How to Generate Leads With a Sales Prospector

How to generate leads and make the most effective use of available selling time.

Sales Prospecting can take up a huge amount of a salesperson’s time.

The best place for good closers is in front of customers.

Hunting for potential new business wastes valuable selling time.

That’s why some businesses use sales prospectors to generate sales leads.

A prospector focuses only on generating sales leads.

They provide the sales professionals and small business owners with a regular supply of potential customers.

That means the sales people can focus all their time on selling, which is what they are good at and great it’s for the business.

How a sales prospector works for you

A sales prospector brings in a constant supply of new business leads to keep your sales people busy and in front of buyers.

Sales prospectors know how to generate leads and can be employed directly by the business or the role can be outsourced to a lead generation service.

Because they are focusing on gathering sales leads they can use the most appropriate and effective method of contacting customers: Door knocking, telephone cold calling, or mail shot and follow up.

Good prospectors also know how to generate leads at exhibitions and trade fairs.

Depending upon your business, you could have prospectors displaying your products or services literally anywhere.

You have probably seen them in shopping malls and anywhere there are large numbers of people passing.

Typical products that use this type of prospecting techniques are:

New car sales, finance packages, DIY and Double glazing, Holidays, vacations, and Time share, and satellite or cable TV.

Often there will be an incentive such as a discount or something for free.

The prospectors can either pass the leads to the sales professionals or they can make appointments and update the seller’s diaries.

Other forms of prospecting are done by telephone cold calling, mail shot and follow up, or door knocking for direct sales or B2B selling.

The Benefits of Using Sales Prospectors

Using prospectors can have benefits for large sales organisations and small businesses.

Having lead generators leaves the sellers free to meet with prospects and sell to them. Prospecting for new business is not effective use of a sales professional’s time. A good seller should be converting qualified sales leads into confirmed orders.

The sales prospects gathered by the prospector can be qualified to a high standard before being passed on to the seller. This means it has been established that the leads are potential customers with a need, and the ability to buy.

If you employ your own sales prospectors it can be a great way to train future sales people. They get to learn about the best potential customers and pick up product or service knowledge. They are learning the role from the ground floor and gaining good experience.

When you use a lead generation service you can save money because you will not need to employ as many sales people. If all your sales people are doing their own prospecting the sale process will take longer and fewer sales per day will be brought in.

Know how to generate leads profitably

The sales process covers a wide range of different actions and you should look for the most profitable way to complete each action.

The process starts with cold calling and prospecting, and then qualifying the prospects as potential customers. It may include making sales appointments, and email or mail shot campaigns. Free trials or presentations may be an early selling stage. Then you get to the sales pitch where you try and close the sale.

Is it realistic to expect a sales person to be an expert in each of these areas, and be able to manage their time to do all the varied tasks and actions?

Take a look at your sales process and see if it makes financial and business sense to have sales prospectors that know how to generate enough leads for your sales team.

Once you get the sales leads

Whatever method you use to collect your sales prospects you will next need to make sales appointments.

With the right training anyone that can speak and use a telephone can make sales appointments.

My sales teams use this 60 page workbook training course to convert their leads into appointments.

I’ve developed this course using my experience as a working sales manager.

You get a step by step guide to creating your sales appointment call

An exercise program to build your sales appointment call

Trainer notes to give a helpful second viewpoint

The slides I use to support the text

Everything you need to build a successful call script to make sales appointments.

The Making Sales Appointments by Telephone course is available as an instant download so you can start using it today. For more information click the image above or open Sales Appointment and cold calling Techniques.

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