how to get motivated AND SELL MORE

Close More Sales by Moving into Your
Resourceful State of Mind

Proven techniques to be the best you can be
in every meeting and on every call

How to get motivated so you can close more sales by accessing and using your sales skills and techniques.

When you're motivated, feeling confident, you make the best use of your sales knowledge. Your words flow, you think faster and clearer, and the sales meetings and calls are a positive experience for you and the customers.

Without motivation even the best sales and communications techniques don't work!

There are techniques to get you into the best state of mind that are proven to work by both field sales and telelsales top performers. I've used them with the sales teams I've managed and trained in my 25 year career in sales. They will be added to this section of the website with clear instructions on how to use them for your selling success.

Here is the first one, it's an NLP technique on getting motivated...

How to get motivated and achieve your sales targets

Achieving sales targets is probably you most important objective in your sales role, whether you work for a company or manage your own busniness. When you hit targets you gain job and income security, earn more money, and enjoy selling. If you run your own business, hitting targets keeps the business cash flow flowing, and helps you grow or scale up.

This first technique on how to get motivated gives you an introduction into an NLP reframing exercise that you can use at any time to give you an instant buzz of motivation and move your mind into the desrired state for communicating effectively with prospects. I've used this technique many times throughout my career managing corporate sales teams and on myself when required. It's like having a motivational pill you can take when needed.

The more you use this motivation technique the faster it works, the stronger the affects, and the longer they lasts. Take a look at Get Motivated

Free eBook - Proven motivation tool

Whether you're a sales person, have your own business, or manage or train sales teams, you'll want to use this proven sales motivation tool.

  • A unique sales motivation tool you will not see anywhere else.
  • Boost your motivation before sales appointments or telesales calls, and get into the best possible selling state.
  • Learn to connect a prospect's needs with the benefits and features of your products and services at lightening speed and add an agreement gaining line.
  • Confidently keeep conversations flowing using mental links you have already formed.

A free sales motivation tool that you can use for your own development or to train others. I've used this mini-course as a training tool, a quick exercise to fire up training sessions, and as a way to keep my teams and myself motivated. 

I developed this mini-course while working with corporate field sales and telesales teams in a range of industries. It has served me well and will give you the same benefits. Get the free eBook mini-course on how to get motivated by following the link or tap the image: Need to Close Chains 

Sales Motivation + Effective Sales Training
A Powerful Combination

Sales motivation and effective sales training are the powerful combination that every successful sales person must have.

You can learn how to get motivated, but if you don't have the skills, techiniques, and know what to say at all times, your motivation comes across as sales waffle, pressure, or even bullying. If you have sales skills but no motivation, you won't be able to put your training into ractive effectively. Now you have the self motivation training from above, add the sales training below to give you everything you need to be successful in sales.

A proven sales training course

Selling Success is the complete sales training course. 

The 160+ pages take you deeper into sales techniques with roots in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Peak Performance Training, and Jungian Psychology. 

You create your own sales conversation frameworks and add the words you will use by completing an exercise program. You will know what to do and say at every stage of the sales process.

There is a full section on how to overcome sales objections using the same sales process. 

The training is supported by power point slides and trainer notes which you can use to train others. There are tools and techniques already proven to generate consistent and repeatable sales results.

You can download and start using the course today. Learn more about this proven course by visiting: Selling Success

Plus, help and answers to questions are available while you complete the course.

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