about your sales target for this month, next month, the full year,

Get those internal videos, images or sounds back in focus.

Forget the content for a minute, how does what's now being played in your mind make you feel?

You are going to get motivated by interrupting the circle of motivation and controlling the framing of the internal video that influence your performance and results. This is a great NLP sales motivation technique that can be used at any time to buzz up your motivatoin levels and recover your resilience.

Now you know how you are internally representing your sales target to yourself, you can make it work for you. Changing the video charges the circle with imagery and sound that causes a spiral that you control.

Here are some ideas for changing your internal videos...

How to supercharge your Internal Videos

Decide how you want to change the way you frame your sales target:

If the video you create subconsciously is dark and daunting, overwheling, depressing, or even frightening, try shrinking it, draining the colour, removing or adding a frame, if it's a movie slow it down, speed it up, and feel the difference. Does the action take way the power of any negative feelings?

What about the image itself:

Some sales people doing this exercise in corporate training saw a large negative mass, a mountain to climb, a dark object to get past, a black tunnel, or they were in the video and wading through a gluey, muddy substance. Some just see a light space with a dark patch in the future. Whatever you see, notice it and think how you can make it less threatening, easier to deal with, and push it into a positive. 

Break it down:

A good technique for images of large obstacles, steep paths, dark mountains, is to flatten them down, or cut them up into smaller, longer chunks. Instead of seeing a massive challenge view your target broken down into smaller, daily pieces to achieve.

If your target is 20 sales your target will look and feel a lot easier as 20 small daily challenges spread over a larger area of time rather than a huge stack of 20 sales all in one place.

Remember it's your video show:

If your target image is a steep hill, tilt it so it's a longer, easier climb. Walking thrugh a sticky glue, fill your image with water and start swimming. The target is big and overbearing, shrink it as you zoom up the image of you so it's a tiny challenge that you are capable of taking care of.

Have some fun:

It's your video, spice it up, see a reward on top of each small daily target. Use colour, bright patterns, unless dark, goth style does it for you. If you sense your target has a sex, change it, see how different you feel about it, you might get to like it. Do the exerise every morning and include your achievements on your imagery,

Emotions add power to this technique. Add images, colors and ideas that give your video the feelings you want to get form this motivational show.

I know, it's weird, these are not the normal exercises to get motivated that you get on corporate courses. I wasn't a normal sales manger or sales trainer. I found techniques that work, from many different disciplines. Give this a try, it gets easier the more you do it and the images and videos you create will start to stick for longer until they become the new way you frame your sales target.

Test the Sales Motivation Technique

Each morning for the next week I want you to do the above visualisation exercise to get motivated.

Take a quiet 5 minutes and ask yourself how you feel about your sales target, how sales are going for the month, and look forward to the day, the week, and the sales period.

Notice the images, words and sounds that automatically come up when you ask yourself the questuon and then make changes to create a show that motivates you and puts everything into a context that you can work within. A month's target does not have to be beaten in one go. It's a series of small daily challenges that you are capable of achieving.

Focus just on the mental video and not the rest of the motivation circle. You take care of the video and the rest of the circle will follow.

You will soon notice that the images you create begin to stick.

After a few days, you get into your quiet time and ask yourself how you feel about your sales target and instead of the old imagery appearing your new crafted motivational video appears.

Your feelings toward your target start to change, you view it as achievable and that changes your beliefs.

You get motivated and include your successes in your morning self motivational sessions and you feel the sales buzz that drives you forward.

Then try the same technique on other aspects of your sales role...

Resilience, setbacks, objections
Get motivated and overcome them

Once you have this positve sales motivation technique working on how you frame your sales target, you can use the same method to raise your resilience. get motivated again after setbacks and objections. In sales we all have good and bad days. The key is to get back up to your top game after a bad one and make the most of the good ones.

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