A Sales Agent could Work
for Your Sales Team

Could a sales agent be an alternative to traditional field sales representatives and telesales callers for your business?

Sales agents, also called commercial agents or manufacturers representatives, work on a self employed basis or may ow their own agency. You only pay them commission for the sales they close. They're not a cheap option as some business owners think, the best agents expect a substantial commission and can earn far more than employed sales people, especially as they pay all their own day to day expenses. But the risk to business owners is far less when selling through independent sales agents because you only pay for results. 

How to Sell Through a Sales Agent

A sales agent can work in many different ways. Field sales agents sell in face to face meetings. The prospect leads may be provided by the business principal or the agent may have their own prospecting system or sell to their existing contacts. 

Independent agents can also sell by telephone, internet or email marketing. You can also find independent agents that act as introducers or lead generators and provide qualified prospects for businesses to contact or to use to feed their sales agents closing the sales. Sales introducers and lead generators usually work on a commission only basis for leads that convert to sales or on a fixed fee per lead supplied. 

SMEs can also act as sales agents. They add the products and services from other businesses to their own products and sell to their customers. This creates another income stream and they use their existing sales infrastructure to make the sales. 

Types of Businesses that Sell Through Sales Agents 

I'm a director at Salesagents.uk, the No1 online portal connecting businesses in the UK and worldwide with independent sales agents, telesales sellers, and lead generators based in the UK. 

The businesses we have helped to find a sales agent or a team of agents come from a wide range of industry sectors:

  • Manufacturers of simple everyday needs and consumables, to specialist with complex and technical products. 
  • Service providers with services including online, business functions, to facilities management and servicing.
  • Suppliers of all types of ranges in all sectors, selling to businesses, retailers, and any point in the supply chain.
  • All B2B type services and products.
  • B2C sales direct to end users.

Whether you are selling to a huge target market or a specialised niche, there will be a sales agent with the right experience, sales skills, and a network of connections that make a difference to your sales results. 

How to Find a Self Employed Sales Agent for Your Business

You can find a sales agent in the UK that will match your requirements using the services at Salesagents.uk. 

The cost to find one sales agent or multiple agents, lead generators, or telesales experts, is a fraction of the fees charged by traditional recruitment agencies finding candidates for employed positions. 

You can chose from a range of services to suit your budget and requirements. The services include a full page advert written by copywriters, online and email promotion of your opportunity, and a head hunting service to get you quickly connected with a sales agent. There are many more features of the service, which is why it's the most popular way to find sales agents in the UK.

See the full details and choose the service you want to use at: Find Sales Agents

If you would like more information on finding and working with sales agents, have a read through the free eBook: Easy Way to Find Sales Agent

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