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Professional sales training tips that show managers and individuals how to increase sales by making techniques and skills from courses and books work in the real world.

  • Follow these simple tips to increase your sale team’s skills
  • Get the best return on any investment in sales courses
  • Prevent overload and confusion after training or team meetings
  • Sales skill training on making positive changes to sales pitches, meetings, and presentations
  • Tips used by successful managers and sales individuals to put selling techniques into action

Why sales training doesn't always work

I manage a successful sales team and provide sales training and coaching to many companies and private clients.

There is a big difference between presenting a sales training course and making that training work effectively back out in the real world.

To know how to increase sales you need to be able to put good sales training into action.

It doesn’t matter how professional the sales training is, if you don’t have an effective way to put it into action you will have wasted your time, and maybe a lot of money.

The sales training may be from a professional course, a book, or a DVD, and you could be managing a sales team or a sales individual.

Whatever your position you don’t want to make the common mistake that many people and businesses make, of wasting time and money because classroom training doesn’t transfer into the real world.

Turn professional sales training into action

Follow these simple tips on how to increase sales by making sales skill training effective for you or your team.

1. Focus on one sales stage at a time

Select the sales stage, covered by the training you have received, that will benefit you most.

If you want to see more on sales stages and using a sales process open Sales process and sales stages in a new window, then return here to continue this page.

For example, if you feel sales closing skills would make the most impact on your results you select the closing stage of your sales process as the one to work on. If you don’t think you are getting in front of enough buyers you might select sales prospecting or appointment setting.

The important point is that you, or your sales team if you are a sales manager, will be focusing on just one stage of your sale. This is far more effective than trying to change your whole sales pitch because you have been on a course or read a book.

2. Specific actions form your sales skill training

Once you have selected which sales stage you will focus on you need to decide on specific actions that you will take. These will be the changes that you want to make to the way that your sales skills and techniques.

Professional sales training can sometimes overload sales people with new ideas and techniques.

If you want to know how to increase sales after a sales course you have to find the key actions you want to focus on.

For example, if you chose sales closing in the previous step you might have one or two new closing questions or lines that you want to put into action.

Don’t try and completely change your sale.

If you usually present your proposal to the buyer and close after you have gained agreement to it, then keep your presentation and change only the close that you use.

You can always work on your sales presentation skills next.

3. Professionals use visualisation

So you’ve received some professional sales training, decided that the sales closing skills are the ones you want to apply to your sales pitch first, and you have one or two new closing lines or questions to use.

What are you going to do?

Write them down and learn them word for word?

Keep repeating them until you know them?

Putting professional sales training into action can be done really effectively with the help of some visualisation.

Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, your car for example, and go through a typical sales meeting with a customer. When you get to the closing stage make the changes from your professional sales training that you want to put into action.

Repeat and practice until you are confident and prepared.

4. Put the sales skill training into action

Now simply go and do it!

Go into your sales meeting, make the call, or approach the prospect, depending upon the type of sales that you are in.

You only have this one small action, this one small change to make. You’ve mentally practiced this small change and you are confident about doing it.

Can you see how much simpler this is for you as a sales individual to put the professional sales training into action. If you’re a sales manager can you see how to increase sales for your team with one action at a time?

5. Assess the results

Once you’ve put this first action from your professional sales training into place you need to assess the results. Did you take complete the action well, were you confident, or do you need more visualisation or role play.

What reaction did you get from the sales prospect. Did the technique work, was it more effective than what you used to do, and can it be improved any further.

Assess the actions and changes and decide if you need any more actions to make this one work. Once you are happy and you can see that you have gained something, start again from step 1 and select a new action.

Putting professional sales training into action

Using the above tips on putting professional sales training into action has many benefits.

You, or your team, focus on getting one change right before moving on. This stops information overload and makes it easier to assess the effectiveness of the changes you have made. You can select the sales stages that will give you the best return on your investment of time and money.

Visualisation techniques in sales work best when you make small changes and keep the surrounding sales pitch to what you know.

As a working sales manager I use the above tips all the time as we constantly look at how to increase sales and earn more money.

If you like the tips above and want to see a professional sales training course to use them on take a look at the course I use with my teams.

I have put a complete sales training course into an easy to follow workbook that gives you fast results.

You can use it as a sales training course for yourself or to present to your sales team.

You get the exercise program, power point slides, and the text as I present it.

Step by step exercises build your sales pitch in your own words so it is unique to your product or service.

Click the image or open Sales training course and start increasing your sales results today.

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