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At the Sales-Training-Sales-Tips website we received this great question about prospecting:
'In one sentence describe how to achieve the new target for sales leads?'

And here is our best answer:

To increase the sales leads that you get use every possible source including: Internet advertising, your website, networking, email shots,direct mail shots, leads from non-sales staff,social media, past lost customers, your blog, personalized letters of introduction, write some free eBooks with information for potential customers, referrals from as many sources as possible, cross selling to existing customers, and not forgetting good old fashioned door knocking.

We may have cheated a little there to keep it to one sentence but you get the idea. Use as many sources as possible.

Just this week I've added another 2 streams to the online marketing of the company I currently work with. This will on average bring in an estimated additional 30 leads per month.

Closing sales is a lot easier if you can get in front of good quality qualified leads and it all starts with prospecting.

Here's anice page with some ideas for online marketing to attract more leads, see what you think: Sales Prospecting Training...

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