I Am a car salesman

by Ryan

I wondered if anybody had experience or a good cold calling script relevent to the automotible industry.

I am new to selling cars and I would appreciate any help somebody could pass on to me thank you. Ryan

Comment from Stephen Craine

Hi Ryan and thank you for the question.

Although cars are a unique product, the cold calling structure I would suggest follows a proven format.

The most important line of the cold call is your reason for calling. It has to be a big potential benefit for the prospect.

The aim is to grab their interest and motivate them to listen to what you can offer them. It is well worth spending time listing all the potential benefits you can use in your introduction stage of the call.

Try and find something new and don't just follow what your competitors offer.

Here's some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Something special about the finance deals.

  • A unique benefit on the trade in.

  • Service and after care.

  • Something you do that others don't.

  • A way of making buying a car more simple or easier.

And wherever possible add a time limit that sounds genuine to the benefit you are offering. This will help you get the sale moving quicker.

Helpful car sales tips and techniques

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Car sales professionals
Share your tips and techniques

All you car sales professionals out there, share your favourite sales tips and techiques.

What do you think is important on a cold call?

How do you take your prospects through the sales process?

And, how do you close the deal.

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