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Sales and training solution courses created and developed while selling to real customers and proven successful by working professionals.

You can be confident the sales courses here will work for you because they've already been successful for the people I've managed, and trained.

They're written for corporate employed sales teams, self employed people, and small business owners.

Whether you sell full time, or as only part of your role, you can quickly learn to make sales appointments, create an effective sales script, overcome objections, and close more sales.

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4 Sales Training Courses in 1

4 Professional Sales Training Courses and Save Over 30% 

We've had many requests for a price for all 4 sales training courses in one complete package, so here it is.

All 4 of our proven eBook courses for a discounted price of just £49.99. That's around $77 US Dollars

The courses cover everything you need to be successful in sales.

The complete sales and training solution.

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4 Sales Training Courses for just £49.99

The price for all 4 eBooks purchased separately is £73.98. 
That's around $115

Discounted price for the 4 Courses may be withdrawn at any time and courses will be sold separately at full price.

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Making Sales Appointments in a Nutshell

Get in front of more potential customers with a telemarketing script you write your self.

Fill your appointment diary and gain more sales.

Learn a quick and easy technique to make sales appointments.

Enjoy making confident cold calls that work.

This is a concentrated version of the full course below, for those that haven't got the time to complete an in depth course. It has everything you need to know to make sales appointments, in a nutshell.

You can make your first call, using a script that you write, in less than 2 hours from starting this book.

A sales and training solution for self employed business owners and sales people that hate cold calling.

See more about making sales appointments in a nutshell by clicking the image or going to Telemarketing Scripts...

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Making Sales Appointments
by Telephone

This course is included in the 4 Courses in 1 package above.

The Sales Appointment course that can fill your diary with money making opportunities.

  • Quickly create your own effective call script with this step by step training.
  • Learn how to make the calls with tips from top appointment setters.
  • Feel confident and enjoy cold calling because you know what to say and do at every stage.
  • Separate exercise program, trainer notes, and power point slides for presenting. 

Sales Appointments by Telephone £24.50
$38.00 USD

The course has been successful for sales professionals, inexperienced new starters, self employed people and small business owners.

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Selling Success Sales
Training Course

This course is included in the 4 Courses in 1 package above.

A sales and training solution with a full comprehensive course supported by a full exercise program to build your sales pitch in your own words and specific for your product.

Build an Introduction that grabs the buyer’s attention and motivates them to move forward.

Refine your Questioning skills so the buyer actually writes your Sales Presentation for you.

Pack your Presentation full of customer specific benefits that sell your product in the most effective way.

Closing is woven into every stage of the sale in a way you will not have seen before.

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Selling Success Sales Training Course £24.50 
That's around $38.00

The course includes power point and trainer slides for presentation.

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How to Close a Sale

This course is included in the 4 Courses in 1 package above.

The aim of this course is to show you how to close more sales so you can gain greater rewards.

The course is designed for all sales people from employees of large organisations to self employed and small business owners.

How to cllose sales

Learn the best type of close to use for your sales role.

Avoid common mistakes that could be costing you sales.

The techniques work for all products and services of all values and in all market places. 

All types of closing techniques are covered in this practical sales and training solution course.

From the quick one line closes, used on emotional and impulse sales, to the technical and service sales where closing is part of the selling process.

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How to Close a Sale £9.99    
That's around $15.00  

Convert more of your prospects to customers in any sales role. B2B - Retail - Field Sales - Direct Sales - Service and Product sales.

See more information by clicking the image or at How to Close a Sale


How to Overcome Sales Objections

This course is included in the 4 Courses in 1 package above.

Learn how to overcome sales objections so you can close more sales.  

overcome objections

Handle more objections using a proven process, not rehearsed responses or answers written by someone else that doesn't know your products or customers.  

Follow techniques that show you where the real objection lies so you can deal with it effectively.

Earn more money by converting more prospects to paying customers because you know how to deal with objections.

This course is how I trained sales teams to overcome objections and close more sales in a range of industries how.

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How to Overcome Sales Objections £14.99 
That's around $22.00

If sales objections are holding you back this sales and training solution will work for you, as it has already for many others.

See more information on this course by clicking th image or at Overcoming Sales Objections


Get the Job You Want

The job interview preparation course that will show you how to answer interview questions and present what you can offer an employer in the most effective way.

When you go into that important interview you will:

  • Know which questions to expect
  • Have great answers prepared
  • Match your evidence to the role
  • Know how to present your information
  • Always know what to say and how to say it

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Interview Skills - Get the Job You Want £9.95 

And because you're prepared you'll have a confidence that will be remembered by the interviewer.

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Sales and Training Solution Courses From Other Websites

Subliminal Messages Training for
Sales Professionals

Subliminal messages are very effective because they bypasses the conscious mind and go directly into the unconscious.

Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDs

With subliminal training you can:

Add power to your existing sales skills.

Learn how to be confident.

Grow your self esteem and become more assertive.

Gain a positive viewpoint.

Make the changes that will help you both professionally and personally.

And stop bad habits that are currently holding you back.

For more information click the link or open: 

Subliminal Messages


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About the Author 

Stephen Craine is a working sales manager and corporate trainer.

His workbooks and courses on these pages are the result of over two decades of hands on sales and management experience.

That means the training you'll buy here has been developed and refined working with real sales professionals in a wide range of markets and industries.

The selling techniques have been tested and proven while selling to real prospects, not just in classroom role plays.

Because real sales people depend upon this training being effective, you know that you can also depend upon the results you will achieve when you invest in the workbook courses.

With a full money back guarantee, and direct contact with the author via the contact pages of this website, you can see that we have every confidence in the service we offer.

What you get is a unique and successful approach to training, on all aspects of selling, which can be relied upon to give you results.

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