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Car sales training is a great investment of time for all car sales people, and businesses, selling in the automobile market.

If you sell cars this section of the site is made just for you.

You’re in a very competitive market.

The auto sales tips and ideas you’ll find here will give you the edge over the competition.

Whether that’s competing car dealerships, or colleagues you’re compared against.

Spend some time on this site and you’ll have an advantage, earn more money, and enjoy selling cars.

You work in a role where you have the ability to increase your income, earn more commission, win incentives, and develop your career.

Don’t get left behind by competitors and colleagues that work on their sales skills.

Take full advantage of the rewards you can achieve and invest in effective car sales training.

What you’ll gain by investing
your time here

Here you'll find car sales training from many great sources that you can adapt and add to your selling skills.

The auto sales training section of the website is specific to car sales. The sales skills have been adapted from many sources to give you car sales training that is unique to this website. Not the same old corporate stuff that every car sales person uses.

Take a look at the first section of the car sales process by opening Appointment Setting and Prospecting for car sales and consider ideas to fill your sales appointment diary.

The all important sales introduction

After prospecting and appointment making comes the sales introduction

Look at fresh ideas on introducing what you, not your product, what you can offer a customer. Think about the benefits you can give a customer.

Learn how you can make the best use of your knowledge, experience, and people skills, in your sales introduction. Click the link and open the car Sales Introduction page in a new window.

When you've introduced yourself, and what you can do for a car buyer, you move through the sales process to questioning the buyer's needs, wants, and desires.

Then give a great car sales presentation by following the link and opening a new page.

Why do professional sales people use a sales process?

In my experience as a sales manager and trainer, I’ve found that sales people with a poorly defined sales process generate lower sale results.

To help you see the benefits you can have click here and open the Sales Process then return to car sales training.

Then come back here and look at how that process has been adapted for auto sales training.

People that don’t use a sales process can’t repeat their results.

It’s difficult to assess and improve on what they do. When markets change they can’t adapt.

They tend to move from sales job to sales job. No career development.

Never achieve their true potential because they haven’t got a successful track record to present at interview.

When I’m interviewing for sales vacancies it quickly becomes clear which candidates have the skill and experience of using an effective sales process.

And they will be the ones I shortlist for the job.

All this may be because they haven’t received effective car sales training.

Or, they haven’t looked at investing their time and resources into getting the right training to help them become successful.

Companies that train their staff to use a sales process sell more

Companies are more successful when experienced sales managers, and directors, encourage and promote the training of sales processes to the sales staff.

When auto sales people use a sales process, that is effective for their products and market, they achieve greater results, earn more money, and have a higher quality of sale.

That leads to more repeat business, a supply of sales referrals, and the cycle of success continues. All as a result of good car sales training.

Higher quality car sales means a better customer experience, and more repeat business and referrals. This is vital to anyone that wants to earn good money from selling cars. All great automobile sales training will be based on an effective sales process.

Understand how a car sales process works, and how you can use it to gain an advantage over your competitors.

The car sales training process for
effective selling

This is the automobile sales training process that we will use to build all your other car selling skills around.

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. These are only headings. To give you an idea of how effctive this auto sales training is click around the links and help yourself to the sales training that could make a difference to your rewards.

The Car Sales Process

Appointment setting and prospecting

The introduction and meeting the car sales prospect

Questioning the car buyer’s needs

Presenting the best car for your customer

Car Sales Techniques to Overcome Objections.

Selling a car on the test drive

Negotiation techniques and how to sell cars profitably

Selling cars and closing the deal

Selling techniques to give you sales referrals and recommendations

The above are only headings and you may have seen them before. But do you understand how to achieve successful sales results from using this sales process?

You may not have had effective car sales training on how to use the process.

For example:
What should you’re Introduction contain when you first meet the prospect?

If you answered with:
Your name, your position, and a question on how you can help the customer, you will learn a lot from the car sales training you find here. And you will increase your income and your job security as your car sales skills develop.

This is an automobile sales training resource that will earn you money, give you job security, and build your sales confidence.

Develop your career, and gain an advantage on the competition, by making a regular place to spend your valuable resource of training time.

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