Selling Tip - Increase Sales with This 3 Step Process

A selling tip on how to increase sales by following a proven 3 step process to consistently achieve targets or grow your business.

Find your real target

Take the best actions

Increase your sales

Add a really effective sales pitch

Step 1. Understand your sales target

Sometimes a sales target can be very complicated and have many different elements.

You have to sell so much of one thing and a bit more of another. There can be a volume target, a revenue target, and all kinds of additions that you could sell.

Then there are the small business and self employed people. Many small businesses are not sure what they should sell to grow their business, they just go out and sell what they can.

Let me give you this selling tip: Understand what you should be selling to get the most benefit for you.

The first step of this 3 step process is to make sure you fully understand what you have to sell each sales period.

You need to know what to sell to achieve your sales target.

And you need to know how get the most benefit for you from your selling time.

When you know what your sales target is you can then break it down into smaller targets for shorter time periods.

For example:

If you have a target of 20 units a month you could chunk it down into 5 units a week, or 1 unit per working day. Then you have a simple daily target to aim for.

That’s the first selling tip: Work out what your daily target is and know how to get the most benefit for yourself from your sales.

Step 2. Actions to achieve your target

The second step of this process is to work out how many prospects you will need to see to achieve this daily target.

For example:

If you convert 1 out of every 3 prospects you will need to see a minimum of 3 prospects a day to reach an average target of 1 sale per day.

You can take this selling tip further by looking at how many prospects you see compared to the number of planned appointments you have.

You could find that 1 out of every 4 appointments fails to go ahead or gets postponed. That means you have to plan 4 a day to make sure you complete the 3 you need.

You can look deeper into this step by assessing the types of prospects that yield the highest sales.

For example:

If your B2B prospects buy on average 2 units and your Direct sales prospects usually buy 1 unit, when planning your appointments per day you would need more meetings if all your prospects were Direct sales.

You can narrow down this method of forecasting potential sales from different types of prospects and make really good use of it when planning your selling time.

Step 3. Monitor where actions are needed

The third step of this selling tip is when you have completed your sales appointments for the period; give yourself, or your sales team, some feedback.

Look at what worked well and plan to do some more of it. Identify what didn’t work and what you can change to get the results you want.

Look at the results you achieved and compare them to the targets in steps 1 & 2. Ask yourself the questions:

Have I hit target.

Were all my sales and appointments focused on achieving my target or did I complete less effective actions.

Did I make the best use of the research I did into which types of prospects convert into the best sales.

Put this selling tip into action

Follow the steps in this process and you will be completing actions that are working towards your personal benefit, or growing your business.

In step 1 you identify what your target is, your objective that will give you the rewards. You also break down your target into smaller daily objectives so you know what you need to achieve every day.

In step 2 you work out what you have to do in order to achieve your daily target. The selling tip shows you how to achieve the small targets and if you hit all your small targets you will hit the big monthly ones.

Then step 3 you look at what you have done, what you have achieved, and give yourself some feedback. Then look for what you need to change to be even more successful.

Add an effective sales pitch to the 3 step process

Add a really effective sales pitch to the 3 steps above and you will increase your sales even more.

The above sales tip shows you the process to help you focus on getting in front of the right numbers of the best types of prospects. I use the 3 step process with my sales teams and I can tell you it works.

I also use a sales training course that builds a structured sales pitch that is unique and in the sellers own words. Add this sales training workbook course to the sales tip on the 3 step process and you have a professional approach that will help anyone to be successful in sales.

The sales training workbook course I use with my teams

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Learn how to refine your Questioning skills so the buyer actually writes your Sales Presentation for you.

Pack your Presentation full of customer specific benefits that sell your product in the most effective way.

Closing is done throughout the sale and is woven into every stage in a way you may not have seen before.

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