How to Prospect

Using a Devious and Unethical Prospecting Technique

How to prospect by making just one simple phone call that will have your competitors telling you the names of the top sales prospects they are working on.

  • This prospecting technique is devious and unethical
  • It shows you how sales people can steal their competitor’s sales prospects
  • I only reveal this prospecting technique so you can protect yourself from others using this scam on you

Devious – Unethical – Unprofessional

I do not recommend this prospecting tip. It is not how to prospect professionally.

I give you this information on this underhand prospecting scam so that you are aware of it and can protect yourself if others try it on you.

If you get caught using it your competitors will not be happy, but there is little they can do about it as it is very difficult to prove you have done anything wrong.

I first became aware of this technique some years ago when one of my sales staff told me about telephone calls they had received. When a few more of the team mentioned similar calls I became suspicious and looked into it further.

How this prospecting technique works

How to prospect by stealing your competitor’s sales leads

The sales person receives a call from a person claiming to be a sales job head hunter. The caller tells them they have a sales job to fill for a top company in the same field. This is a top sales job with a good salary and great benefits.

They just need to ask a few questions to check the sales person’s skills and experience match the level of the job they are offering. They ask the questions and then sound disappointed with the answers they hear.

The head hunter explains that they think the sales person may not have dealt with customers or prospects at a high enough level. The sales person now feels rejected and wants a crack at this top job.

This is when the alleged head hunter strikes with their prospecting technique. They ask the sales person for information on the top prospects they are working on.

They want to know:

  • Who their top prospects are
  • What actions they have taken in the sales process
  • How they are selling to the prospect
  • Who they are dealing with at the company
  • And, even details of the prices they have pitched to the buyer

The sales prospecting scam works

The prospecting technique works because the sales person wants the job.

The sales person gives out all this valuable prospecting information without holding back. They think it is helping them to get the top sales job. They get carried away with enthusiasm and want to show just how good they are.

All the time the pretend head hunter is noting all the information about the sales person’s prospects and customers.

For them this is how to prospect with no door knocking, no cold calling, and they get all the inside information.

A dozen phone calls to sales people from their major competitors and they have a full sales prospect list with details of names, conversations, and prices.

Maybe afterwards the sales person realises what they may have done, but often will not tell anyone as they don’t want to admit they have been scammed.

Totally unethical, devious, and underhand, and this prospecting technique is still doing the rounds some twenty years after I first heard of it.

How to prospect professionally

How to prospect in a professional and ethical way.

To see how prospecting techniques on how to prospect using honest techniques that work without using scams and underhand methods there is lots of free training and information available. Take a look at what you can gain on this site:

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