Professional Selling Skills on Projecting The Best Sales Image

Professional selling skills on choosing the image you project to your customers. Have you thought about how you want your customers and prospects to see you?

Sales woman, professional salesman, expert on your product, or customer advisor. The list is endless.

Your customers and prospects will form an opinion of who and what you are as soon as they see you.

Even the car you drive will say something about you.

Learn sales skills here on projecting the best image.

These sales techniques work before you start talking.

Don't let how you look let you down and stop your sales.

The aim of this section of the website is to give you selling techniques so you can choose the image that you, or your sales team, project.

Learn sales skills on looking right for your customers, market place, and product, and your sale will be off to a great start.

Does your company have a marketing image

If your business has a marketing image you might want to align your image with that.

Your professional selling skills could be used to make you an extension of your companies marketing literature, advertisements, or website.

If your business marketing projects an image of cheap prices, no frills, and passing on savings to the customer, you don't want to turn up in an luxury company car and an expensive suit.

Imagine selling for a business that has an image of supplying high class service and top of the range items, you want to learn sales skills that match that image.

When the company image is fun, or you sell dreams, such as holidays, vacations, weddings, or corporate action days, would you wear a serious looking dark suit?

You want to adapt your professional selling skills to:

  • Make the best use of your businesses marketing image
  • Align your sales techniques to your product or service
  • Gain credibility and trust from the customer

That last point is very important. Look at how the customer and you or your business first made contact. What was it that made them call you, or visit your business. If your adverts show you as the technical experts then dress accordingly. Not all sales people should wear business suits and ties.

If you want to sell me gardening or landscaping, turn up in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and wear clothes that make me think you get your hands dirty. Then I'll think you know what you're talkng about.

Align your dress with your product

Dress the part. Part of your professional selling skills should be to put on a show.

Imagine visiting a customer that wants to discuss financial planning. How would you dress? If you look like you can't afford a new pair of shoes how can they trust you with their money. You wear gold and silver in every possible place and they make think you're charging too much for your services.

You must learn sales skills that align how you dress with your product and customer level. Professional selling skills are not just about the words you use. Your image will start to build an impression before you start talking.

Take some actions

Now do some thinking on the selling techniques you've read so far. Take control of your image. Choose how you wil be perceived by your customers. Whether you are in retail sales, B2B, direct sales to the public, or even working a Saturday market stall. Image speaks loudly to your customers.

Ask yourself the following questions and note the answers:

On a scale of 1 to 10 what price bracket are your products in compared to the rest of the market?

1 would be cut price no frills. The buyer won't want to see any wasted money going on elaborate fittings and fixtures, company cars or expensive dress.

10 would be luxury, top of the range where the buying experience, or the brand name may be part of the benefits the buyer is looking for.

Does your current image fit with the score on the 1 to 10 scale you have from the last question?

Consider not just your verbal selling techniques, but how you dress, the car you drive, and any accessories you wear.

What about samples or literature and sales aids that you use.

Rate all the things a buyer sees, on or around you, on the same 1 to 10 scale.

How would you dress for a 10, and how would you dress for a 1. Now, how will you dress for your customers tomorrow?

2nd Exercise

Use your professional selling skills and experience to note down 5 reasons a customer would consider buying from you and your business.

Consider the benefits they may be looking for. How they want to feel. Are they looking for technical help and advice. Do they want to see you as an expert. Is what you sell a practical product or service, is it tangible or not.

Are they looking for safety and security, or something to feel proud about and show off to others. How important is price and value and are they the main selling points of your products.

These questions are important as you learn sales skills especially for a new product or in a new job.

When you've written your 5 answers look for a theme.

Look from the buyer's perspective.

The answers will probably be focused towards a general pattern.

Use your professional selling skills to look for that pattern and form an image of what they are looking for.

From your answers you should be able to get a picture of what a typical customer would want to see in the image projected by the person they would want to buy from.

Do you fit that image?

If they are looking for safety do you look like someone that cares about their safety?

If your answers point to style and fashion, how stylish and fashionable do you appear?

Sketch that image in your mind. Then look at your image and how you can aign it with the ideal image that will work towards closing your sales.

Now combine your image with professional selling skills

Now you have some new ideas on how you should look and the image you should project to your customers.

How about working on your selling techniques to align them with your new image.

The sales process you use should also be in tune with your buyers. The way you sell should be realted to your product, your customers, and your marketplace, in just the same way as your image.

Ideally you want to build a sales process in your own words that will be effective and pitched at the right levels for your sales.

In just the same way as you wouldn't overdress when selling, you don't want to appear to be pressurising the customer when closing.

This is something I've worked on with my sales teams.

You can take a look at the professional selling skills I present to my teams by opening the Sales Training Course page or clicking on the image.

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