How To Increase Sales Using Targeted Actions

How to increase sales by focusing your selling time on the actions that are guaranteed to give you a greater return.

This page will show you which actions you can take to use time management techniques and increase sales.

The information and images here are part of the sales training I present to my working sales teams.

They have proven very effective for us, and now you can make use of this free sales training to increase your sales.

Everybody likes closing a sale, gaining the recognition and earning the commission.

It’s like scoring the winning goal or crossing the finish line first.

But imagine if sports teams only practiced scoring goals, or basketball teams shot for the hoop all the time, without getting into a scoring position. How about golfers aiming for the hole with every shot and not considering the most effective pathway to the green?

And yet this is what I see inexperienced sales people
doing all the time.

They think how to increase sales is all about closing the sale. They focus all their sales training and sales skills improvement on learning new sales closing techniques. Many try and close the sales before they have enough information to make a good sales presentation to the customer.

With a few changes to your time management and some effective sales training focused on the actions that will give you the best results, you will quickly see how to increase sales.

Use what’s in your control

Take a look at the diagram below. It gives a typical example of how much control and influence a sales person can have over the sales process.

The Red area shows the control and influence the seller has while the yellow shows the amount of control the buyer has.

When it comes to closing the sale how much control and influence do you have over the outcome?

The more effective you are the more you will get the buyer to say yes, but the decision is still theirs. There will also be factors involved that are outside of your influence. Other people that talk to the buyer, competitor pricing, or the buyer’s ability to pay, are just a few examples.

When making sales appointments you may have more influence on the decision. It’s less of a big decision for the buyer and you can give some really good reasons why they should meet with you. There are still many factors such as the buyer’s time management and availability to see you that you can’t fully control.

Take a look at the visual representation of where you may have the most and least control over the decisions the buyer makes and think where your actions will have the most guaranteed effect.

How to increase sales with
effective sales actions

Look at the visual representation below of how an inexperienced sales person may use their time management and focus their energies.

The Blue area is the amount of energy a sales person may put into their sales training and their actions when selling.

Many will focus all their sales training, and their activities when selling, on closing the sale.

Yet closing the sale is often the part of the process we have least influence and control over. You can take actions in other areas where you have more effect and this will lead to closing more sales. How to increase sales is about getting a bigger return for the actions you take.

If you close 1 in 3 customers you have an appointment with, you can increase sales by increasing your prospecting activity and learning as much as you can about how to make sales appointments.

Using the diagram consider how to increase sales by changing the ratios of the blue areas. You could get more return by increasing your sales training on making sales appointments, or by spending more time prospecting for selling opportunities.

Get yourself into a position where you can score, and then take actions to close the sale. Invest in getting yourself into the best position with a buyer and then go for the goal. Now consider what actions you can take to increase sales and look at the benefits and suggestions below.

Benefits of sales training and
prospecting actions

If you align your sales activity with where you have the most influence on the outcome, and focus more of your sales time on the sales stages that are within your control, you will gain:

  • More sales appointments because you have a larger prospect list
  • You will increase sales because you will gain more sales appointments
  • The work you put in will yield greater results because it’s focused on areas within your control

I have used the above sales team management tips with my working sales teams. If you are looking for how to increase sales, focus your sales time on those activities where you have most control over the results. This is where every action you take will give you a guaranteed return.

How to increase sales

Here’s some suggestions based on the success my sales teams have had when looking for the right balance for their actions on how to increase sales.

Sales training on how to make sales appointments

Increasing your skills on how to make sales appointments is one of the most rewarding actions you can take. Start by looking at the sales appointment training course that I use with my working sales teams.

Using this course you will make the best use of your sales time and get yourself in a position to close the sale. This will increase your sales results. Open How to make sales appointments and you can take your first action today, and gain the rewards.

Prospecting tips and ideas

Here’s a complete section on sales prospecting and generating sales leads. Open Sales prospecting tips and techniques and have a click around the pages that will give you some great ideas on how to increase sales.

How to close the sale

If closing the sale is the area you want to work on, because you know how to get into a good position to close but need help to score, this is the page for you. A sales training course on how to close the sale that will give you a new look at closing the deal and gaining the customer’s agreement.

This course has been developed with my working sales teams and refined in real sales situations not just training classrooms. Open how to close the deal to see some fast acting sales training that you can put into action today.

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