Overcoming Job Objection

by Durrell
(columbus ohio)

I started advertising on Craigs list. Most of those who call are disappointed because they were looking for a job, even though the ad clearly states compensation is commission based.

How do I deal with this objestion?

Response from Stephen Craine

Hi Durrell, and thank you for your question.

It's an objection that many businesses I have worked with have come up against when advertising commission only positions.

You should see the replies as objections, becasue that's what they are, objections to your proposal.

The objection is caused by the viewpoint the caller has realiting to comision only positions.

See the page on Defining objections for more on discovering the real objections on the customer's map of reality.

Your caller wants a job, and when they hear that the position you are offering does not pay a basic salary they do not see that position as a job. Their mental image and definition of a job has a salary.

Now you can argue with them but that won't change the picture of a job that they have on their internal map of reality.

Overcome the objection by changing their picture

To get the caller to see what you are offering as a job you have to change their definition of a job.

To do that you agree with their opinion as much as possible. You explain all the similarities between your commission only position and what they see as a job. eg Hours, working practices, sales process...

Then you add all the benefits of a commission only job, and emphasise job.

Benefits such as:

In this job you can decide what you earn.

The job I am offering puts you in control.

Because we don't pay a basic salary to people not performing we can reward our sales people better.

And one to give them something to think about:

Tell me what are you afraid of? If you go in to a paid job and fail you will get sacked anyway. If you have confidence in your sales ability you will be successful in both types of job, salaried or commission only.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes

Stephen Craine

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