Overcoming Sales Objections by Defining Them On The Buyers Map of Reality

Overcoming sales objections starts by Defining the Objection. Before you can handle sales objections you need to know where they exist and exactly what they are. Then you can turn them into positive needs and close the sale.

When you know how to define an objection you will:

  • Know if the objection is real or in the buyer’s mind
  • See it exactly as the buyer does in their mind
  • Turn negative objections into wants, needs, and desires
  • Close more sales and make more money

This page will show you how to discover whether the objection is real or is based in the mind of the customer, on their map of reality.

...Once you know how to do this overcoming sales objections becomes a lot easier..

Discover where the objection is based

Do not try and overcome sales objections until you know where the real objection is based.

Defining the objection is the first step in the process that I use with my sales teams for overcoming sales objections.

You cannot answer sales objections with consistent results unless you define the real objection first.

So you can see where defining the objection fits into the sales objection process I use with my sales teams here's a very brief outline.

The process my sales teams use for
overcoming sales objections

To see the process in more detail open Sales Objection Handling Process.

Defining where the objection is based

Your objectives when defining the objection are:

  • To discover where the objection is based
  • To define the specific objection
  • To be able to turn the objection into positive needs

This page deals with the first action of discovering where the objection is based. The next 2 stages of Defining the real objection and turning it into a positive need can be found on Defining Sales Objections.

Objections can exist in 3 places

When overcoming sales objections you first have to find where the objection is.

...I know this sounds weird, but carry on for a while, it will all make sense, and you’ll look at overcoming objections in a totally new way..

The 3 places an objection can be based:

1. In the real world

These are real physical obstacles that will stop the customer from buying. An example: The buyer does not have enough money to buy. This is an objection in the real world.

If a buyer had the money but the cost was above what they had budgeted to spend that would be an objection in the buyer’s mind, on their map of the situation.

2. In the buyer’s mind

The buyer sees the sales situation from their viewpoint. The sales objections they see are on their map of the situation. That's where you overcome sales objections, where they are based.

For example

A buyer likes everything about a product but isn’t happy with the color.

If in their mind they see the color as more important than the benefits they would gain from the other features of the product, this could stop the sale.

The objection exists in their mind, on their internal map of the real situation.

Once you have defined this objection, and know where it is, you will be more effective when overcoming sales objections.

In the above example you could answer it by building how the customer views the value of the other benefits the product offers.

If you can change the buyer’s map so they see the other benefits as more important than the color you can overcome the sales objection.

3. In the sales person’s mind

This happens when the seller fails to define the objection before answering it. They make assumptions about what the buyer is thinking, and then start overcoming sales objections, but they’re the wrong objections.

Sellers often correctly overcome sales objections by making physical changes in the real world. This is right for objections based in the real world. Physical objections related to real features of the product.

For overcoming sales objections based in the buyer’s mind you make changes to their viewpoint and beliefs. To do either of these you must define the objection, and not make your own false map of the situation.

What are you looking for when you define the objections

Ask your self, what information do I need to know when I’m overcoming objections.

First you want to find out where the objection exists. Is it a real, physical objection that the buyer can not get around, such as being tied into a contract. Or, does the objection exist only in the buyer’s mind as an opinion, or a belief.

Because there are so many possible sales objections no one can give you a script of what to ask when overcoming sales objections. What you can do is follow a questioning process.

Start by using wide open questions that gets the buyer talking, and then narrowing the questions to get more specific detail.

For more information on sales questioning skills open Questioning Techniques and find skills you can adapt for overcoming sales objections then return here and continue..

Most sales objections are based in the buyer’s mind

Real objections usually come up when you try and make a sales appointment, or first approach the customer.

With real sales objections you can soon identify whether you can overcome them. They are usually easy to define because they relate to a definite reason why the customer can’t buy. Only by finding a real way around that reason can you overcome sales objections of this type.

Objections based in the buyer’s mind can be identified as reasons why they won’t buy rather than can’t buy. They are based on their view of the situation. They are held in place by beliefs, past experience, and predictions about the consequences of buying.

A quick test for you on
overcoming objections

Think about what you have read so far regarding overcoming sales objections and where the objections are based. If a buyer raises the objection, ‘I can’t make a buying decision without my partner being here.’

Is this sales objection based in the real world or in the buyer’s mind?

...Give an answer before moving forward…Go on no one else can hear you…What do you think?..

The answer

Unless there is an actual reason why the customer can’t agree to buy without their partner, such as legal restraints that mean their partner must be present, the objection is only real on the buyer’s map of the situation.

The buyer can make the decision.

They are saying they won’t because of beliefs they hold, and pictures they are making about future consequences of their actions.

Perhaps they have always made decisions together.

There could be a held belief that it is right to consult their partner.

They could be frightened of making a mistake.

They may even be frightened of their partner’s reaction if they agreed a sale without their permission.

I hope from the above example you are starting to see, and understand, how overcoming sales objections sometimes has to take place in the buyer’s mind, on their map of reality.

One last question for you before we move on:

Is an objection to the price of a product a real objection or is it based in the buyer’s mind?

The answer will become clear later.

Now define the real sales objection

Once you've discovered where the objection is based you want to know exactly what the sales objection is, from the buyer's viewpoint. Then you can overcome it.

There is a full page on how to define the real objection using sales questioning techniques and NLP sales skills. (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Open Defining Sales Objections and see what these techniques can do for you.

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