A Sales Agent could Work for Your Sales Team 

Could a sales agent be an alternative to the traditional field sales representative for your sales team?

Sales, or commercial, agents work on a self employed basis and you only pay them commission for the sales they close.

There's no basic salary

no company car

and a lot less support needed compared to an employed sales person.

As they only get paid when they make a sale they’re very self motivated and can work without close supervision.

As they only get paid commission the amount they will need to be paid per sale will obviously need to be a lot more than salaried sellers receive.

They have to be able to make a living or they will just move on to another supplier.

How Could a Sales Agent Fit into Your Sales Strategy

You may want to consider having a self employed commercial agent to cover part of a territory, or for certain products and services that you supply.

A popular way to gain benefits from using agents is to have them cover sales territories that are remote from the head office. This saves management time and resources as they can work on their own.


Targeting a New Region or Country

When you target a new area, country, or region, having a commercial agent agent working on your behalf can be very cost effective. You don’t need any support structure or office presence in the new area, jus a way to supply the products.


Small Businesses 

Hiring and managing sales people can be too big a drain on the resources of a small business.

Not all small businesses need a full time sales representative so having a self employed agent selling for them, and presenting their products along with other products from other suppliers, could be the best solution.

Sales can be crucial for the survival of a small business. If an employed sales representative doesn’t get the required results it can take months to coach and train them, or if that fails to manage them out of the business.

Using commercial agents lets small businesses grow their sales operation at a rate that suits their financial and operational resources.


A Full Team of Sales Agents

You could even consider using self employed agents for all your sales.

The situation where this works best is where you want sales people to sell and not to do other tasks. Agents have their own way of working. You can’t expect them to visit customers to resolve transport or operational problems.

They are unlikely to agree to man an exhibition stand as a marketing action that will not bring in sales immediately. If they don’t sell they don’t get paid.

So if you want a team of people that are self motivated, can work unsupervised, and will close sales, you might want to consider adding saelf employed agents to your sales strategy.


How to Find Self Employed Sales Agents for Your Business

You can now find independent agents online and advertise your opportunity for a very low cost.

Salesagents.co.uk offer a unique service called Maximum Response that has proven to work for many other businesses just like yours. We also offer more information on working with agents and how to find the right people for your needs. 

To learn more about the unique Maximum Response Service go to Salesagents.uk...


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