Questions for Sales
DISCOVER what prospects really want

Find the Real Needs - Wants - Desires and Sell to Them

Questions for sales using techniques to find that one, all important, real need, benefit, or desire that prospects want from your products or services. When you discover what they really want it makes sales easy to close. 

The usual sales questioning techniques only scratch the surface and give you information on the prospect's obvious requirements.  

This sales training takes questioning to a deeper level and finds fears and pain points that prospects want to move away from or prevent, and desires and goals they want to move towards.

These hidden needs are emotional drivers, the specific fears and desires that are most important to them.

Find their hidden needs - Present how you can meet them - Get instant positivity.

Even if the buyer is unaware they have a specific need driving their decision or if they don't want to discuss it or admit they have it, you can address it in your sales presentation. Once discovered you can overtly or covertly address this need and they will be eager to buy from you. 

Let's start by defining what you are trying to find with your questions for sales...

Making Sales Easy Using
Powerful Questions for Sales

Defining the Deep Motivators and Drivers
that Make Prospects Buy

When you ask prospects traditional sales questions as part of your Sales Process they will often tell you what they want you to know, or give needs they think they should be asking for. 

B2B prospects may say what is appropriate for their position in the company. They will tell you what the business wants, what they as a corporate buyer or business owner wants. These needs are useful to know for you to create a fitting offer or choose the right product. But there could be other needs that are importannt to them personally.

Examples of hidden fears and drivers

More important than the options of upir service or product you are discussing could be how their buying decision is viewed by their boss.

B2C buyers will create a picture of their ideal product, but could have fears about being mislead or worse by sales people or using a company that is unstable and may disappear. They may not tell you about these fears, but unless you discover and address them the prospect will put off making a decision, give you false, smoke screen objections, and stop you closing the sale.

A corporate buyer may have a hidden driver of buying the most renowned brands, the products that make the most impact, or the biggest and shiniest available. Probably not something they will tell you but there will be signs if you look for them and ask the right questions for sales,

Defining the hidden Needs - Wants - Desires

The drivers and motivators you are looking for are a step deeper than the needs you discover with your usual Sales Questions.

A typical sales person will start the questions for sales with a script that starts with wide open questions and goes down a sales questioning funnel with the questions getting narrower in their scope to gather more precise details. Too often sales people focus on what they are going to say next rather than reading the prospect's reactions as they answer.

Let me explain using an example...

A car salesman is talking to a couple considering buying a new car.

He asks wide open questions about what the couple want from a new car, what's important to them. While listening to their responses he is focusing on vital physical and audible clues to the real needs - wants - and desires that the couple have individually.

The couple answered verbally together, indicating that saving money on the running costs is a need that they have both agreed. But, the salesman notices that while answering in unison one of the couple appeared to be just going along with the conversation.

Their body language wasn't aligned with what they were saying. Their voice tone was flat. The other mamber of the couple asked about fuel consumption and other details related to running costs. The one with hidden sales drivers was looking around the car, standing back and obviously focused on the colour and styling of the car.

The salesman susepcted that while both partners had agreed running cost was an important feature, one of them was more interested in the appearance of the car they would be driving. And they probably didn't want to show they were thinking of how cool they would look in a convertable with the top down and music playing in front of their partner.

Questions for sales to get the details

More questions for sales from the car seller, carefull reading of the verbal and non-verbal responses, and gently leading the conversation towards the appearance of the car, and the other partner starts to get positively involved.

As the salesman reads the verbal and non verbal responses they adjust the questions, change direction, and read the reactions. It's like the children's game of Hot & Cold, when you get a positive reaction you keep on the hot topic, a cold response and you change direction.

Combine this hot & cold questioning technique with the questions for sales funnel technique and you have a powerful tool to meet the needs, wants, and desires that are openly given in response to your questions and those that are hidden.

Read your prospects

Look for when what a prospect says doesn't match their voice tone, body language, and especially their facial expressions. When you see conflict, ask questions for sales needs discovery, find where the conflict lies, and gather information so you can present the best solution, product, or way to meet their real desires.

How can you add these sales questions techniques to discover needs and drivers, here's how I have trained my saled teams to use this very effective sales training..

Use a sales process to add these sales techniques

Throughout this website there are many sales techniques and skills that you will want to add to your sales meetings and calls to help you to become more successful.

But I often get asked how can all these techniques be added to a sales conversation?

How do you remember what to do and what to say while talking to prospects?

The answer is to have a great sales process and know how to use it. Then you can add as many new sales techniques as you want to this process.

Having a great sales process has many benefits...

  • You always know where you are in the sales conversation and what comes next.
  • You don’t need to learn words, just the steps of the sale, you will know what to say at all times.
  • You can add as many skills and techniques as you like because you know the sales process.
  • A sales process can be adapted for any product or service that you sell.
  • Using a sales process has proven successful for many professionals and now you can have that same success.

Become efficient at using a sales process when selling and then add the techniques on this page and other pages to discover the prospects wants and needs, and their secret desires and drivers that will help you to close the sale.

Take a look at the sales process that I use with my successful sales teams. This is the backbone, the structure around which all our sales scripts and presentations are built. You can learn to use this sales process in just a few hours and then add the techniques from this page.

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