Sales Prospecting Training On Small Business Sales Websites

Sales prospecting training for small business sales operations using the Internet to prospect online.

You're on it now.

But are you and your business using it to its full potenial?

Are you getting your share of business leads from the web?

What if you don't have website, are you missing out or losing business to competitors?

And if you want a website to attract sales prospects for your business, what should you look for when making a decsion on how to build it?

I've worked with large and small businesses that have a website but get very few leads from it. There are some that didn't have one and didn't know where to start to get online.

This page will answer all these questions and point you to where you can find more information. Scan through the sales prospecting training on this page and consider how you can use a website to generate sales prospects for your business.

My business needs a website

Where do you start when you need a website for your small business?

There are 2 ways you can get on the web and start bringing in sales prospects for your business.

1. Build a website yourself

This isn't as difficult as you might think. I built this website and I have very average computer skills. It's been a great experience and I've learnt a lot along the way.

I looked around for a web hosting company that supplies the tools to build a web presence. After much research I decided to use a company called Site Build It.

You can see what they offer, how much it costs, and how it all works at the Site Build It home page.

Then you can compare it with other ways of getting online and then make a decision.

2. Get an expert to build it for you

I've enjoyed building this site but the downside is the time it has taken. Not everyone has that time available especially if you're runing your own existing business.

So the 2nd option is to have someone build and manage a website for you.

There are many companies offering this service so how do you know what to look for?

I know many small businesses that have used the SBI service to bring in sales prospects online.

You can see how their service works and compare it to others.

What I like about SBI is that you can talk to a real person and get your questions answered without comitting to anything.

That way you will have all the information to make a decision. Click the link and see what the SBI service offers.

Turn prospects into sales appointments

Once you start bringing in sales prospects you'll want to turn them into sales appointments.

Take a look at this free sales appointment course on how to make sales appointments.

It's based on the course I use with my sales teams.

Has step by step exercises to show you how to build the stages of a sales appointment call.

Open How to Make Sales Appointments or click on the image.

Sales prospecting training for existing websites

Go to your small business sales website and view it as if you are prospective customer.

Choose some general information about the products or services that you could be looking for as a potential customer.

Scan down the home page looking for the information and follow any links that are related, just as a customer that is unfamiliar with your site would.

Have you found what you're looking for?

Was the path easy to follow?

And most important, after you found the information was there an action presented to you that could lead to you making a purchase?

The action could be contacting the company and becoming a prospect. Asking for more information, signing up to a newsletter, or if appropriate actually buying from the site.

This sales prospecting training is about asking the question:

Are visitors to your website being given a path to follow that turns them into a sales prospect?

Businesses don't understand website sales prospecting

Many small business sales websites are very company or product focused in their appearance.

Some are presented like an advert in a magazine or on the high street. They hit the visitor full in the face with a request to buy something.

Most visitors to your site will be looking for information. You have to lead them from that starting position to where they communicate with you, and take an action, and become a sales prospect.

The way to sell using a website is very different to sales prospecting training used for advertising or cold calling. There is a really good explanation of how to make your website effective, given by Site Build It the company I used to help me build this site.

Has your business got a
prospecting process

How are web prospects dealt with compared to incoming telephone leads. If there is a difference do something about it.

Enter information on the contact form on the company website as if you were a potential sales propsect on your sales area.

See how long it takes for the lead to go through the system and reach you. If it reaches you at all.

Because websites are a comparitavely new addition to companies their administration may have been added to someone's list of existing tasks.

It doesn't always have the level of importance it should have.

With some simple sales prospecting training given to the right person you can soon get a fast process for contacting web prospects.

And if you want a fast and effective way to train one of your staff, or yourself, on how to turn these incoming leads into sales appointments click the image above.

You'll see a sales appointment workbook training course that I use with my working sales teams. Open the Sales appointments and cold calling training course and see what it can do for you.

Sales prospect training for local business

Local businesses often miss out on the advantages of attracting new business and prospecting online.

The Internet is world wide. I use the services of a website provider in Canada and run my website from the UK.

But a great sales prospecting training tip is to use a website to attract new prospects locally for your business. If you run a small business that wants to attract sales prospects locally, get some ideas from Local business on the world wide web.

Sales prospecting training ideas

What if each of your sales representaives had their own website?

Or at least their own page on a website. Aimed at potential and existing customers. With information that was relevant to the area or industry you operate in.

This idea is at the heart of the sales prospecting training I use.

It is part of a holistic approach to prospecting for new business. Sending out simple printed advertisements is no longer enough. The business world has mover on and your sales prospecting training has to keep up with it.

Having personalised websites gives customer that local friendly feel even on the Internet. In a time when you can't even phone your local bank branch without getting put through to a call center, personalised websites would be a welcome change, and make you and your sales people stand out from the rest.

Sales prospect training on a content focused website

A content focused website is a place prospects and customers can go for help and advice.

Your existing small business sales website should be packed with great content and information for the visitors to your site. This is akey point to sales prospect training on how to prospect using websites.

A visitor comes to your website looking for information. You give great information and ask for an action from that visitor which will turn them into a sales prospect.

This is far superior to the 'In the face' advertising you see on many sites. See more sales prospecting training by opening C-T-P-M the way to prospect online.

Sales prospecting training online summary

Take the ideas you've seen here and adapt them for your small business online presence.

If you haven't yet got a website look at the options available and get one. I know from personal experience how powerful the Internet can be at bringing in sales prospects.

More sales prospecting training

For more sales prospecting training and techniques to generate sales leads go to the main page of the prospecting section. Click the link to open Prospecting Tips and leave sales prospecting training.

How many sales prospects do you need

Have you ever calculated how many sales prospects you need to achieve your sales targets or personal goals?

See how working sales professionals work out how many they need, and make teh ebst use of their time by opening Prospecting techniques on how many you need.

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