Prospecting Tips and Techniques

Prospecting tips and techniques on how to prospect, that will show you so many ways to generate new sales leads you will have a constant flow of potential customers to contact.

Whatever prospecting techniques you use now you will add plenty of new ideas from this section of the site.

When you know how to prospect you will never be short of potential customers to contact.

A regular supply of sales leads from a few simple actions will keep all sales people and small business owners smiling.

You can be really great at closing sales, but if you, or your company, doesn’t generate a constant supply of sales leads you will not reach your targets or grow your business.

As a working sales manager and trainer I’m constantly looking for new sales prospecting tips to find potential customers.

To keep ahead of the competition, and my colleagues, I look in areas others don’t always utilize.

What I find to be successful I share with you on this site, in the free newsletter, and on the site blog.

Scan down the topics below and click the links to pages in this section of the site.

See which of the prospecting tips you can use to increase sales opportunities and grow your business.

Alongside the prospecting tips you'll find links to sales appointment training so you can make the best possible use of your sales prospects.

Sales formulas for success that many sales people don’t know

Do you know how to calculate the number of sales prospects you need each month?

How about the number of sales appointments to achieve your sales target, or how many sales from your appointments.

On this page of the prospecting tips section you can see how top sales professionals calculate how much of each sales activity they need to do.

To see if you know what you need to be successful open the Sales Prospecting - Professional Formulas or click the calculator.

The prospecting tips used by top sales professionals

This page will give you 3 prospecting techniques that you can add to your daily sales role.

They take very little time, quickly become part of your daily routine, and give you a regular flow of sales prospects. These are simple prospecting tips that have proven successful for many individuals and small business sales.

You'll see how to prospect effectively and build up a list of potential sales leads to contact. This page is a natural follow on from the sales formulas page above.

Open Sales Prospecting Tips and get 3 simple ways to prospect that you can start today.

How to motivate yourself or your team to take more sales actions

How to motivate you or your sales team to take more of the actions that could lead to closing more sales.

This motivational sales technique was sent in by one of our visitors to the site and has received great feedback from the sales people that have used it.

It can work as a sales team motivation game, a self motivation tool, or way to monitor which sales actions and activity you need to do more of. Take a look at how to motivate yourself or your team and give this great technique a try.

Sales prospecting scam technique

How to prospect using an unethical and devious sales prospecting scam.

I do not advise you to use this underhand prospecting scam. But you should be aware of it in case others try and use it on you or your sales team.

This page shows how to get your competitors top sales leads and prospects with just one simple phone call. Guard yourself against this scam by opening How to prospect scam.

Turn sales prospects into appointments

Turn your sales prospects into sales appointments with a professional training course in a workbook.

Quickly learn how to build an effective appointment making call.

Simple step by step exercises create an appointment call in your own words, and specific to your product and customers.

Works for cold calls, incoming enquiries, existing customers, and follow up calls.

This course has been successful for people in field sales, B2B, direct selling, and tele-appointment makers. Now you can create your own appointment call and get in front of more buyers.

To see more of what this proven workbook course can do for you open Sales Appointments and Cold Calling Techniques or click the image.

Prospecting for small business sales using the internet

For small business sales that already have a website, or are thinking of getting one.

Prospecting tips on generating sales leads from the internet.

How to check the effectiveness of your existing website.

Some great information, with realy good live examples, on how to put your small business online.

Prospecting tips on how to prospect for local business.

Mistakes that many small business websites have and why they don't work.

If you have an existing website for your small business, or you're thinking of setting one up, then open Sales prospecting Training for Small Businesses Online or click the image.

How to generate leads with a sales prospector

How to generate leads looks at how sales prospectors can be a really effective addition to your business.

We look at how a prospector works, what they do, and the different settings they can use to generate leads. There is information on how leads are gathered, and ideas on how to make the best use of a sales professional's time.

Take a look at the page and see if this could be a good idea for you or your business. Open How to generate leads.

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