How to Get Motivated to Hit Sales Targets Using NLP Techniques

How to get motivated and achieve sales targets is vital for all sales people, managers, and small business owners.

To be successful in any sales role you must have the belief that you can hit your targets.

You must also have the drive to take the actions that will lead to target achievement.

How you perceive your target is a key factor in how easy, or difficult, you perceive the regular challenge of hitting your sales goal to be.

How you perceive your target depends upon:

The pictures you make at the start of the month as you look forward to what you have to do.

Your internal self-talk.

And, how you feel about your chances of being successful.

These are all important factors in whether or not you will succeed this month, but many sales people don’t take control of their perception and don’t know how to get motivated to hit their sales targets.

Use NLP techniques get you motivated

Imagine being at the start of a sales period. It can be a month, a quarter, or whatever time span you are measured on and have targets for.

How do you see your sales target for the sales period?

Okay, I know this may sound unusual and a bit weird, but stay with me you might get a new viewpoint on things.

When I’m coaching people on how to get motivated to hit sales targets, I ask them to think about their targets and tell me what they see. Try it, you can open or close your eyes, and picture next month’s sales target.

Do you see a positive or negative picture?

Some people see a mountain to climb, a big wall, or some other huge obstacle.

Others see something sticky or gluey that slows them down and is hard to get through.

These negative internal negative pictures or videos are usually dark or gray in colour.

Some sales people see a more positive image, especially if they have had training on how to get motivated.

They see a challenge that is easier to achieve, and no mountains or hard climbs.

A really positive image is one with small stages or mini targets set out at regular intervals that are more like markers of achievement than obstacles.

People that achieve target regular, and are motivated and positive, usually see images that represent their target in bright colours.

Internal self-talk – What do you say

Once you are aware of the internal pictures you currently see that are related to your sales target, do the same exercise with your internal self-talk.

What do you say to yourself about selling and achieving targets?

Is it: Great , another month and another chance to earn some commission.

Or is it: I don’t think I can hit target this month. It’s going to be another struggle.

Be honest and tell yourself what you say to yourself. Then ask yourself the question: Does my current internal dialogue fire me up, or does this make me feel down and hold me back?

How do you feel about your target

The final part of this NLP technique is to go inside and become aware of how you feel.

When you think about what you have to sell next sales month, or sales quarter, how does it make you feel?

Are you excited, motivated, buzzing with energy and ready to get started? Or, are you already feeling exhausted at the thought of the challenge?

Now you know how you are internally representing your sales target to yourself. The next step is to take action and get the best possible pictures, self talk, and feelings that will get you motivated and positive.

How to get motivated - Taking control

Change the internal pictures, dialogue, and feelings, and you change your motivational state.

Take your sales target and break it down into smaller more achievable chunks, then change your internal pictures, self-talk, and feelings.

If your sales target is to sell so many dollars worth of goods in a set period of time, break it down into smaller amounts over a smaller time period.

Which feels easier to achieve:

Sell $10,000 worth of your product over a month.

Or, sell $2,500 worth of product a week.

You can even go a step deeper and see your sales target as $500 a day.

Sell $500 a day, 5 days a week, and you have hit target.

Sell $750 on a day and you are in front and on track to exceed your goal.

Use NLP techniques for motivation

Now use NLP techniques to take control and learn how to get motivated.

Sit down with no interruptions and picture your new chunked down sales target. If you normally see a mountain of a target before you to climb, take weekly or daily target chunks off the mountain and stack them neatly in individual packages in front of you.

If you normally see your target as a long distance to travel into the future, turn your path into 20 equal squares. Each day is a square, a paving stone, or a step. All you have to focus on is completing that one step today.

Build bright, neat, well defined pictures.

Give yourself some positive self-talk about how easy it is to achieve each small chunk of target.

Enjoy some really positive feelings as you complete each step.

As you achieve each small sales target along the path to your monthly or quarterly target, have some fun with the pictures, self-talk, and feelings.

Visualise leaping across the stepping stones, blowing up the small chunks of a mountain, or throwing the rocks at your boss.

For the next week take a few moments each day and sit quietly while you see your new sales target, and how easy it is to complete each day’s small chunk of it. The more you practice this NLP technique of visualisation the more effect it will have.

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