The stages of a sale in simple steps leading to the close

Selling made easy and closing sales simple by using a sales process of stages and steps. A proven sales technique for face to face sales and telesales calls for all types of products and services to both the B2C and B2B markets.

Start your sales training on selling using a proven sales process with this free eBook that will show you all the steps of the first sales stage: The Introduction.

  • Confidently present those first few lines as you meet the prospect or start your telesales call. 
  • Include techniques already proven to work and avoid boring buyers with too much information.
  • Five key steps that open the conversation and guide prospects to the next sales stage, the Questioning Stage.
  • Keep the conversation on track, know where you are heading at all times and the objective of the current stage and step.
  • Build your words and lines around a sales process already proven successful by the sales teams I have managed and trained. 

This free sales training eBook on creating a stunning sales introduction will introduce the concept of selling made easy with a sales process of stages and steps. Once you have developed your Introduction Stage you can move on to the other sales stages. 

The sales training free eBook is available to all our website visitors, you can start using it right now at: CREATE A STUNNING SALES INTRODUCTION

Sales Stages Process - Selling Made Easy

Using a sales process of 4 simple stages, with each stage broken down into small steps, makes selling easy. You start closing the sale from the first stage by gaining agreement and the Closing Stage becomes a simple question with no pressure. 

In the eBook, Create a Stunning Sales Introduction, you will see the steps to include in your first few lines in sales meetings and on sales calls. You'll also learn what not to include, so the introduction is brief and only includes steps that support the sale. 

Knowing the steps in the sales Introduction Stage leaves you free to focus on the words and lines you will use while having a conversation with the prospect. No more rigid sales scripts and robotic and repetitive pitches. You will instead have a conversation that is relaxed and pleasant for you and buyers at all levels. This is selling made easy for both you and your prospects.

Sales Techniques Unique to the Proven Sales Training Website

In this free sales training eBook there are steps that are sales techniques unique to the sales training I present. 

The steps of the Introduction Stage include introducing you, your company, and your product with each one supported by a wide ranging potential benefit for the prospect. 

Why should the prospect continue to have a conversation with you? Do you include a reason to talk in your current sales process? 
You should and it's one of the steps in you'll see in this eBook. 

Have you ever thought of agreeing an agenda or format for your conversations with prospects? This technique has some real benefits that you might not have thought about, learn what they are in the eBook.

The real gem, the unique sales technique that prevents sales objections, connects the Introduction Stage to the Questioning Stage, and gives the prospect that extra momentum to move forward into the sales process proper is The Motivator. Add the Motivator to your sales process today and see the difference it makes. 

There are 5 steps in the Introduction Stage and each one is a technique with a purpose. Try this free eBook and you will get a new perspective on the Introduction Stage and start to experience selling made easy. 

Open the eBook and Start Using the Training Now 

Open the eBook and you can start using the free sales training now to create a new Introduction Stage for your calls and sales meetings. 

There's no catch, it's available to visitors to the Proven Sales training website. No need to submit any details, no sign up to access the download. 

If you're new to sales or never had the benefit of proven sales training, you'll find the contents is selling made easy and you'll view your approach to sales through a new frame.

Experienced sales professionals will find ideas, fresh approaches, and a way to analyse and continue to improve the sales process to achieve repeatable results.

Create a Stunning Introduction Stage for all types of meetings or sales calls: cold calls, warm leads, repeat business, or incoming enquiries and sales leads. Open the free eBook at: CREATE A STUNNING SALES INTRODUCTION 

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