Professional Selling Skills on
creating a powefull persona

Sales Training on Projecting an Image to
Support Your Sales

Make selling easier by becomong the person
prospects want to buy from

Use these professional selling skills to close sales by creating a powerful persona that supports your sales messages.

Form rapport with prospects by learning sales techniques that show you exactly what prospects want from you, the sales person.

Give buyers confidence in you and what you say by aligning your sales conversations with the marketing messages of your product or business.

The sales training you find here will ask you to consider how you look and appear to your potential customers. Should you dress like a sales professional or wear something different. What do other sales professioanls wear, see examples further down.

On this page you will be asked to consider selling techniques in a different way, enjoy the training and the new ideas it will open up...

Align your image with your company and product

In the eyes of customers, prospects, employees and investors, your company has an image. This image may have been carefully crafted by marketers, developed over time by you if you own the business, or occurred almost accidentally and shaped by feedback and opinions.

Whether planned or accidental, include in your professional selling skills alignment of the image you project with the image of the company and product and you create a powerful persona that helps to close more sales.

Match the company sales messages in your sales conversations

If the company marketing messages shout about discounts, cheapest prices, saving money, or getting the best possible deal, you should include those benefits and their related features in your sales conversations.

It's futile to pitch your products as expensive, desirable, luxury one off purchases when the product is seen by buyers as an affordable, low priced, staple item. Prospects may have viewed your website, done some research, and could have seen the company marketing messages.

Put these professional selling skills into action

Consider all the angles of your company message and the opinions and perceptions customers hold:

  • Look at how pricing is worded, is it value for money, massive savings, or luxury and quality. 
  • Does the company mention a long history in the market or are they the new disruptor offering something innovative?
  • Is there a green, eco friendly message and if so, are your using it in your sales conversations? 
  • Niche, specialists, or boutique. Trusted by the masses, offering a huge range, what's the message?

If your messages and the company messages are aligned they are powerful persuaders. If they are misaligned or conflicting they will work against you.

Professional Selling Skills - Dress for your role 

Who do your prospects want to talk to?

What sort of person will they trust and see buy from?

Maybe you haven't thought about this before, you should now...

Imagine you are visiting a customer that wants to discuss financial planning. How would you dress?

If you look like you can't afford a new pair of shoes how can they trust you with their money. You wear an obviosuly expensive watch and have gold jewellery hanging from every possible place and they make think you're charging too much for your services.

What if you're a small business owner selling B2C home improvements?

Do your prospects want to see a sharp suited sales person, someone dressed as surveyor or archtect, or will they trust a trades person dressed like they just came from doing a hands-on job?

To put this sales training into action, start by considering...

What are you really selling?

To answer the question many sales people give the name or type of product, or what their service does for customers.

But for this particular professional selling skills training exercise, consider what the prospect really wants, especially from you, the professional sales person.

Are you selling practical experience or skills, technical knowledge, or a products that you have expert knowledge on? 

If you sell a service what do they want from you, the sales person? Maybe they want your assistance in setting up the service, or the feature they really want could be assurance that they can trust you can deliver what you are promising.

Answering these questions will give you professional selling skillls to put you a step above your competitors...

Dress for the part

Once you have realised what your prospects want from you, you can dress for the part. First impressions are often formed by what people see before they even speak with you, so this is an important part of your persona that supports your sales conversations.

Match what your appearance to what your prospects want from you.

Create a look that says you can do what they want. If they want the benefits of a practical hands-on tradesperson, then dress like you just finished supervising a similar project.

If they want financial advice, have the look of someone comfortable financially but careful with their money.

If they want knowldge and experience of an industry, product, or marketpalce, become that person.

Examples of professional selling skills in action

Some of the sales people I've managed and trained have used these sales skills to create powerful personas to support their sales by:

A salesman visiting  garages and auotomobile repair outlets from SME businesses to large groups keeps a change of clothes in the car. He can appear dressed in clothes that he won't mind getting some oil and grease on, great for sitting in a garage and selling to small business owners. And he has a smart suit for when visiting buyers who are office based.

A saleswoman in the waste and recycling industry keeps a uniform in the car which she wears when cold calling restaurants and other businesses that need advice, and sometimes convincing, on their legal responsibilities for disposal of waste products. She has the appearance of an official when in the uniform, with her ID showing, and completing a form on her clipboard as she talks.

Now create your persona

Take these professional selling skills and create a persona that gives prospects what they want and supports your sales messages.

Use this sales training, check out your company and product sales message, and align your appearance and your conversations to create a poweful presentation that will influence buyers.

Analyse how you look to a buyer, what you say and how you say it. And take away from this page the important sales training on learning what prospects really want from you, the sales person.

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