Cold Calling Tips for Making Sales Appointments

Learn cold calling tips for making sales appointments and be motivated, confident, and successful, using techniques developed and proven to work by professionals.

The sales training you'll find here covers:

How to enjoy making cold calls even if you hate it now.

Making your reason for calling really effective and a unique test to see if it's working.

Adapting your appointment calls for the direct sales market contacting prospects at home.

Everything here has been developed, tested, and proven successful by working sales people and appointment setters. So, like me, you know it will work for you. 

The tips here are on how to make the calls. If you want training on what to say and creating an appointment call script go to Appointment Setting...

Ok, ready to see which cold calling tips are right for you?  Scan down the titles and see which topics catch your interest then click through to that page... 

How to Make Cold Calls and Enjoy It

If you hate cold calling, find the constant rejection wearing you down, lose your motivation after just a few calls, or find yourself avoiding making calls, this technique is for you.

stressed telesales caller

These cold calling tips have saved the jobs of many telesales callers, telemarketers, and appointment setters.

Field sales people who have used this technique get their telephone confidence back and fill their diaries.

The technique works by taking your focus away from the stressful approach of only getting a Yes from your prospects. 

Instead we focus on the No's

The No's are the objections and rejections that stop you achieving your objective of closing a sale or gaining an appointment.

We look at where in the call the objections and rejections arise and from that you can learn which part of your call script needs improving. 

By learning from the No's we build a sales training list and you will know exactly what you have to do to be successful when cold calling. 

To help you to use these cold caling tips I'll give you the coaching form that I use to record what happened on the calls and what action to take to turn No's into Yes's.

I've also added a list of examples of real No's from calls, and the feedback and the actions taken, and links to the sales training that was given for each one.

I've used this technique to transform teams and individuals from poor performers that hate their jobs into successful, focused, and confident appointment setters and sellers that enjoy cold calling. To see the full technique and how you can use it to improve results, gain confidence, and enjoy what you do, go to How to Make Cold Calls...

Disguise Your Reason for
Cold Calling

See cold calling tips can get you more meetings with customers because you disguise your sales appointment calls and give them a new non-sales angle.

salesman disguise

Your reason for calling and wanting to meet with prospects changes.

You no longer want to meet with them to demonstrate a product or present a sales proposal.

Instead you want to give them something beneficial and you present yourself as something other than a sales person.

Like all good sales training the changes can feel uncomfortable at first, but by following the  training and examples offered here you'll soon feel comfortable and confident. Click the image or follow the link below to see more.

Will it Work for You and Your Sales Role?

Disguising your reason for calling and your reason for wanting to meet with prospects won't work for every industry or sales role.

What you're saying to the prospects is: I would like to offer you something of benefit and value, free of charge, and if you like what you see you may want to know more. 

If you can adapt the cold calling tips for your role then you could have a another succesful technique to use. To see more and decide if it's right for you go to Telephone Sales Skills...

 Direct Sales Appointments
Cold Calling Tips 

When you make appointment setting cold calls to direct sales prospects at home, they need to be a different type of call than when you're calling business prospects (B2B).

Your call Introduction Stage needs to be stronger to make sure you grab their attention and keep their interest.

Your reason for calling has to have clear benefits that they will want, and you have to motivate them to move forward with you to the next stage of the call. 

On our direct sales appointment training pages you'll find cold calling tips to make the early part of your calls really effective...

The Reason You're Calling
How to Make it Work

The most important line of any appointment call is the reason you're calling. 

This one line can make or break your call. It has to give the prospect a reason to listen to you, a potential benefit, and if it doesn't they'll soon use an excuse and end the call.

On the page How to Cold Call for Direct Sales Appointments you'll find training on how to create a reason for calling that keeps prospects listening to you. 

Real Examples of Effective
Reasons for Calling

Real examples of cold calling tips for you to copy, adapt, and use.

This page gives you reasons for calling used by working sales people to make their own appointments, and by professional appointment setters that make cold calls all day.

The examples come from a wide range of industries and marketplaces.

The training helps you to understand the techniques behind the words so you can adapt the examples and use them for your own success. Go to Making Sales Appointments - Real Examples and see what you can use to improve your results.

Direct Selling Tips on a Unique Technique

A unique technique that you can slip into your appointment calls by adding just one line as a Stage 2.

It moves your prospects quickly and smoothly from Stage 1 of your call, The Introduction, to Stage 3 Qualifying them as a potential customer.

It's a motivator to get your prospects to take that step from you introducing yourself, and giving them the reason you're calling, to them answering your questions and giving you information. 

Sometimes this step is just too big for them and they hesitate and give you excuses to get off the call.

Adding this one line shortens that step and gives them a reason to move forward to Stage 3.

To see how to use this technique on your calls, and how to make sure you get the strength of the Motivator just right for your prospects, go to Direct Selling Tips...

Use Features and Benefits to Get Attention on Your Sales Introduction

Add features and benefits to your Sales Introduction to get your prospect's attention.

When you introduce your business don't just use the company name.

That doesn't tell your prospects anything. 

You can add so much more, and usually in just a few words, to clearly communicate your message.

Add a feature and a related benefit to show your prospects how they could benefit and keep them listening.

See the Sales Introduction page with cold calling tips and examples of how to use features and benefits to introduce your company, and use the same techniques for other parts of the sales process.

Learn more by clicking the image above or going to Sales Introduction...

You can also get a free sales training eBook on the same page that will explain how to use this technique along other valuable sales appointment training.

Test Your Reason for Calling 

The reason you give for calling the prospect is the most important line of any sales call.

As you've probably seen from the sections above, and the linked pages, I go on about it quite a lot. I do the same with the teams that I train and manage as well. 

In the Introduction Stage of any sales call that you make you will have a line that tells the prospect why you are calling. Get this line right and the prospect listens to you, get it wrong and they don't.

Even if you haven't yet created an actual call script you will at some point in each call state why you are calling. But is the line that you are using working as effectively as it could be for you?

See cold calling tips on testing your reason for calling and improving it if needed. This short and simple exercise could make a big difference to your results. See more at Testing Cold Calling Scripts...

Cold Calling Techniques for
Sales Appointments

Cold calling techniques for making sales appointments in a training course that’s already proven successful for people just like you.

If you want a realistically priced training program:

That makes cold calling enjoyable.

Shows you how to create sales appointment calls in your own words.

Creates a call specific to your prospects and products.

Gives you cold calling tips on how to physically prepare and make the calls.

Has already been proven by sales people and appointment setters.

And will fill your diary with sales opportunities.

You can download this proven course and start putting it into action today. See more information at Cold Calling Techniques...

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