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by Colin

Comment on the Sales Buzz free sales training newsletter issue 71.

I work as part of a team making sales appointments for a facilities management company. We get lots of sales training and I really want to be successful in this job as I hope to progress into field sales.

When I try and use the sales appointment training on my calls it doesn?t sound right, I lose confidence and I soon go back to what I my old cold call script from before the training.

The information in the newsletter, on making sales training work when you put it into action, has helped me to see where I was going wrong.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Colin, it's great to hear how you have benefited from the ideas in the newsletter article.

Like you I have always wanted to make sales training effective for myself and my team when we put it into action.

The article was so popular and I had so many requests for a step by step approach to the sales training techniques, that I created a whole page with a simple guide to using it.

You can see the simple process I follow with my sales teams when we put sales training into action at Professional sales training tips.

More information on making sales appointments

As you make sales appointments you may find another page very useful. This is the sales appointment training I use with my sales teams.

We use it when we start new sales campaigns.

Whenever we get new products to sell.

I use it to train new team members.

If sales appointment levels are low we use it as a refresher to brighten up our calls and look for more effective techniques.

Take a look and give it a try.

It has proven very successful for my sales teams and I?m sure it will be just as successful for you.

Click the image above or open Cold calling and sales appointment techniques.

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