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The free sales training eBook Motivators & Connectors will show you how sales professionals close more sales by adding a simple technique to move prospects smoothly through the sales stages.

This free mini sales training course will show you how to:

  • Make your prospects listen to your sales pitch from the first few seconds.
  • Motivate them to move with you through the sale stages and towards the close.
  • Connect each step of the sales process to make it one complete smooth pathway.
  • Prevent sales objections that usually arise as you progress along the stages of the sale.
  • Add an extra level of professionalism to your sales pitches and conversations with prospects in all situations.

And, it works for all types of sales: Field sales, Telesales, B2B, Direct sales, Retail and showroom selling, and even Telemarketing and Appointment setting calls. Use the mini training course for your own development or to train others. 

Motivators & Connectors - What are they

Sales Training eBook

You probably already use a sales process, either consciously or without thinking, your sales conversations with prospects will all follow a similar path:

An introduction - Questions to fact find - Sales Presentation - Closing question, then deal with any objections. 

This free sales training eBook looks at how to motivate the buyer to move with you through the stages your sales conversation follows by adding customised, connecting lines.

This is an area that isn't covered by traditional sales trainers but in my opinion it definitely should be. It's at these connecting points in the sale that objections are raised and hesitation happens. Add the motivators and connectors and you prevent sales objections and discover any obstacles early in the meeting rather than when you close.

This free sales training eBook gives you real examples of how to create connecting lines and motivators for each sales stage of your sales pitches or conversations with prospects.

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Why this free sales training work so effectively

The answers is simple: Traditional sales training focuses on what you do at each stage of the sale.

Live courses, sales training books, corporate sales training, and online lessons look at sales introductions, asking questions, sales presentations, and so on. Those sales skills are important and I always recommend you have a good sales process that you build yourself in your own words. But there are other parts of the sales process that need strengthening.

What makes this sales training eBook different

The Motivators & Connectors sales training focuses on the parts of your sales pitch that connect the sales stages together. These are the parts that traditional sales training doesn't show you and this leaves them as weak points in your sales process. Motivators & Connectors strengthens these weak points and this leads to closing more sales. 

Motivators & Connectors close more sales 

Sales Training eBook

Motivators & Connectors shorten the step from the presentation of a proposal to the prospect agreeing to buy. 

When you use a connector from the presentation stage of the sales process to the closing question, and add a motivator to move the prospect forward, there is no sudden change from being a nice friendly presenter into a high pressure sales person. The close becomes a logical progression of the conversation you are having, and this helps you to close more sales.

How do you move from you sales presentation to closing the sale now?

What do you say after you have presented your offer?

Do you move straight to the closing question and ask for the order? 

Is there a big leap, a big decision for the prospect to make?

In this free sales training eBook course you will see how to use connecting lines and trial closes to make the steps from presenting to closing much shorter. Plus , you will learn how to add motivators to persuade prospects to take those steps with you.

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